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Wintermoor Museum on Atlantic

Last visited by Keeshi – May 12th 2000Just the other night I decided to head back to Ice Island and visit some of my fellow pir…er sea captains at the Nautical Academy. I arrived fairly late in the evening and much to my disappointment there was no one about. Not one to give up on an oppurtunity however; I decided to stop by the Museum that stands right next door and see if they had any interesting new additions. Little did I know how much change I was in store for.

The Wintermoor Museums are located on the Southern most tip of Ice Island, the twin towers rise high enough to challenge the heavens. The initial impression from outside however is not nearly what is impressive about either of these structures.
Though there were few folk about when I came for my visit, the residence of Wintermoor are known to be peaceful and protectful of their own. Often you will find them gathered together, either in idle talk or preparing for adventure. The museums are open to the public and there never seems to be any guards there to protect the valuable possessions there in. Rumor has it there are mystical spells laid upon the items to keep them in their rightful place.
I quickly drew some sketches of the various floors of the towers so that you all might have a look at what resides within, though I suggest you go view them for yourselves to see the true splendor of these two establishments.

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