Travel Lodge Town

Return to: Catskills
Last visited by Assia Penryn in October 2006

Facet: Trammel
Location: SE of Empath Abbey
Coordinates: 48o15’N 36o8’W
Owner: Enchantress [TLT]

Travel Lodge Town is a small player run town located in a cozy glade in Yew. It was established in August of 2000 and has now grown to the size of 5 buildings. It has many well stocked vendors, a huge rune library, a lockpicking house and many other amenities for its visitors. It is only a short walk from yew and well worth the trip


The largest and most trafficked of the buildings would be the Rune Library. It is the heart of the Travel Lodge Town. It houses 40+ vendors and one of the most impressive runebook collections on the Catskills Shard. It has public dye tubs, quest and skill guides, pet services, treasure hunting services and much more. This is also where you can find members of the TLT guild busy stocking vendors, making items and helping customers.

Tucked in the far western corner is a nice set of dye tubs and a small golden chest filled with free dyes for the visitors to use.

The Travel Lodge Armory is located east beside the library. Here you will find all manner of armor, weapons, jewelry, repair deeds and the finest selection of tailoring goods. This building also has some dye tubs to use as well as a runebook with NPC shops so you have no trouble using one of their finely crafted repair deeds.

Next is the Travel Lodge Carpentry Shop. It is located just behind the armory and has a huge selection of add-ons and carpentry and tinker made items of every type of wood and ore. It also has a furniture dye tub and free dyes so you can dye your furniture as soon as you buy it!

Located in front of the Armory is the Mining & Wood Shack. Our Library outgrew its space, so we moved all mining and wood runebooks to their own house. It has a lot of runes for mining and lumberjacking, including runes to some of the rarer wood spots like frostwood and bloodwood.

And the most recent addition to the Travel Lodge Town is the Travel Lodge Lockpicking House. It is located just west of the library and has various levels of tinker made boxes for lockpick training. It also has guides and runebooks to help make skill gaining easier.

Travel Lodge Tower is an old and respected establishment that prides itself on helping others. Come join the fun and friendship or visit our website at

Last modified: August 7, 2011

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  1. Desperado_SE says:

    Many, many, many of the TLT rune books were copied from the Mystical Journey rune libraries books when MJ was still running on Catskills…


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