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Cure Deadly Poison Elixir

by Celestial Knight

Herbs needed to make:

  • Compassion Sage
  • Powderd Mandrake root
  • Honey
  • water
  • empty vial glass cup knife

In a glass cup add together herbs, pinch of powdered mandrake root, 2 drops of compassion sage (stir in water with knife in glass cup add 4 drips off the knife blade of honey (stir) warm the elixer drink warning drinking too much will cause insaity and hallucinations.

NarJuo Rash

by Gareth, Zedland City

Scaly and Crusted Green skin are signs of the NarJuo rash. This Rash is typically caught by those whom have recently

visited the Trinsic area. Narjuno is caused by left over undying flesh particles from the Juo’Nar attacks upon Trinsic in 315. If left untreated the rash will begin to spread

throughout your Chest area. Trinsic Locals believe the rash to be the sign of Juo’Nars attempt to return through the infected hosts body but this is not the case, it is just

a simple rash that lasts for a few weeks unless treated.

Curing of the NarJuo Rash is a rather smelly process but a quick one. You will need undying throughout your Chest area. Trinsic Locals believe the rash to be the sign of Juo’Nars attempt to return through the infected hosts body but this is not the case, it is just mixed with the oil will allow it to remain left on the skin.

There are no known side affects for this treatment and it should clear up within three to five days.


by NANOC, Dragons Watch

Jumping Toad of Papua Syndrome (JTPS) was discovered with the finding of the Lost Lands. It was easily spread to explorers from the Giant spotted toads in the swamp lands of Papua. The first symptom that is displayed is the jumping reflex to loud noises. It has been said some men are able to jump 15 feet in an up and forward movement. Then patients are noted to begin screaming, flailing arms. The third and most dangerous sign of Jumping Frog of Papua Syndrome is obeying commands in a reflexive, involuntary manner all while constantly ribbiting.

An example would be if told to strike down a township citizen with a dull butter knife they would do so without question. The cure for Jumping Frog of Papua Syndrome is difficult to obtain. One must go about castrating the Giant Toads and obtaining 15 Toxic Venom Sacs. The Venom Sacs are then mashed and blended with 2 ginger roots. Mash for 12 hours using a pestle and mortar then apply to the patients underarms and behind the knees. Wrap with warm cloths changing it once every 3 days. The patient will start asking for frog legs for his meal, but under no circumstances are they to be given any frog meat or amphibian for that matter.

Lurkerfish Disease

by Phoenix, Dragons Watch

Discovered two years ago when the Lurkerfish was first found in the dark waters of the dungeons. Just touching the skin of this fish can give a citizen the disease. The signs and symptoms of Lurkerfish disease is easily noticed though the cure is unknown. Alchemist and healers are trying to make a breakthrough. Here is what to look for if you think you or a loved one might have gotten this disease from fishing, the handling of, or eating the Lurkerfish.

  1. A fish mouth appearance.
  2. Inability to frown, smile or suck.
  3. Unable to blink eyes while large tears roll down their cheeks. Can not move eyes from side to side and eyes begin to bulge.
  4. A constant craving for sushi

An alchemist can grind together a mixture of 10 delicate scales found from the palative waters surrounding Moonglow, and 2 jars of elderberry honey found only in the city of Vesper. One spoonful of this soothing mixture is to be taken every morning and evening.It has been shown to loosen the facial muscles so that the patient can smile and is able to eat. This mixture must be taken for the rest of ones life as research is still be done on the cure.

Phoenix of Dragons Watch

Paws Pox

by Jaya Ballard/GG

An unknown infection that occurs most often in and around the cities of Britain and Trinsic during the late fall and early winter months, Paws Pox goes back at least as far back as the times of Mondain. The source of the infection is suspected to be some insect in the swamps that surround Britain but the specific reservoir has never been precisely identified. Paws Pox is foreshadowed by a low grade fever and nausea. After about a week sickness progresses to a higher fever and small pustules begin to break out all over the infected. This stage also often is accompanied by extreme nausea and most patients are forced into bed rest. After a few weeks the disease runs its course in nine out of ten people, and while scarring is common there are rarely any later effects and it appears that once the disease has been contracted it is very rare for someone to contract it again. In the rare cases that the disease does not simply run its course it becomes far more serious. The pustules become noticeably inflamed before opening with a weepy yellowish pus accompanied by a dangerously high fever. At this point garlic and ginseng mixed with grave dust administered in a two to three to one part mixture with milk. About half of those that progress to this stage die and the remainder are normally horribly scarred from the pustules.

