Youkaiko Clan


Clan Leader:
Ado The Theif
Clan Second: Charles A.K.A Slick
Memberships: Scarlet’s Crew
Contact Information:

Ado is sitting in a fancy office which is obviously not his. He turns around in the chair hes sitting in to face you and cracks a smirk as he gestures his hand to a pile of gold, jewelry, and rares beside him*

What do ye think of all this? Do ye wish ye could be so fortunate as t’ have half of this ‘ere treasure? I’m sure ye do. Well.. Its not.. Entirely imposable. There are but.. A few things to do require such wealth. Ye ‘ave t’ ‘ave a swift hand at grabbin’. Ye ‘ave t’ ‘ave a keen eye. Ye’ll ‘ave t’ ‘ave guts. T’ be in plain sight but yet not able t’ be seen by anyone. Sounds hard? Aye it is. But well worth it in th’ end if ye can pull it off without gettin yer arse thrown to th’ guards. Trus’ me.. Tha’s no fun. “Isnt this stealing?” *mimicking you*. Well.. Not entirely.. S’called Thievery. Stealing.. Thats such a… Harsh word t’ use. Think of it as barrowin’ without askin or givin back. See don’ sound so harmfull anymore once described like tha’ now is it? Didn’ think so. Well even if ye’re no thief tha’s no problem. We’re always lookin fer darker people t’ be in th’ know. Thieves, Barkeeps, Assassins, Fighters, an more.. Ye see.. This information is t’ be kept on th’ low.. Yer t’ tell no one ye’re ears’ve heard these words. If ye do tell.. Well.. Ye’ll find out.. *smirk* Oh i’ve yer attention? Very good. Youkaiko.. We like t’ lay on th low and be known to th’ public as a local gentleman’s club.. a private one. We’ve ‘ad many, many people hearin this and wantin t’ join.. course they’d never make it in th’ gentleman’s club.. only th’.. most high class of the gentlemen in th’ city make it in.. This’s ‘ow Slick an I set it all up when we set youkaiko up. Youkaiko.. Yer wonderin what th ‘ells youkaiko mean?.. Well.. We live in somewhat of an oriental area.. Youkaiko is japanese which i saw fitting for a name.. Youkaiko in Japanese means troublemakers.. Course most people in th village would never know tha’. *smirks and stays quiet for a moment* Ill give ye time t’ absorb all this ‘ere info in an think on it.. Remember what i said though.. This’s our little secret. Once yer minds made give me a shout at th’ icq 374733757.. ‘Ave a good eve… *flicks a gold coin up and catches it*

Last modified: October 10, 2011

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