Community Village Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

February 16, 2013 By: Queen Mum Category: Homes and Castles

The Lancermane Family Village celebrates 10 years of Sonoma community shopping service …

[TLF] consist of real life ‘family’ members, some who started out on the Beta side and recruited other family members to join because of the fun and connection it offers.

Enjoying all aspects of the game from fighting to crafting, the family got together and decided to develop vendor style homes to help with the needs of the guild and community.

The Lancermane Family Village was originally built in 2001 with a small cluster of ‘shops’ located in Trammel and then expanded to six buildings in 2003 when the landmass of Malas was introduced.

Currently with over 250 vendors offering all kinds of goods TLF’s main purpose remains the same … to serve the Sonoma community by offering assistance whenever possible.

Guild information:
Guild: The Lancermane Family [TLF]
Guild organized: 2000
Guild colors: Red, White, Blue
Guild Motto: All for one and one for all!

Shops/Houses: ([TLF] Village Banner is located on Sonoma, Malas at 115o 29′ N  32o 7′ E – 310.1780)

1. Sonoma, Malas,  116o  27′ N    31o 59′ E  (299.1778)    Name: Lancermane Depot – Owner: Hephaestus
2. Sonoma, Malas,  116o  27′ N    33o 45′ E  (299.1803)   Name: Cookie Jar Cafe –  Owner: Queen Mum
3. Sonoma, Malas,  116o  27′ N    35o 43′ E  (299.1831)    Name: [BUM] Alliance Workshop –  Owner: Mud Walker
4. Sonoma, Malas,  113o  43′ N    35o 17′ E  (330.1825)    Name: Lancermane Gardens – Owner: Ares Trem’ek
5. Sonoma, Malas,  114o  29′ N    33o 53′ E  (323.1805)    Name: Lancermane Interior Motif – Owner: Raven Silverwolf
6. Sonoma, Malas,  114o  15′ N    32o 29′ E  (324.1785)    Name: Lancermane Variety Shop – Owner: Victorias Secret

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