Jaya Balard For Guardians Gate Township

Umbra Rot

by Mirt Guardians Gate

Umbra Rot has long been a problem for those in Malas but has recently spread more widely and now effects all of Sosaria. Initially believed to be directly caused by the dark work of necromancers and contact with the undead that they have raised, it has recently been showed to be a small creature that originally occurred in the dirt of Doom. Infection occurs through any tears in the skin that become exposed to the creature. Infection initially often occurred after a wound from one of the inhabitants of Doom, but further study has found that it is the creature that lives in the dirt and not the undead themselves. As more adventures have explored doom the disease has spread throughout the known lands of Sosaria. Umbra Rot normally starts of as area of redness that does not heal normally, sometimes this stage is accompanied by a fever but not always by any means. This stage normally lasts only a few days to a week at most before the infection becomes full blown. At this stage the infected area becomes cold to the touch and waxy often with a greyish or greenish tinge. The area of the infection becomes extremely sensitive to touch and loses the ability to differentiate between cold and hot and often does not sense temperature at all. It is critical that any patients receive treatment at or before this stage as the next stage is almost always fatal. In the final stages the initial area of infection radiates outward along the lymph system and the initially infected area turns dark green or black. This stage is accompanied by high fevers, delirium, and often abnormally high aggression levels.

Umbra Rot can be prevented by firmly cleaning all wounds and bandaging them with clean and sterile bandages. In the first stages of Umbra Rot the best treatment is hot compresses with a solution of sulfuric ash and executioners hood as well as a strong distilled spirit to draw out and neutralize the infection. Additional common wisdom holds that hard spirits are often useful if taken internally as well throughout the course of the infection, but this has not been independently verified. Guardians Gate

Skara Itch

by Daria Blackmoore

Skara Itch is the name give to a fungal infection that normally effects children and the unclean. It got its name from the small black Skara fungus of which it is related. It was first observed in feluca after the despoiling of Yew and is thought to be a mutation of the normally benign fungus. A minor skin irritation in its preliminary stages Skara Itch rarely poses a threat to any who live in the civilized lands. It starts as a small reddish rash that develops over the course of a week into a large irregularly shaped black fungal blotch on the skin. Skara Itch rarely persists more then a month and even without treatment is rarely a serious issue unless someone else is already sick with another illness. Nightshade poultice is often an effective treatment that can help shorten the duration. Mashed mandrake root often used to treat any itching which is often extreme.

Winter Spore Fever

by Ashlynn

Township: PaxOku

Malady: Winter Spore Fever

First identified by Brother Vokes Tarran

In the middle months of autumn, the white cap sprouts throughout Britannia, mostly in the northern regions of Yew, Minoc and Vesper. This mushroom is known to release spores when disturbed much like a puffball type fungus. Yewish children are taught from an early age to avoid the wide, fat keep and keep well clear of the mushroom, which can grow some six inches tall and just as wide. The unfortunate however, can inhale such spores, but do not grow sick for some two to four weeks. It is only then the wicked malady rears it’s fungal head. Respiratory problems are apparently, coughing and wheezing for the first week are followed by dizziness and an overall weakeness. Several days later and patients are bed ridden as the growing spores begin to ravage the lungs. Patients cough up blood and the condition is often mistaken for others. Few discover it’s true nature early enough before the patient passes away due to respiratory failure. Confirmation of the condition can be found a few weeks after death – white caps sprout from the deceased’s chest ready to spread more of their terrible spores. If identified by a skilled healer quickly enough, the terrible condition can be halted and reversed by a daily tonic. The tonic consists of water, ground nox crystal, and chopped blood moss. After two weeks, the patient should show some signs of recovery, however the nox crystal may have effects of it’s own and the patient may need further treatment.

