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Questing in Ultima Online
There are currently two quest engines in use for permanent quests.The older quest engine is used for

The newer, main quest engine, was introduced with the Mondain’s Legacy expansion and is used for many and varied quests. A simple guide to undertaking these quests is that written by Siobhan Minos of Legends Questing 101.

The quests fall roughly into the following types:

* Kill
– Specifies a type, quantity, and in some instances, location of creatures you must kill.

* Obtain
Requires you to gather specific items and return them to the Quest Giver. Some items come from monsters you must slay, some items must be crafted, and other items must be found elsewhere. Some obtain quests require you to gather a certain quantity of specific items throughout your journeys.

* Escort
– Help an NPC travel to a given location.

* Delivery
– Take a quest item from one NPC and deliver it to another NPC.

Mondains Legacy Quests:


    • Crafting:Quests from the artisans of Heartwood or Sanctuary will earn a crafter’s satchel which will contain a weapon or item of armor, sometimes a talisman, a recipe allowing you to learn how to craft Elvish items and rarely, for Bowcrafters or Carpenters, a runic fletching kit or saw.




    • Dungeon access:
      • Vile Poison (quest for a Blacksmith)
      • Wonders of the Natural World – From’Lefty the Ticket Seller’ at Prism of Light entrance. This ‘quest’ to gain entrance to Prism of Light simply involves marking the required fee (10,000gp) as a quest item to receive the reward, an entrance ticket.
      • Watch Your Step – from’ Lucius the Adventurer’ at Paroxysmus Palace Entrance. This ‘quest’ to gain entrance to Paroxysmus Palace involves marking the required fee (5,000gp) as a quest item to receive the reward, an acid proof rope. This rope can also be made by a carpenter, or bought from a player vendor.
      • Entrance to the Citadel is gained by taking the Evidence quest, listed under Peerless Related Quests or the black order badges quest, listed under monster slay quests – Group 7
      • Entrance to Twisted Weald is gained by taking the Dreadhorn quest, also listed under Peerless Related Quests
      • Entrance to Bedlam is gained by taking the Mistaken Identity quest, listed under Chained Quests


    • Monster Slaying:There are in excess of ninety quests with no chain requiring monsters to be slain, or sometimes monsters slain and items returned.  For ease of selection these have been grouped by difficulty level, as determined by the author of this page.


  • Virtue Quests: Eight Virtue quests were introduced in Publish 38. (December 2005 ) Meanings
    These Quests follow the Mondain’s Legacy quest system, progress can be checked through the ‘Quests’ button on your character’s paper doll.   A further, more extensive, Humility quest was added in publish 40, (May 2006) The reward from this, the humility cloak, is part of the virtue armor suit. The other 7 pieces are obtained as special drops in the anti-virtue dungeons, introduced as part of the 10th Anniversary celebrations. (September 2007)Note: Characters can do each of these quests only once.

  • New Player Quests:
    • Accelerated Gain Quests These quests grant accelerated gain taking a new character swiftly to
      50 skill points and a reward item of a level to be useful to a player
      with that skill level.
    • Older Quests for New Players: These quests gave simpler rewards and no actual training benefit.

Stygian Abyss Quests:








High Seas Quests

Event Quests

These quests were originally introduced during Event Arcs but remain in game beyond the end of the Arc

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Last modified: May 11, 2014

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