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Last visited by Zerver – Oct 16 98The DragonSpyre shop is located west of the Wrong mountain. I first visited during the Grand Tour of Britain. It took me some time to figure out where I was.

The second time I was far more familiar with running place to place (My how hooked on recall we’ve all become). I came by way of the Minoc moon gate, stopped for a time at Rojo, then past the Fort of the Gorbag Clan, and finally arrived at DragonSpyre. I would say probably a 15 minute run from Minoc.

I have visited many times, and there are often people there. Seems to be a good place to shop for armor and such. It would also make a grand place to come before and/or after a dungeon crawl in Wrong.

There were a couple of shop staff there this last time, and I asked quite a lot of questions. He did not seem to mind in the least ansering them for me.

Here is a link to DragonSpyre’s web site: http://www.dragonspyre.com/great.htm

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