Greater Poisoned

by Larry Fine

Larry Fine RBG

Town: Gaurdians Gate

Malady: Greater Poisoned

Cause of Malady: The Patient ate a poisoned apple from an unsavory traveller from Buc’s Den.

Symptoms: The patient began to feel pain throughout his body, he became weak and lost approx 22% of his life force.

Remedy: I went to the Moonglow mage shop where I purchased a Mortar and Pestle, 3 empty bottles, 6 Garlic, 7 Ginseng, and 2 Mandrake Root. I proceeded to make 1 Greater cure,1 Greater Heal, and 1 Strength Potion. I first gave the patient the Cure potion to cure the poison. I then gave him the Heal potion to restore his health. As An added precaution I gave him the Strength potion.

Gremblin warts

by Ozog Giantfart 

Cove Cold

by Mystic Maker

This malady was first brought in by the vermin and flithy creatures that dwell in the cementary north east of Cove. Though the malady was not deadly many days of productive labor where lost due to its draining effects on the persons contracting the malady. Nature and symptoms: the symptoms of the malady vary but tiredness, aches and fever are its most common attributes.

Transmission: the Cove cold can be contracted by proxmity to one who is carrying the ailment and is often carried by the filthy peasant children who play in the fields where the vermin run.

Preventition: Quaratine those who are sick and frequent bathing is needed. (the villagers are often quite filthy.

Cure: Rest, and Coldbars Chicken and Congealed slug acid soup. The special ingredient is the congelaed slug acid which grabs the cells of the ailment and draws the sickness out in a gooey green discharge.

Preperation of cure:

  • 1 raw chicken
  • 1 Congealed slug acid
  • 1 Enchanted Switch
  • 1 Enchanted essence
  • 3 magical residue
  • 3 garlic
  • 3 ginseng
  • 2 apples
  • 1 raw bird (chicken is
  • best)

Cook for 2 hours and eat 3 times a day for 2 days until cured.

Book is submitted on behalf of Silverdale by Mystic Maker

Rusticus Calisisticus

by Nidaros Armorer

Rusticus Calisisticus

Notes Collected by Nidaros Armorer, a resident of Nidaros

Rusticus Calisisticus is the red coloring of the hands after the prolonged use of Rust Guard +.

Symptoms The symptoms of this is hands that are tinged red and warm to the touch.

Treatment To treat rub a mixture of made of nightshade, Great Barracuda flesh, and one red leaf on your hands with a loaf of bread.

Preventative Measures. To avoid this, please always wear gloves when useing the wonderful Rust Guard +, a helpful, safe, and versatile solution to everyday life brought to you by the Nidaros Trading Company!

Alkanoca Itchita

by Calkano

notes compiled by Calkano of Nidaros, first person known to suffer from this ailment.

Alkanoca Itchita is a rash that occurs around the bite of a mongbat that is a carrier of a rare virus that has yet to be identified and has only been found in Nidaros

Symptoms The symptoms of this ailment is excessive itching around mongbat bits that would normaly be minor.

Treatment of this ailment is simple. Apply a mixture that is made up of one garlic, one onion, and one bottle of brandy to a cotton ball. Clean the area around the infected bite with this mixture. Preventative Measures. Avoiding contact with any mongbat that appears to be hostile is the only known prevenative measure.


by Judge

Mongbatical Urinitis Disease

Description: A water born disease that infects anyone

History: This disease has caused stomcah Intestianl Parasite infections for the residence of Nidaros for years.

Transmission of disease: water is taken in from drinking. Once injested, small parasites in the water attach themselves to the stomach lining. If not treated in time, the parasites work their way through the stomach lining into the blood streams and cause a coma state of be

Ingediants for the cure:

  • 2 dragon’s Blood
  • 2 greater heal
  • 2 greater Cure
  • 2 greater strength
  • 1 orange Petal
  • 1 Red Leaf
  • 1 empty bottle
  • 1 turnip
  • 1 pitcher of Milk
  • 1 vanilla
  • 2 Cocoa Pulp


  • 1 butcher knife
  • 1 bowl (pewter)

Process: Cut turnip into very small pieces. Mix these turnip pieces with all the rest of the ingrediants listed on previous page, till in a milky liquid state. Pour mixed remedy into a bottle. With patient sitting up, have that person drink the whole bottle till gone. Patient will sleep for 24 hours, in which case the parasites will die and the patient should recover. Patient will feel weak after awakining in which case a Bottle of greater strength should give him/her the strength to begin moving around.

