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Yew Business Center – Trammel – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 18 01Name: Yew Business Center – Trammel – Sonoma
Guild(s): Several
Owner(s): Several
Location: 74o 0′ N – 45o 21′ W
Just to the north of Empath Abbey. 



History: What can be said about this place that was just given the Yew Business Center. As I was traveling around the lands looking for items to buy for the Sonoma HQ in Trammel, there it was. A place to behold like a shining becon to those were ever looking for anything and everything to buy.

This place was pointed out to me by a polite blacksmith who was being threatened by an ettin, nasty thing. The ettin, not the blacksmith. Anyhow, I didnt like the way it was hovering over the poor lad, so, I killed it. When I told this good fellow my dilemma, he directed me to this location I am speaking of now. There were so many businesses set up with so many vendors that if ye didnt find what ye were looking for, thy eyes must have been shut, because it was there. Even the stuff I didnt want. Should the man who sent me to this place get in touch with me, Id be happy to mention his name here. Also, should any local establishments pipe up about them being in the location Im speaking of, then Ill add each and every one. So, go and check this place out and bring your Codex card, because these business dont take Britannian Express. Codex card, its everywhere ye want to be.

Web site for Yew Business Center: None

By the way, this is just one scribeshot of several fine establishments sporting various goods. Be sure to check them all out.

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