[EM News] September 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

August 27, 2013 By: Faeryl Category: Atlantic News

September 2013 Atlantic Shard Event Schedule

Taweret Event: Tuesday, September 11th @ 1pm EST – @ Moonglow Bank
Treading on Thin Ice – “A young mage seeks to bridge the gap between magery and necromancy!”

Bennu Event: Sunday, September 15th @ 8pm EST – @ Castle Blackthorn
A Walk Among Giants – “The Primordial Titans Awaken to Threaten Britannia!”

Taweret Event: Thursday, September 19th @ 11pm EST – @ Castle Blackthorn Courtyard
A Traitor’s Death – “A traitor to Britannia is shown the hour of his death!”

Bennu Oracle Event: Friday, September 20th @ 6pm EST – @ Skara Brae Bank
A Son Lost – “An elderly couple seek help finding their lost son.”

Bennu (Crux Ansata) Event: Sunday, September 22nd @ 8pm EST – @ Castle Blackthorn Courtyard
The Collector – “A killer seeks to show the Crux Ansata the nature of evil.”

Conseil du Roi: Sunday September 29th @ 8pm EST – @ Castle Blackthorn
“King Blackthorn of Britannia meets with the Governors to discuss issues that plague the realm.”

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