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Silvervale on Chesapeake

The rustic town of Silvervale can be found just north of the Britain Swamps and east of the Desert of Compassion, and is known best for its tavern, The Siren’s Call, own by Vertinni the Green. A wide variety of food, drink and entertainment can be found there.

Visited July 13, 2004
Coordinates: 73 12N 58 34E


  • Vertinni
  • Washu
  • Saturn Tritoch
  • Connor MacLeod
  • Abysnthe
  • Lidith
  • The Green — Silvervale Square

    This outside courtyard spreads out in front of the Siren’s Call. It is perfect for those days when it is too nice to be indoors! The Square holds much history, as brings such as paladins and even vampires have been known to visit! It also holds a gift from Mythndale: A Red Rose of Thanks.

    Cruentus Sepulcrum

    Currently owned by Lilith, this plot is aptly named. Darkness seems to lurk here amongst the tombs and headstones. A large tombs sits on the western end of this plot, covered in vines. A definite creepy place!
    Coordinates: 72 9N 60 7E

    Ami’s Happy Place

    This adorable little sandstone, owned by Amidalla sits NE of the town’s cemetary (see above)

    Caer Lir (also named “An Unnamed House”)

    74o 5’N. 60o 15’E
    Owned by: Ciesa Arella Lir
    A mysterious building that stands in the middle of Silvervale, none are sure of its name. Some call it the Caer Lir, because it is rumored that the stones that make up this tower were taken from the castle that fell before it. There are rumors that this place is haunted by spirits… and with the famous history of the Lir family, it wouldn’t be all too surprising. Silvervale Collection Agency Owned by: Vilanne This structure houses the financial part of Silvervale, handling the town’s taxes.

    Kodobo Inn / Traveling Tailor’s Workshop

    71o 6’N. 60o 49’E
    Owner: Mariel Kodobo
    The Kodobo Inn houses any weary travelers that wish to rest, and the Traveling Tailor’s Workshop will stitch any tailor’s item. Breakfast buffets start at 8 AM. Vendors can be found outside.

    Silvervale Bagball Stadium

    69o 4’N. 60o 15’E
    Owner: Samuel Gestalt
    Silvervale’s own bagball stadium, one of the finest bagball establishments in all of Chesapeake! Tournaments are held and champions rise and fall in this exciting sport. Stay tuned to see if bagball games are to be scheduled as a regular weekly event. You can even learn a bit of the history behind bagball on the first floor!

    House of the Heart

    70o 34’N. 62o 43’E
    Owner: Ilina Le Kyeteler
    Another mysterious house that resides in Silvervale, many have attempted to figure out what had seemed to be a puzzle. However, not much is known at the moment. This building is home to Ilina Le Kyeteler, one of the founders of Silvervale and the guildmaster of one of the most famous guilds to have walked Sosaria: Heartkin. No one is sure, however, what is the fate of the lady.

    Ye’ Olde Theatre 70o 8’N. 54o 54’E

    Owner: Cataine
    Formerly known as Vertinni’s theater, this building encases an acting area for those fond of plays and skits. However, not much is known on what will happen to the theater.

    Dragon Clan Shop

    75o 3’N. 58
    Owner: Estria
    For all your potion needs! The Dragon Clan Shop doubles as a shop and a residence for the gypsies that wander the Vale. The gypsies have been said to make undoubtedly supreme potions, but for a price. Love potions? Transformation potions? They may be able to help you here.

    Mythndale Embassy

    Owner: Fawne Goldynhart
    Nestled on the eastern border of the cemetary, This building houses archives of intertown meetings and opens it door as a liason between the two towns. Aside from its spacious, yet cozy first floor, it boasts a rooftop bar for those less than formal meetings.

    Below lists the current government officials:
    Connor Macleod
    Tyrone Trevor
    Wizard of Id
    Ilina Le Kyeteler

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