Historic-Great Horns

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Last Visited by Aiglos – Dec 8 2000

Coordinates:52°S 169°E – Facet: Trammel


I had the opportunity to visit the Great Horns during it’s Grand Re-Opening in Trammel. I heard of the news through rumors and the like, and when I arrived I wasn’t disappointed at all.


The Great Horns is located on the Trammel Facet of Pacific, in Maginicia. It is located East of Maincia’s Magicka, and West of The Baker’s Dozen

The Great Horns is Open 7-9 PM PST on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. These will be the times the bar will actually be manned, there are several NPC waiters who are always more than willing to serve you drinks if you chose to drop by at other hours, and you may even find a few other patrons settling down to relax.

The Great Horns has a long history on the shard of Pacific. Originally run by Ben Khans in the old Facet, Felucca, it was closed down after he retired, and remained in the state for many moons. Recently it was re bought by Lord Hobart of Maginicia, a prominent member of the Maginicia Parliament. Desiring to see the Tavern filled again, but realizing that wasn’t likely in the Chaotic Lands of Feluccia, he arranged through his Steward Lord Marseni Aurelius to have the Tavern moved to Trammel and set up with his niece, Kirra Mornai.

During my visit, I was able to meet both Lord Aurelius as well as Kirra. There were many patrons, and plenty of games going on as well as interesting conversations. There was a stable master there to take anyone’s pets, and the fine members of LOSERS kindly picked up the tab for everyone. I hear rumors that after I left, several of the male visitors that night went out fishing with one of the Bartenders!

Living up to it’s reputation, the Great Horns is an excellent place for anyone to go and relax, enjoy a drink with their fellow Sosarians, tell or listen to a story, and perhaps even beat me in a game of Darts.

Screen Shot of the Establishment.

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