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Scrolls By Jas (also known as Pixel Peddlers) has long been a fixture in Oceanian trade. Their unique range of items, most notably the dedicated deco kits, have brought Oceanians to this vendor house for years. Approaching from the outside, you’ll note there are no vendors on the steps toting their wares. Instead, step inside the building and you’ll see the trouble the owner has gone to to make this look like an authentic “olde” style store.  

There’s a strong focus on deco in the store, beginning with furniture (old and new, add-ons and regular, stone and wooden. There’s a “Chest Master” vendor who stocks all kinds of storage from chests to baskets to barrels, and “Designer Deco” for the more discerning decorator. “Regs and Resources” are available on another vendor and there is one (“A New Leaf”) specifically for those decorative plants and garden deco. As you would expect from the store name, there are Inscription Vendors, which keep stock of scrolls, spellbooks, BOD books and other inscription needs.


Scrolls and Add-Ons Vendor.

Deco Kits
These kits are very unique to Scrolls By Jas, so they deserve their own mention here.
These fantastic kits contain everything you need to decorate a single room in your home or shop to fit a certain theme. Some of the themes available when I visited were: Tailor’s Establishment, Practice Arena and Fisherman’s Retreat (all pictured here).  These kits are extremely well-priced and really are complete – already dyed to match and will definitely create a warm feel to whichever area you are decorating.





Deco Kits

Scrolls By Jas


Owner On Sign: Jas
120o 46’N 141o 11’E

Visited By: Cymoril
Visited On: 13th June, 2006

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2 Comments to “Historic – Scrolls by Jas”

  1. LadieJas says:

    Wow… what a trip down memory lane… Running that store was such a huge part of my life and I made so many friends, both on and offline.. I raise a glass to Ultima Online, Stratics and of course, Pixel Peddlers…

    With much love
    Ladie Jas

  2. Wow guys this is incredible this was my mothers store and seeing it written about is plucking a few heart strings Thanks


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