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SupSoc Inc.’s Journey

Broker to High-Profile Merchant

ATLANTIC—One of Atlantic’s greatest strengths is its extensive selection of  top quality, runic-made armor and weapons, available thanks to Atlantic’s  exceptional crafters. Atlantic has a number of high-profile craftsmen, but  perhaps none so well known as SupSoc Inc. With the recent relocation of his  highly-frequented vendor mall to Luna, SupSoc Inc. is enthusiastic about the  future of his establishment, quality crafted wares, and reputable brokering  business.
When SupSoc Inc. opened his Atlantic Outlet mall northwest of  Umbra two years ago, he was known primarily for his trustworthy brokering  service. Because the Outlet was a new establishment and somewhat off the beaten  path, SupSoc Inc. found it necessary to invest a great deal of time and effort  into ensuring that the Outlet was perpetually stocked with only the highest  quality items. Recognizing that his success or failure would hinge on a steady  flow of consumers, he focused all of his attention on meeting the needs of his  patrons. In fact, when I asked him what factors contributed to the Outlet’s  growth and success, SupSoc Inc. attributed all of his accomplishments to “all my  loyal fans and customers who choose me,” he said.
SupSoc Inc.’s  notoriety began to grow, largely due to his steady supply of runic-made armor  and weapons. Over time, his fame spread to other shards, as players began  exporting SupSoc Inc.-made items abroad. Most all long-time residents of  Atlantic have owned at least one piece made by the craftsman.
That said,  the journey toward his success has not been without its difficulties. Perhaps  most challenging is SupSoc Inc.’s efforts to root out cheaters and scammers who  attempt to rent vendors at his establishment.
“I am a guy that doesn’t  condone the use of cheats or scamming,” SupSoc Inc. said. “I recently rented out  a vendor to a scammer. He decided to sell ‘ethereal clothing.’ They were not  real, but simply dyed jet black.”
When a shop owner leases a vendor to  another player, the rented vendor cannot be altered by the owner of the  establishment until the terms of the lease have expired. The quality of rented  vendors – not to mention their relative legitimacy – reflects directly on the  merchant who owns the shop. Merchants like SupSoc Inc., whose businesses depend  on their reputation for quality and trustworthiness, can be ruined by  unscrupulous tenets. Accordingly, shop owners are forced to develop creative  strategies for dealing with would-be scammers. In response to the forged  ethereal clothing, SupSoc Inc. did what he could to discourage patrons from  falling victim to the scam.
“I decided to put up goza mats to block his  vendor, along with a book that would inform people not to buy from his vendor,”  SupSoc Inc. said.
The Atlantic Outlet continued to operate for two years, until extenuating  circumstances forced SupSoc Inc. to close the establishment.
“[The  Atlantic Outlet] was doing very well until a couple months ago when real life  had to come first,” he said. “I ended up selling the mall. Soon after, I bought  a Luna house. I essentially moved the Outlet to Luna and changed the name from  ‘The Atlantic Outlet’ to ‘The SupSoc Inc. Emporium.”
Despite the various  setbacks that forced the Outlet’s closure, SupSoc Inc. feels optimistic about  his new location. “I am very excited about my move to Luna,” SupSoc Inc. said.  “It seems the Luna vendor quality has been below average – I am hoping to raise  it back up to the premium.”
In addition to his brokering services and  quality crafted items, SupSoc Inc. offers vendor rentals at his Luna location to  aspiring merchants. Be forewarned, however, that his vendor spots do not come  cheap: a SupSoc Inc. vendor lease costs 250,000 gold per week. Yet, the high  cost is not without purpose. By keeping his vendor prices high, SupSoc Inc.  hopes to ensure, first, that only top-quality items are sold, and second, that  vendors are well-maintained and stocked regularly.
SupSoc Inc. has been  playing UO for over seven years. His first craftsman, Lord Smithey, began  selling crafted wares five years ago, until he was replaced by SupSoc Inc. a  year later. SupSoc Inc. has been a trusted crafter and broker on Atlantic for  four years. His establishment, the SupSoc Inc. Emporium, is now opened for  business in Luna.
Interview by Fallon Valor
SupSoc’s Emporium

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Sup Soc  Inc.
Co-ordinates: 100 16’N 22o 2’W

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Visited On: November 12, 2009
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