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Ladies of the Lair on Chesapeake

Last visited by Azazel June 20 99When I interviewed Cyndra Kolthos before the establishment opened there were aspects of adventure and determination. I had a notion in my head the establishment would be very successful. The Grand Opening of the Ladies of the Lair was far more then successful, it was unbelievable. The number of people that showed up to greet the ladies was amazing. 

Now we take a look at the Ladies of the Lair after they have been around for a good long time. The establishment has lived up to everything it claimed it would, and more (which usually isn’t the case for a player run shop). On any day, at any time, there will most likely be someone in side the Ladies of the Lair, to not find someone in this establishment would be odd. If you’ll take a look at the picture on the bottom; that was shot in 3:00AM EST. There were seven people in the Ladies of the Lair at three in the morning! You try to find me another building that has seven people in it at three in the morning!

So what’s the secret to the ladies success? Why isn’t it obvious? It’s run by women. 😉 But, seriously, non-NPCs, non-NPCs, non-NPCs. Unlike other “player run shops,” this one is absolutely, positively, player run. There are no venders (well one, but that’s just for pocket money:). If there is anyone behind the counter (and there always is), it is always a person capable of saying a variety of things not restricted to your name after you say “vender buy.” The ladies are always there to interact with you, talk to you, and hand you a glass of wine (and they do go heavy on the wine). At no given time do you hear excuses on why they are never at their shop, and the ladies never use the line “I’ve been busy in RL.” Dedication — it’s their middle name, and their fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh.

The Ladies of the Lair have added to PaxLair’s aroma, and brought culture to the town. In the long run the ladies will continue to contribute to the atmosphere of the town, and bring in new ideas for the people. If you take a tour of PaxLair and don’t seem to find anyone anywhere in the town, be sure to check the Ladies of the Lair, that’s where everyone is.

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