Judge Township: Nidaros

Heartwood Headrum

by The Antagonist

Following a terrible incident within an arcane circle one night at the West Britain bank, six spellweavers began to have coughing fits, runny noses, and otherwise terrible feelings of drunkenness that they cannot shake. Through exhaustive searches elven healers finally figured out the cause. The frogs that inhabit the Heartwood tree seem to sweat this vile and wretched disease when they mate. If one gets to close during this they can contract what they now call Heartwood Headrum. Researchers are blaming it on some tree huggers. Oddly enough the cure was found by a human. Antagonist is his name. When interviewed he claimed to have many moons of experience with the symptoms of drunkenness. It took awhile to get the remedy from him, but after a few rounds at the Moonglow Inn he gave in.

Remedy – Grind up one dead mouse. Add three nightshade, mix it in 2 bottles of ale. Drink it down! When you wake up in a week you won’t feel a thing!

Submitted by Antogonist of the KFC Township

Granite Soremine

by Angelus, Kijustsu Anei Village

Granite Soremine is a common complaint among many workers in the Mining field, and something nearly every Cave Miner experiences during their career at one point in time or another. The first Major outbreaks were reported by Mining Cooperative Officials from the City of Cove during the Population Explosion of 319. Granite Soremine is named after the Granite Stone which was extracted in record amounts from the Cove Mountains to keep up with high demands for building construction across the lands. The infection has been connected with mild to long term exposure and or short term exposure in mines with High concentrations of the stone. Granite Soremine is commonly misdiagnosed because of its initial symptoms present as a simple Muscle Stain. Around day three you will begin to experience moderate Stiffness in one or more of the following areas; Hands, Forearms, Feet, Knees, and or Belly accompanied by mild itching and skin pigmentation change.

With many different types of Stone Granite it may present in one of the following shades:

  • Iron
  • Dull Copper
  • Shadow
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Gold

Shades of Agapite, Verite and Valorite have been reported on very rare occasions. The skin pigment changes are due to the Granite Stone Dust that has infiltrated the deepest levels of your skin. Treating Granite Soremine is pain free and easy with Sulphurous Ash, Obsidian, and Spider Carapace. Sprinkle crumbled up Sulphurous Ash to the infected area. Once a tingling sensation is felt immediately place Obsidian on top to prevent skin burn and blisters. The Obsidian will endure high levels of heat generated from the Sulphurous Ash as it begins to mix and eradicate the dust fragments within the skin. To keep the Obsidian in place for the next seven days place a Spider Carapace on top of the Obsidian and secure it by wrapping long bandages around it. Curing Granite Soremine may be pain free and simple but the treatment is not commonly administered. With most cases reported by miners in the field they are unable to fulfill the required Seven Days of bed rest that is required with treatment. Granite Soremine left untreated is not life threatening but will result in permanent full body skin pigmentation changes.

Lightfingers Twitch

by Sarberius, Kijutsu Anei Village

A common complaint among Archers in the Royal Guards from an allergic reaction to the dandruff found in the feathers of Harpies used to make arrows and bolts. Lightfingers twitch commonly occurs in the right Index finger and or thumb but does not present any physical signs of infection. Lightfingers Twitch is more of an annoyance than anything but moderate to mild infections will cause involuntary joint movement within the fingers thus greatly impairing an archers accuracy which can be deadly to those within their unit during combat. Lightfingers Twitch is treatable by wrapping infected fingers in bandages that have been soaked for twenty-four hours in Fountain of Life water or Purification Machine Water.

