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Jingle, Jangle, Jumble, Jump! Erickson Yates here again. I seem to have gone off on a vacation again. In reality, I found a group of people here on UO that I really enjoy playing with, so I sort of got distracted from my duties as a Stratics Reporter! No more though! I know you all missed me and my silly posts about Feluccians! Here is another one for you. We got us another female. Two in as many interviews. Pretty scary. I’ve actually had this interview sitting around for a while, but as always, I was being lazy. Hope you all enjoy reading it!


Erickson Yates: Lets get this started off right. What guild tag are you sporting these days?
Tinkerbell: I’m in CoW. They are good fun people!I have been in DEI, (wonderful guild) Cyn, (had tons of fun with them) and LNR. (they are the rowdiest bunch of people ever)

Erickson Yates: What template are you fighting with?
Tinkerbell: Well Tinkerbell, my red is an archer, but atm I am tryin to become more mage savvy!! I have a blue necro mage that I’m messin with. Oh and my tamer, I’m With Stupid.

Erickson Yates: Do you consider yourself a good pvp’er?
Tinkerbell: Umm, I consider myself average lol.

Erickson Yates: Trash talk after a kill: I love it. I hate it. Give us an answer.
Tinkerbell: I personally don’t trash talk alot. People seem to do it just to irritate other players. That’s not why I play UO.

Erickson Yates: What keeps you playing UO?
Tinkerbell: Friends mainly. I’m a UO social butterfly. I love talking to people in UO.

Erickson Yates: Being an actual female on UO, do you get treated differently? Free stuff? Hit on? Anything like that?
Tinkerbell: I’d say I get treated differently. I have been hit on. I def. have gotten free stuff, but I think it’s because of how I act and how I treat other players. Some people tend to be protective too lol.

Erickson Yates: Any other female pvp’ers out there that you know of?
Tinkerbell: Well, there is Sakkarah (she’s awesome) Emerwen (don’t know if she still plays) Winter/Kerridwen (I like her.. she’s got a take no s**t attitude) Archy (she’s pretty cool) Boudicca (is one of the most helpful players out there) Calamity & Jennifer – both in HOT (don’t know them so… ) Justy (she seems to be very laidback and mellow) Kacey- LNR (she’s freaking wonderful! I luv her to death) Sharon-LNR (this womans a trip) DeKitty (not sure if she still plays but is a really sweet gal) Rosso Verde (doesn’t play anymore but was my queen.. I luved her to death!) Mystic Fire (also not playing anymore, but she is amazing)
That’s about all I can remember atm. Most of the other females I meet in UO are awesome.

Erickson Yates: Any advice or tips for those out there that want to start pvp’ing, but aren’t sure they have what it takes?
Tinkerbell: Keep at it… ignore the BS that other people say to you. If they tell you that you suck, just ignore them. Everyone starts new at some point in time. Rest assured they sucked too when they started out. It’s definately hard when you first start to PvP. If you want some practice before hand, try talking to some of the RP guilds. They are very helpful and alot of them are good at pvping.

Erickson Yates: Anything people should know about you? Lies you wish to debunk?
Tinkerbell: As far as I know there have been no lies going around.

Erickson Yates: Anything else you want to add? Good spot for a G rated rant if you have one.
Tinkerbell: Well, I don’t really have any rants. I try to ignore all the drama that comes with UO. I do wish however, that the devs would work a lil more on balancing PvP. I miss the skill. Now its all about items and bugs.</P>




That is if for today, folks! Check back again soon for more! Thanks!



Last modified: August 17, 2011

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