Rhiannon’s Plant Magic

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Rhiannon’s Plant Magic on Atlantic

Coordinates & Facet:
Malas 79o 43N by 68o 3E

Directions from nearest permanent landmark: East of Luna almost at the end of the continent. Free runes are available at the shop for return visits.

Website for Details: http://www.mysilentassistant.com/Rhiannon
E-mail: [email protected]

Description: Rhiannon’s Plant Magic grew out of a need I saw of having good products, organized logically, a nice comfortable shopping environment. I hate walking into a small marble place with 50 vendors on each floor, each one so disorganized, you have to open every bag to see what they have. To me, it’s like shopping at a junk shop with everything thrown in a pile on the floor. Rhiannon’s is different. I only have a few select vendors that sell the items that I specialize in. Each vendor has their items organized and well marked so the customer can easily find out if I am carrying things they need. I typically only carry items that me and my sisters specialize in (plants, scribed and tailored items) but do carry a miscellany vendor so I don’t have to throw away odds and ends that I find on my journeys. My prices are quite reasonable and I always have a nice selection of FREE yet useful items for my customers.

Founder, brief history, and date of creation: This home was built a couple of years ago, however Rhiannon’s Plant Magic finished renovations November 2004. Founded by Rhiannon, who came to Britannia in 1997 after roaming many similar lands.

Contact address and icq number: Rhiannon, E-mail: [email protected] , ICQ: 8282955

Open Hours: Open 24/7/365, Rhiannon is typically at the shop most evenings and off and on on the weekends.

Any weekly or regular events: Rhiannon’s Plant Magic has specials going on all the time. Check the red sale vendor for clearance and sometimes FREE items!

Whether youre a part of the Role Playing Community: [steps out of character a moment] I role play 100% of the time I am doing anything UO related, including playing UO, or corresponding to someone about anything UO related. Heaven forbid when my step-son ICQs me and says “Hey Julie! Can you meet me at the liche camp?”.

Rules that are practiced: Quality products, steady supply, reasonable prices


Last modified: September 10, 2011

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