The Time Lord II

September 15, 2013 By: Odin Of Europa Category: Europa News

We waited at the EM Hall to help the Time Lord retrieve another of his items that was stolen by the master thief.

Hello and good evening,
I see, here are many people which want to help me. That makes me even surer that I was asking the right people!

Today we need to reclaim another of my stolen items. It will be dangerous as we have to fight our way thru a dangerous dungeon.

I hope you all are well armed!
Nothing more needs to be said! Lets go in and win!
Please follow me I will open a Moongate for us!

The gate led to Ilshenar, east of Exodus our destination.

Please stay together and follow me! There are very dangerous creatures over there!

There was the usual monsters in the area around Exodus, but there were some new mighty beasts inside, many blue dragons called Grandfather Clock Protector.

The fight with these beasts was long and hard. They were immensely strong, able to kill a man with a swipe of their claws and their size constantly caused earthquakes as they moved.

Our leader kept calling out encouragement during the battle.
Get them!
Take them down!
Yes! Well done!
Be careful!
Its hard but we can do this !

After killing many Grandfather Clock Protector’s we headed to the west.
We need to fight our way to the small room in the west !

We were in for another surprise; if we thought the Grandfather Clock Protector’s were bad, but they were nothing compared to what came next – A Grandfather Clock Protector!

It moved amazingly fast and hit hard! It also caused many earthquakes as it moved.

The fight was brutal, many of the brave warriors died to this fearsome foe, but we kept working on it and eventually it fell!

A few lucky fighters were rewarded for their efforts in the battle.
A reward of grandfather clock has been placed in your backpack.

Well done! We reclaimed another of my items! Now I am just missing one! I hope you will help me to get this one also back!

For today we fought enough! We all need some rest! I wish you all a good weekend!
Please wait a few moments I will open you a Gate!

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