Juka Speech Disorder

by Earik, Dragons Watch

A Speech Disorder that causes sudden changes in speech pattern, speech intonation and pronounciation so that the victim appears to be speaking Juka. JSD (Juka Speech Disorder) results from severe blows to the head from golems, juka warriors and juka lords who reside in and around the town of Mistas in Ishenar. This disorder was first discovered when travel to this land was first made available through moongates approximately 10 years ago. The symptom exhibited are the following: Victim sounds like a Juka and is unable to communicate with friends and families. A powerful potion aptly named “Tongue Twisted Weed” made from the three (3) Slith tongue one (1) Reflective Wolf eye, added to Four (4) ounces of Muculent. This mixture is drank 3 times daily for a period of 7 days. At which time the victim is not to speak or attempt to use his/her voice. Food is limited to gruel obtained from the Hag or Inu the crone of Moonglow. Prevention is to always wear a helmet when traveling through Mistas.

Swamp Scours a Malady


Swamp Scours has been a common malady with the resisdents of near by swamps for many a century. Often confused with Loose Innerds malady, Swamp Scours differs due to the voltality and severity of the symptoms. It is believed that Swamp Scours is contracted from reapeated contact with a specific algae that only grows in the swamps. This algae is referd to by the locals as Fire Algae due to the sensation one feels after having come in contact with it. Swamp Scours is diagnosed by the apperance of certain symptoms such as, A burning sensation while urinating, explosive bowel movements, purple bumps or knots int he lower abnominal region and a high grade fever which could include hallucinations. These symptoms usually last two to three days, but if treated in its early stages with Pepta’s Satiety Cure and the time can be cut in half. Also beleived to help is ingesting a mixture of parasitic poison and a greater cure potion.

This is for the town of Silvervale. Delta Butch

Kijustsu Anei Village

by Niva the Savage

Hurt in Battle!

Old as Time!


Fighting/Killing Orcs!

Pain/Bleeding/Not awake!

No Fight/Play Fight/Kill Orcs!

Use cut cloth! Put on open skin! Tie cloth! Press down stop blood! Take Shaman! Shaman use potions! Use Plants!

Niva Done

Minoc Pox

by Jess the Wench, PaxOku

This malady is sometimes seen in Winter among miners and beasts of burden which accompany them into the depths to dig the various metal ores. It is believed to be caused from inhaling certain ancient impure airs trapped beneath the rocks in ages forgotten.

Symptoms: Symptoms include fever and tremors accompanied by an odd, sparkling, metallic-looking rash about the torso and extremities.

Cure: It is cured by a simple healer’s spell, but among the miners there is a folk remedy to prevent the malady before it is even contracted: In a small pot of boiling water, eight garlic cloves and a good dose of honey are stirred together with a small lump of refined valorite. The mixture is boiled for a few minutes and then allowed to sit for an hour, at which time it is strained and drunk by the miners (or poured over their beasts’ food) before descending into the mines. Rarely, Minoc Pox has been known to leave some scarring behind. In such cases the victim is instructed to bask in the glow of a blue moongate overnight, and all traces of the scarring will fade.

Rough Riders Rash

by Sheva Alomar

R3 from this point on

Aye ver notice the lack of saddles on the mounts in Sosaria? Is only a matter of time before you develop the R3. R3 can very easily be treated as long as its detected early and you do not allow your pride to get in the way of letting it be known. 1st Cease riding mounts of all types at this very moment! Your loss of mobilty will make you weak and you will lose balance easily. a strength and agilty potion can fix that. in the northern most point of the tokuno islands lie the great tree of Tkuno. Aquire one f its exotic seeds and grind into a paste. apply on the affected area and put on the protetive pants. once the rash comes to a head apply the stone skin lotion and rub until the area gets hard. at that moment CAAREFULLY apply small doses of the conflagration potion to elimate the rash. in the event of scarring please shave he area carefully. Avoid riding mounts for 2 to 3 weeks to void a reoccurence of R3. unfortunately a side effect of this is a foul sensation in your mouth please counter it with various flavored lollipops.

This cure brought to you by the healers of KFC township.

Rotworm Fever

by Midnight Sky

Rotworm fever Originated in a time of desolation in the abyss. Main carrier is the rotworm located near the entrance to the underworld. The infection is transmitted through a bite of a rotworm to humans it is also transmitted to gargoyle but they have developed an immunity to the disease though the ages.

