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Hungry Halfling Tavern on Atlantic

Last visited by Zerver on Feb 4 99Has been sponsored by OSI with locked down furniture and a landscaped garden. The feelof the whole place is very nice.

The vendor is usually well stocked with food and spirits.
The park and fountain outside look to be a wonderful gathering place.
Most times when I visit Rivendell there are members of the Knights of Rivendell guild, or other locals. It is really becoming quite a community. People pop in constantly just to talk, have a quick drink, and then be back on their way.
I have met several who seek to become members of the Rivendell Community. Theyhave been around the area long enough. The Hungry Halfling has been around a verylong time and receiving more and more prestige.
A link to their Web site: http://www.uo-rivendell.com/

Last modified: August 18, 2011

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