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Cear Dallben

by Atlantic News Reporter Lady Ishtar


Lord Cear Dallben showed up at the Palace in his usual dark attire and casually made his way to a seat at the main hall after I invited him inside, I sat across from him and smiled politely.
“A pleasure to meet you again”, he said and with a smile.
I answered, “It was a pleasure for me as well.”
I carefully gathered my papyrus and quill ready to get started, “I do not wish to keep you long, I know you are a busy man, so let’s get down to business. He glanced about the room as I got myself organized.
So, tell me about yourself.
Well, my name is Cear Dallben. I’m an alchemist from Montor. I studied at their Academy of Arts. He said with a “hmm, and continued, is there more you seek to know?” Then he postured his head in my direction, neatly folded his arms and went on, it was not long before a group of scholars came to Mont
Interesting indeed…What made you choose Alchemy?
Hmm, well. Alchemy is the oldest art there is, and by far the most powerful. When I think of Alchemy, one thing comes to mind…Mondain. Through the use of Alchemy I can explore Magery and Necromancy, I can take part in all magic through their roots. Reagents if you will.

He pulled out a long pipe from within the sleeve of his robe and carefully packed it with some nightshade, then carefully lit it with a book of matches from Poets.
As I watched him, I smiled a bit and asked, hmm, well how do you see yourself in the role playing community?
I don’t think they like me much. They are all upset that I want the rock perspired by the earths to destroy them.
Why is that?
Other than that I’m afraid we’ve become to well known. Members of the Regency even know my name. Last night we were out there, I mean hell, we robbed Skara Brae bank and then made bank at Moonlight Casino, gambling. He chuckled a bit and went on, I’m afraid the role playing community will never lose memory of my name or the Cabal. For we will always be here, watching the world. He took a puff of his pipe.

So would you say you seek control over Sosaria?
Oh Heavens no, that would be in the hands of the Xornite, or what you may call wisps. We are simply an order of many races and inhabitants of this world, Sanctioned by the Xorinia, to watch over the world. And grant it its rest from the Entropic nightmare set on it by…intelligent life. If that’s what you want to call it.
I looked at him quizzically, he looked over at me pleasantly and then I asked him, what would in your opinion is intelligent life?
Anything besides trees he said with a laugh, seriously, humans, dwarves, elves, pixies….I hate them especially, Any form of life that takes away from the life of the world is on is what i seek to eradicate. If I could get rid of every life form like that the world could restore itself back to the way it was. If I got rid of all the insects, the insects alone, mind you.
It would rot away, now we don’t want to do that now do we? I mean life is ok for a while, this ritual must take place from time to time. And honestly the world spits black rock from the ground, i think its asking for a favor. He took another puff of his pipe.
I take it you feel that a purge of sorts is needed then?
All I need is more willing to aid in the spells casting. I have the plan all drawn out. I’m just waiting for others to catch on. Armageddon is near, the beginning is near. He puffed on his pipe some more, I thought to myself I better open the windows after this interview. It’s going to be great you’ll love it he told me.
I smiled and stated it was an interesting perspective, on the lighter side, what would you like to see more of in the role playing community?
Ooh, a good question. well. War is good. I agree with that and think we are heading in the right direction with it. Other than that I want people to take advantage of Role playing. There’s some really good stuff going on out there, and I think more often back when I remember role playing at its greatest. I knew everyone who was doing it.
We all need to get more familiarized with one another and start tog et the role play going. Other guilds offer things that have no long lasting effect. Just small fun creative flings for members of guilds can get together and to go outside their guilds.
You know, I really just want to be overloaded with great role play constantly.
Seriously inject that’s tuff in my skull. No matter what is going on messed up in this world, you can always sit down, lower the lights a bit, maybe grab a bite and enter a world, so great and well cultured, and you can make the world a good one. Fantasy is all we real people have. it’s all we have, oh and alcohol is all we mortals have. Cheers. He took another puff.
I am delighted to hear your positive commentary about the possibilities with role play…if you had advise for those new to it what would it be?
I’m going to have to say, joining my guild, for sure we, the ZOG Cabal, will enlighten you. Other than that if you are new , I’d say role play by yourself. I role played alone for almost a year as a man named Taran Wanderer. Get a feel for it I say. When you are ready, walk into a busy tavern, like Hanse’s or the Crossroads. Make yourself known, you got to in this life. There’s an Order out there who offers all there what they want, he said with a crooked smile.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insight with me. With a chuckle, he responded, “well you can’t see the light if you are not enlightened. No really thank you, its been an honor.”
I rose from my seat and told him it was a delightful to have him. I hope to see you again and talk more about your guild in the future. “Oh excrement, I mean excellent. Great then!” He bowed humbly and thanked me again telling me to stay safe and bowed his head. I escorted him out and wished him a safe journey and told him I would syay safe as well.
If anyone wants to learn more about Lord Cear or the Zog Cabal. You may ICQ him at: 149-992-929
Here’s another one of the interesting characters here on Atlantic. If you run into him, don’t be shy!

This is Lady Ishtar laying down her quill for the evening.

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