City of Avalon – Felucca and Trammel – Sonoma

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City of Avalon – Felucca and Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 02 01Name: City of Avalon – Felucca and Trammel – Sonoma
Guild: G-A – Felucca
IoA – Trammel
Guild Master: Darkwing – G-A
Shannara – IoA
Location: 75o 45′ N – 8o 5′ W
Just to the east of Yew gate. 



History: We started out when the shard was new, the guild name at that time was Molten Lava. Our Queen, M’Lady Shannara, separated from Molten Lava, and formed The Isle of Avalon,(IoA) when Molten Lava and IoA had a difference of opinion. I do not know any of the particulars about that time as I was not with the guild then.

I started out as a Squire in IoA about 2 years ago, and now I am a Prince, and I have title of Queen’s Hand in my guild, G-A or The Guardians of Avalon. I formed the Guardians of Avalon to facilitate those who wanted to stay in Felucca and for those that wanted to take part in the RP community on Sonoma. When Trammel was made, we saw a need to move the IoA stone to Trammel. The reason for this is because IoA has always been a guild for new players to join and all new players now start their life in Trammel. When the stone was moved, M’Lady Shannara bid me to take command on the Felucca side and keep the old village safe for any who need her shelter. We are the guard left behind by our Queen and those who swear to me in the Guardians, also swear fealty to IoA and M’Lady Shannara. So you see we really are one big happy family but we have separate agendas on some things. We are all “of Avalon” and that makes us one and the same. But for purposes like “player-run” wars G-A is the guild that does that sort of thing. As I stated IoA is more for the new player and it would not be a good thing to throw them into a war right off the bat. So this leaves G-A free to do anything like that and those who don’t want to can stay in IoA. We also have the Naval Fleet, commanded by Admiral bass. He runs a tight military operation and keeps Avalon’s harbours and her lands safe. They stand at the side of G-A in almost anything that G-A does. They are Avalon’s Navy and they go where they are needed, be it Trammel or Felucca. Perhaps the most unique thing about Avalon is we have a large village in each facet and both those villages are in the exact same spot in both worlds. So if you drop a moonstone in one town you will arrive in the other town after passing through the facet gate. The rules are simple for Avalon: Anyone is welcome in Avalon so long as they obey the rules. Rule number one is: No player killing in the vicinity of the village, (this can be excluded for player-run wars and such)

Web site for Avalon: Island of Avalon – Guild Website

Last modified: August 11, 2011

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