Harris’ Tavern by the Sea – Felucca – Sonoma

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Harris’ Tavern by the Sea – Felucca – Sonoma

Last visited by Vladimir Taltos –   April 04 01Name: Harris’ Tavern by the Sea – Sonoma
Guild: None
Owner: None
Location: 39o 59′ S – 167o 33′ E
On the north end of Magincia city. 



History: Harris was a friendly but somewhat disreputable fellow. It is said that if an item existed, Harris could of found it for you. He had an obscure past, probably hiding a lot of things that he didnt want others to know or have. He settled in Magincia to use his skills to recover lost items, for a fee.

In the months prior to his death, Harris sent adventurers across the world to find four magical staves, each linked to one of the basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. When he finally acquired all four, he tried to unite them in a magical ritual, but something went wrong, and an evil elemental was loosed on the gathered crowed.Quickly the Seers reacted, dispatching adventurers to gather “pure” elements to banish the abomination, but not before Harris was slain. His ghost vanished from the scene, and we can only assume he was slain for good. Thats how Harris’ Tavern by the Sea came into existance, but it took Harris’ life to do it. Theres even a lovely plaque on the wall dedicated to the memory of Harris. It seems that Harris did quite a few things while he was alive though. If ye are intersted in what he did, try clicking on this: Biography of Harris I can tell ye this though, this place is quite a sight. If anyone ever wanted to run a bar as an establishment, then this would be the place to run it from. Theres ample stabling. Plenty of room with a maximum seating capacity for well over fifty patrons and with the sea breeze coming in from the north, how could one not enjoy the atmosphere created in this monster of bars?Theres only one wierd quirk though and that is if someone should mention Harris’ name inside the tavern, then everyone has to hide the drink of the person to their right somewhere in the bar. Its recommended that you dont mention his name though and thats because you may not get thy drink back and that could be contagious. Oh, its also advised that ye stable thy horse in the back before entering. Oops. Ye will get tossed out on thy hind end if ye dont. Trust me, I know what Im talking about.

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