Red is Dead ~ Felucca adventure on Origin shard, March 27, 2015

March 31, 2015 By: Larisa Category: Origin News

The citizens of Origin were called together by a man named BORDAS….he came to us with a story.
“Many years ago, my band of evildoers went into Trinsic and raided the city. During that invasion we kidnapped the kings blacksmith Burke and have kept him a prisoner ever since.
But…my group of bandits have revolted and have decided they want to release him. I want them dead and am out to replace them with loyals. Are you willing to battle and keep my prisoner from escaping?”


Raising our weapons in agreement, we headed to Fel to seek out these bandits….

What we found was…a little more then we expected.


I didn’t see any bandits…but there were a lot of dragons wandering about….as well as war between reds and blues…



Having our hands full battling the mighty dragons and evil players, the bandits took the opportunity to sneak off with the prisoner.


Recapturing Burke, the kidnapped Smith of Trinsic, proved to be futile
for now, but the Red Is Dead (RID) fighters showed their superior talents
in PvM and PvP.  As one survivor stated “it was a BLAST”!

Thank you
to Pangu, Origin Advisor and SS for the pictures.

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