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Village of Avalon

Last visited by Zerver – Oct 20 98I normally try to take pictures of the bottom level and get the sign in the shot, but Avalon’s roof was just toooooo good to pass up. I was on the great Britania tour and it was a wonderful suprise to land right on the roof. 

I didn’t meet the owner, but did talk to many who say they frequent the tower.

A second visit met with wonderful success. I met MacDeath in the tower and he offered to give me a tour of Avalon City. I hadn’t even realized that I was in a city while on the tour.

The city is quite large and features many interesting buildings including a library, rune library, training dummies, Tavern etc. Their web site is quite extensive and seems to be VERY well maintained.

Other than some problem with squatters, the city seems to be well organized and laid out. Mac said they hold almost weekly dungeon crawls and other activities.

I have popped in several times, and usually a good sized group around during the evenings. But no one seems to like the roof top Tavern. Don’t know why, it’s still my favorite spot on Baja.

Popped in on a large gathering on the third floor. Decided to put a picture up because it was so enjoyable. Spent far longer than I really had intended.

A Link to Avalon’s Web Page: http://avaloncity.cjb.net/

Last modified: October 13, 2011

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