UO’s Oldest Houses – F – I

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Shard Facet Co-ordinates House Name Build Date Owner
Formosa Trammel 44º55N 36º21E A SweetHome 2000-07-20 Crimson
 Formosa  Felucca  26º53S 13º55E  An Unnamed House  2002-03-15  Wench
 Formosa  Felucca  32º36S 13.42E  An Unnamed House  2002-03-15  Rhynn Kwll
 Formosa  Trammel  92º55N 171º5W  2000-07-20  mysterious
Great Lakes
Great Lakes Felucca 122.26N 60.23E The Bigger Lily Pad unrecorded IndianaRibbit
Great Lakes Felucca 137.17N 114.15E O.E.A. – San Faelor unrecorded DaKaren
Great Lakes Felucca 136.56N 112.59E OEA: Hickory’s 199-04-01 Hickory
Great Lakes Felucca 74.17N 52.14E The Ancient Vault of Dragotha 1999-11-28 Ra’Dian Fl’Gith
Great Lakes Felucca 69.37N 53.43E The Light of the One 1999-01-06 Tre’Lianne
Great Lakes Trammel 76º23N 23º58E Dead Guild 2000-06-23 Count of Berg
Great Lakes Felucca 30º50N 52º1E Repo’d By Bank 1998-10-23 Xenon
Great Lakes Felucca 45º52N 49º8E Repo’d By Bank 1998-08-03 Xenon Shadow
Great Lakes Felucca 117º9N 37º45E Repo’d By Bank 1998-03-01 Salty Xenon
Great Lakes Felucca 28º28S 30º18W Repo’d By Bank unrecorded Druuna
Great Lakes Felucca 40º20S 29º10W Repo’d By Bank Unrecorded Trencher
Great Lakes Trammel 70º34N 63º29E Bank Headquarters 2000-06-23 Yumba
Great Lakes Felucca 35º56 89º0E This is a grandfathered house 2001-11-18 She
Great Lakes  Felucca  37º15S 169º48E  Dayton’s  1999-11-05  Dayton
Great Lakes Trammel 102º8N 21º43W Rosethorne 2000-06-24 Ian McReid
 Great Lakes  Trammel  140º26S 136º12W  not given  2000-07-15  Maeve NiMhaille
 Great Lakes  Felucca  56º42N 32º16W  not given  2000-09-07  Maggie Quinn
 Great Lakes  Felucca  85º42N 44º26WQ  not given  2000-06-30  Miriam McKinnis
 Great Lakes  Trammel  40º5N 47º2E  My Castle  2000-06-23  Wulf
 Great Lakes  Trammel  18º37S 38º15W  A Midsummer Dream  2000-06-23  Alustriel
 Great Lakes  Felucca  40º25S 39º22E  Tar Valon  pre 99  Shakkar
 Great Lakes  Felucca  67º4N 88º44E  OTO Quarry, Monuments and Tombstones  pre 99  Thadeus
 Great Lakes  Felucca  121º6N 24º2E  A Granite Spire  1999-02-05  Codhane
Great Lakes Trammel 78º2’S 38º40’E Sanctuary Castle 2000-06-23 Anonymous
Great Lakes Felucca  11º51’N 142º53’W  Susannah’s  2004 – 06 – 20  Dillan the Gypsy
Hokuto Felucca 38º19S 16º48E Southern Britain @ The River 1999-02-01 Rhynn Kwll
Izumo Feluccs 102º29’N,36º4’W Yew Earl El 2004-04-28 Rezin Schnyder
Izumo Trammel 101º0N 177º58W **AHAN** 2000-07-27 HISA second

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