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Last visited by Mystra, July 2003The Majestic Oaks Museum and Mall is located on Dagger Isle (Ice Isle) at 88o 9′ N, 170o 31′ W.

It seems the name Majestic Oaks has come a long way in its limited time serving Great Lakes to date, and the reason for that is epitomized in the establishment that is today’s target.


To many people on Great Lakes merely the picture of this main room brings back many memories and has enhanced the UO playing experience for many of the old timers.

Once upon a time, long in the past, a grumpy old Dwarf name Impy built the finest Castle Ice Island has ever seen – created by the stones of his labors in many of Britannia’s mines. In his own way, Impy was a pioneer, as he shared his home with those Humans who dwelt on the overground in droves and overran the land. Speaking of Pioneers, the first human occupants (or guests of the dwarf) began an auction house that to this day is the epitome of what all auctions have always or will ever strive to be. The name Impys Artic Faire lives in the history of this shard as only a few event houses have been able to do. For three years they dwell with ole grumpy and sold a billion plus gold worth of items/wares from the auction room and vendors within. At some point this year, the staff had incidents concerning what only they will know and packed up the auction team ( missing a few of the key players ) and trod out into the cold snow portcullis closing fast behind them. Months had gone by as the castle remained open to the public, vendors continued to prosper albeit with less patrons and no sign of the dwarf owner. The auction staff who had moved on found themselves overwhelmed with customers demanding to sell their baubles and no avenue to do it in. In light of the situation at hand a decision was made to offer the same services they had done for years from a new customized location. Once Majestic Oak started anew, the castle became a vendor mall and a historical landmark, leaving the auction area preserved for those to reminisce old times shared together. Having a castle to which almost everyone on the shard had a rune demanded more attention and the MOA museum was born to keep up interest and give the vendors more purpose simultaneously. What happened to Impy ,you would ask? A good question indeed, and one that can only be answered by old grumpy himself, should he care to speak to any human again in his lifetime.

So today they have a museum to rival all others for pure imagination and rare, unusual items strewn about for the public to peruse. Unique items are quite common here, included but not limited to a Washbasin, A Spittoon, A Folded Sheet, Snow Deed, Cards, Finalist in the Home Decorating Contest Award, a Tray, A Flask, a Singing Ball. All colored Anvils are represented, as is every statue available from 1st to 5th year rewards. All color fishing nets, a full set of mini house deeds, many Rugs and Furs, plus plants, Roses of rare and Unique titles, All colors of UO Cake rewards, and even a TV room for relaxation. There are 43 vendors serving the needs of the community for years now, and MOA’s vendor rewards program keeps them finely polished. If you want BODs there are plenty – along with Reagents, Rares, Resources and most anything else you could ask for is represented here. Color coordinated hawkers finely dressed and in perfect order welcome all visitors all hours of the day allowing this castle to long pass the 72 THOUSAND visitors registered on the sign to date. The walk through these halls is enchanted with memories of old and new things to come intertwining to keep this historical site serving Great Lakes.

Colorful vendors Runebooks and Apple trees
A little tv time Colored Anvils
An example of fine rares The tailor corner
MOA Runs events, and now Monday night auctions (just because they can) and there is never a fee to participate in any MOA or ELF (the holiday group) run event. Majestic Oak will be glad to loan out the castle to any group or event that serves the best interests of Great Lakes and its residents.

Come one come all, and bring your gold to the place where more has been spent over the years then any event house ever. Visit the rares or just come and say hi to the staff or vendor owners that are always on hand to help out. Stee Jans is the current Vendor Manager and can be reached for open spots, questions or general information at 13066303. Any of the staff will also be helpful at


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