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Jingle, Jangle, Jumble, Jump! Erickson Yates here again, folks. Got another one fresh off my notebook! We got us a sit down interview with the leading lady of the Leather Neck Raiders, Kacey herself! This one isn’t like the past ones. This lady isn’t one of the Yew Gate Superstars or Champ Spawn Guardians!Miss Kacey is more of the behind the scenes type. Something Faces of Felucca hasn’t really shown much of! Well, here is our first try at it! So sit back, read what she has to say, and I hope you enjoy your time spent here!

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Erickson Yates: Lets start things off simple. This seems like a silly question to those in the know, but a lot of the Stratics audience might not know the answer. What guild tag are you rocking these days?

Kacey: Why the Leather Neck Raiders of course. In my opinion, there is no better guild to be in than LNR. They are agreat group of guys & gals.

Erickson Yates: Good old LNR. What is your assigned task in LNR? Den mother? Scroll keeper? All of the above and more?

Kacey: I am all of the aboveand so much more. I am on the high council. I am alsosometimes referred to asco-guildmaster,and, yes, at times I can be den mother.

Erickson Yates: How much work is it really to do what you do for LNR?

Kacey: Normally, no, but if I get behind, it can be a lot of work. I don’t often let myself get to far behind though.

Erickson Yates: What keeps you motivated to keep on plugging away at your task? Heck, keeps you logging on UO in general.

Kacey: There isusually always something to do, whether it’s spawning, Lady Mel runs, training, or just decorating my house. All that is great, but I’d say it’s mainly friendship. Over the 3 1/2 years I’ve been playing, I’ve amassed a lot ofpeoplethatI’d consider friends. Whether playing the game or just chillin in vent, there is never a dull moment.

Erickson Yates: You ever go out and spawn with the boys and girls?

Kacey: All the time if I’m in the mood.

Erickson Yates: Do any PvP’ing in general? It won’t be revealed that you are secretly Calamity, will it? That would be pretty scary.

Kacey: I’m more of a behind the scenes pvp’er. Meaning that I will join them IF they are out pvp’ing somewhere, andI want to tag along. I play rezzer most of the time though.

Erickson Yates: Last time I checked, LNR had a pretty crazy way of figuring out who gets what scrolls. Has that changed? Or is the point system still in effect? If yes, explain it to us how it works?

Kacey: Yes, the point system is still in effect.LNR has a state of the art point system that is revolutionary to ensure the fairness of scroll distribution. You receive points for every spawn you help complete. All 120 powerscrolls are turned in and kept until the end of the week. (It is mandatory to turn in your scroll). At the end of the week, all of the 120 powerscrolls as well as stat scrolls are put into an LNR only auction. Where youmay bid on them with the points that you received from doing spawns. Everyone gets the same amount of points regardless of whether they are red or blue, what template theyplay, andetc.

With as many members as we have it might take forever to roll for the scrolls. This way if your at a spawn that gets a 120 stealth, but you would rather have the 120 magery they got earlier, all you’d have to do is wait until the auction and bid for it. The auction is web-based (works a lot like Ebay except you pay with points rather than real money). It lasts for 1 week. Usually ending Sunday night.

Erickson Yates: What do you say to people who claim LNR will recruit anyone and everyone with a pulse?

Kacey: We don’t guild everyone with a pulse. We do believe that everyone deserves a chance though.Everyone that applies goes through a small interview process. We have had to deny a few people over time though, so we don’t allow just ANYONE.

Erickson Yates: So we can look at it as LNR is a great guild to join up with if someone is new to the PvP world?

Kacey: Oh yes. While yes it is nice to have experienced pvpers, everyone has to start somewhere, and that’s Tram. We like to give newer guys a chance, as long as they have a good attitude and are willing to learn, listen to suggestions, and try new things in order to better their game play. We are not a guild of professional UO players and will give just about anyone a chance.

Erickson Yates: If someone wanted to join LNR, how would they go about doing that?

Kacey: Go to & put in an application. Our main requirement is a good attitude and sense of humor. We have enough experienced PvPers to ensure that we can stay on top while teaching newer players.

Erickson Yates: Any advice for the kids out there?

Kacey: Keep your young status as long as possible. Believe me, it may seem like it limits you, but it will help you more in the long run since your more protected from loss. Get to know the game before you drop the young status or out grow it. Play the game how ever you want. Its your money that pays for the game, so if you want to be trammy for a day, spawn, craft, whatever you want, just do it.

Erickson Yates: Anything else you want to add?

Kacey: Always remember that UO is just a game. Never take it too seriously. The day that starts, you really need to turn off the pc and go for a walk. If you find yourself planing real life events around uo, its time to quit.

Erickson Yates: Thank you for your time! Hope all goes well for you in the future, ma’am.

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Few little artist renderings from Kacey herself. Take a look at what we got here!

LNR Scrolls

Kacey's House 1

Kacey's House 2

Kacey's House 3

Kacey's House 4


Rawr, folks! That is all for today! Stay tuned, we got us another Femme Fatale coming up by the name of Tinkerbelle! Also watch out, because my mortal enemy Wafflez and I will be sitting down soon! Good times on that one! Stay tuned, folks, and thanks for reading!


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