Symptoms include clumsiness, weakness, and feeblemindedness.

Cure: Stygian Dragon Brew

Ingredients: Stygian dragon head, 2 heal potions, 1 rotworm meat. Mix all ingredients and pour in bottle for future use.

Are you Feeling sick?

by Hush Baby (KFC)

Are you feeling a little under the weather? Cold a sore thoart? Maybe a runnny nose? AND WHAT IS THAT RASH?!?! Well you know what… i got the CURE for you!

1st thing you need.. You will of course need yourself a bed and a nice comfey pillow! You want to be sure to get all the rest you can so that you feel brand new!

2nd thing you need.. For that sore thoart of yours, you will need to make sure to keep warm fluids to keep your thoart soothed. For this we have yourself Tomato Soup with some dried herbs.. natrul hearbs are always best! we have some bread to add a little substance in your tummy. I also supplied you with milk and some coco pulp so that you could make some Hot Chocolate.

3rd thing you need.. That rash isnt going to go away on its own.. your gonna wanna use fey wings.. this may sound weird.. but rubbing this on the affected areas will give you a sense of relife. 4th thing you need.. Anke neckace and a heatlth braclet.. wearing these things will give you an extra boost of strength and hope.. 5th thing you need… when all other hopes fail… rub your ucky coin! Hope your sickness subsides and KFC was able to help you.

Moria Village

by Demon Slayer

Ratman Rabies:

It has recently been discovered that certain ratmen carry a highly lethal form of rabies with each bite. Some of these ratmen were scratched or bit by rotting corpses so should an infected ratman bite you, you will quickly be overwhelmed with this advanced form of rabies. Untreated, the disease will literally turn you into the walking dead. Your skin will become very dry and turning a dark color, you will develop spots all over your body. You will soon feel intense pain shoot throughout your body as you barely know if you are still alive or not. Finally, your pupils disappear and your eyes become completely white. You become extremely aggressive toward everyone and now feel that you must kill and eat anything around you. Your body feels like it is on fire unless you are eating raw flesh. It really is a rather disgusting disease.

Remedy: Luckily, there is a cure to this nasty disease. The best way is to avoid ratmen completely. However, should you come into contact and start feeling your skin become very dry, you will only have 4 or maybe 5 hours to act. Find a silver sapling tree and pluck a single seed from it, grind up the seed finely along with some ginger, mix these two ingredients together with some water and then grind half a nightshade into the mix, quickly drink this foul tasting concoction. Next, chug down three cure potions followed by two heal potions while chanting “vas an nox” Make sure to follow the remedy word for word or you will lose all sense of humanity.

Frenzied Ostard Fever

by Arin, Moria Village

A viscious disease called frenzied ostard fever has erupted throughout the t2a lands. It is believed that the disease was caused by a mutated parasite that made its way onto rats and rabbits which were eaten by the frenzied ostards. This fever is highly contagious and being anywhere near the ostards is a huge risk. Many tamers have been affected by this ruthless disease. All humans are highly susceptible to the disease and are advised to avoid t2a at all costs. The frenzied ostard fever forces the victims to hallucinate and make their way toward a crowd of people, it also forces them to become aggressive where they can no longer control their body movement.

Remedy: Find some mandrake root, ginseng and garlic, grind it up and create a strength potion, a heal potion and a cure potion. Make sure to drink the potions in that order of which they were created. Next, cut up some enchanted apples and squeeze the juices all over the victims chest. Next, place a clean white cloth on the chest but make sure it is heated first. Lastly, take a white damp cloth and place it over the victims forehead. The victim should start feeling better within 24 hours of following the remedy in the right order.

Outta Dis Haus

by Angelica, Moria

In fel it is happens often that monsters spawn in castles and this can be quite troubling. I ban thee does does not work nor does Remove thyself. Outta dis house has a 30% successrate if done properly. First you drink Pepta’s Satiety Cure so you are ensured to be on an empty tummy!!! Then drink a Blam of Strength. Last you say “Outta dis haus!!! (be sure to have one sulfer ash or the succress rate goes from 30-0). If you do fail recalling and coming back in about half an hour will work.

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