The Time Lord

August 27, 2013 By: Odin Of Europa Category: Europa News

A crowd waited at the EM Hall as requested, and at the advertised time, a stranger appeared.

Good evening,


I am the Time Lord, my task is to travel thru the time and to warn people when terrible things are going to happen.

Today I am here about a personal reason. Three Items of me were stolen by a master thief, those items must be recovered before its too late, each item has powers to make time shift!

I want to let you know what it is all about.

The Master Thief hate me because long time ago, he use to be a nobleman and was married to a beautiful wife. One day his wife got killed during an accident and the master Thief used a magic spell to get to the realm where I was located.

He begged me to reverse time for him so he can save his wife but I had to refuse.

As an Act of revenge, he vowed to learn the craft of stealing from the best thieves from all the realms to become a master thief himself and swore to travel back to his realm to create hell for me.

His first act of vengeance was to reverse time back to the world of Demons. So when the Master Thief went back there, he gave one of my items to a demon Boss to hold on. I was there, and I saw horrible demons…

Unfortunately I am not a good fighter…

Thats the reason why I am here…

I want to ask you all if you want to help me to reclaim my items.

Are you going to help me?

*looks around*

Thats great!

I knew that I am going to find here brave warrior!

 We need to travel back in time…

To a time when demons ruled this world…

I will open us a moongate…

Please be care full the demons are strong!


We were transported back in time to Moonglow.  It was full of demons of many kinds – Gentry Demons, molochs, ice fiends and balrons.




After a long battle killing many demons, it seemed as though the battle was coming to an end, but suddenly, a huge demon the likes I have never seen before appeared, its skin was multi coloured like a rainbow and it seemed to sparkle.  It was called An Archdemon.


After a long hard fight, this fearsome foe finlly fell against our greater numbers and power.


That was great you all did a very good job! I got one of my items back!

Now I miss two more Items. I hope you are going to help me with this also!

But for today we fought enough, we all need to get some rest…

I wish you all a good night and a nice weekend!

*waves* :)



A lucky few received a reward for their efforts when the Archdemon was brought down.

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