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Entries for the Oldest Houses event, all houses 10 years old or more.

Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Asuka Felucca 47º48S 51º19E Private Smithy Shop 1998-11-03 Mio
 Asuka  Felucca  13º6N 83º36W  Good Huntings To All :-} (^^;  1998-10-21  The Lord Visitor
 Asuka  Felucca  179º38S 143º35W  PoWeRStAtIoN UP & RUNNING  1999-01-05  PoWeRSuRgE
Asuka Trammel 108º12’N , 97º35’E When the flower blooms … 2002-03-28 Wiv
 Atlantic  Felucca  95º11N 23º29W Serpent Cross Tavern  01-21-1999  Hendall
 Atlantic  Felucca   123º29N 4º40E  Grimkeep 03-20-1999  Caliber
Atlantic Trammel Withheld Clampets 2000-07-19 Fisher King
Atlantic Felucca 88º57N 113º24E PotionsAndMore unrecorded Frank Bama
Atlantic Trammel 5º43N 34º6E Oceanside Villa 2000-07-19 Illegal Imigrant
Atlantic Felucca 48º36S 23º29W Ancient Memories 1998-02-14 Tranquilty
Atlantic Felucca 32º57S 15º23E Rhynn Kwll unrecorded Rynn Kwll
Atlantic Felucca 142º12S 38º36E Khan’s Tower of Power 1999-04-05 Luther
Atlantic Felucca 152º3S 23º24E The Big Bad Smith 1998-09-06 Jobe
Atlantic Felucca 148º32s 37º49E The Tool Shed 1998-08-17 Anheuser Busch
Atlantic Felucca 71º16N 60º53E The Trade Federation Shop #1 1999-09-09 Frank Grimes
Atlantic Felucca 44º28N 45º37E The Trade Federation Shop #2 1999-09-21 apex
Atlantic Felucca 132º20N 148º13E Crunchberry Shoppe unrecorded Blowfish Avenger
Atlantic Felucca 70º40N 76º30E Moleman=O 2000-11-01 Moleman
Atlantic Trammel 90º16N 160º28W Moleman is a Goddess 2000-19-07 El Seed
Atlantic Felucca 55º17N 24º2W The DLO Moorgue 1998 Bleeding Gums
Atlantic Felucca 4º3N 56º31W Shameless Proprietorship 1998-12-21 Kari
Atlantic Felucca 101º47N 141º7E Riverview Cottage 2000-01-19 Jones Blacksmith
Atlantic Felucca 91º4N 37º15E The Vault 19901-03 Fargin Goon
Atlantic Felucca 127º27N 11º36E Hail to the Thief! 1998-12-23 Gemini
Atlantic Felucca 93º21N23º50E Heaven unrecorded (1997) ACB
Atlantic Trammel 85º5N 31º4W Yew Mini Mart 2000-10-26 Nitewind
Atlantic Felucca 33º2S 14º45E Guy’s Atlantic 33o 2’S, 14o 45’E 2000-06-25 Guy
 Atlantic  Felucca  15º49N 128º15W  This house is grandfathered  2001-09-20  Eternal One
Atlantic Felucca 70º46S 32º37E Leiah’s Rune Library 1998-06-02 Molly
Atlantic Felucca 126º45N 11º31E Hail to the Thief 1998-12-23 Gemini
 Atlantic  Trammel  77º31S 33º2E  Elysium Rune Library and the Drunken Dragon Tavern  2000-07-12  Anya Roughnight
Atlantic Felucca 97º59N 107º17E Dayton’s 2002-01-07 Dayton
 Atlantic  Felucca  170º41N 152º26W  not given  2001-10-18  Emma Marie Sage
 Atlantic  Trammel  80º46S 35º55E  Castle of Light – Ancient Conclave of Wisdom (ACW)  2000-07-12  Nabin
Atlantic  Felucca  78º18S 33º40E  DKB  1998-09-05  Spartacus
 Atlantic  Trammel  95º27N 163º59W  Toad Town Castle – Under Construction  2000-07-12  JD Overturf
 Atlantic  Felucca 11º36S 49º59W  Eocaill (Yew Wood) Outpost  1998-2-22  Faolan
 Atlantic  Felucca  90º58S 22º25W  Guests To the Bridge Are Reminded: Suits Are Optional While Swimming  1998-12-22  Hu Gardarn
 Atlantic  Felucca  89º12S 22º30W  Where’d Da Leaves Go ?  1998-12-22  The Angry Dragon
 Atlantic  Felucca  127º59N 150º53E  Welcome Insel  1998-07-05  Fallen Angel
 Atlantic  Malas  13º16S 1º15E  Lord Roths Castle  2003-02-12  Figment
 Atlantic  Malas  106º31N 28°41W  Home of the Holy Knights  2003-02-12  Zarcharin
Atlantic Malas 93º5’N, 23º24’W The Acropolis Auction Hall And Rares Museum 2003-02-12 Captn Norrington
Atlantic Trammel 93º58’N 25º35’E The Huntsman III (Ls*) 2003-12-02 Lone Star Chaos
Atlantic Trammel 79º7’N 153º51’W Orich’s Slice of Ice 07-12-2000 Orich
Atlantic Malas 100º43’N 18º0’W Longtooths Luna House ICQ- 242966771 2003-02-12 Longtooths
Atlantic Trammel  77º32’n  39º22’w  Yew Gate Light House  2003-07-30  Medieval

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