Spotlight Item May ’14

May 01, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item May ’14


 Bosley's Bad Bee Zappermerged

Item Name: Bosley’s Bad Bee Zapper
Special: Sparkle Animation
Special: Heal SFX
Item Count: 10

Event Title: Bosley’s Bee Removal Service
Event Date: April 27th 2014
Event Moderator: EMCrysania
Shard: Baja

Historical Information
By EMCrysania


Bosley’s Bee Removal Service

Grindylow headed off towards Trinsic Swamps to have a good soak. According to the Master Bee Keeper, the swamp waters would ease the stings and burning of the multipule whelps she had covering her entire body. She surely hoped so, it was becoming unbearable and to add insult to injury, her skin was starting to peel off.
Gingerly making her way along Trinsic Road, she heard a humming in the distance. Stopping in
her tracks she took on a wild frenzied deer in the lantern look. The humming was the same she had
heard the day she had been attacked by those nasty bees and it was drawing nearer.
Frozen in her tracks in fright, not knowing which way to run, she didn’t notice the slight man who
had rushed past her setting up Bee Zapper’s as he hurried along. The next thing Grindy heard was
*Zap* Zap* Zing* Zap* Zap* as the bee’s flew into the Zappers. Just a short time later, several dozen bee’s lay in the road dead. Grindy finally took a giant breath of relief, just as she saw the slight man
hopping up and down in glee. “It worked by gummies, It worked!” he exclaimed.
Grindy hobbled over to the man, who introduced himself as Bosley, of Bosley’s Bee Removal Service.
” Mr Bosley, can you get rid of any bee’s” she asked?
“Well now lass, after seeing how these Bee Zapper’s work. I suppose I can” he replied in giggling
With that, Grindy motioned for Bosley to follow her as she told him about what has been happening
with the Master Bee keeper’s Queen, her being stung, and the Bee Keepers request for his Queen back in trade for a potion to relieve her state of redness.
“Miss Grindylow, it will be my pleasure to help” he said, after they had talked for a bit.
“Now you go have that swamp soak, and I’ll get sorted with your friends. With their help, we’ll
get that Queen back and your potion made!” he added.
Grindy went to hug Bosley, she was so relieved, but when the skin on her ear peeled off and he stepped back with a look of Yuck on his face..she instead gave him a sweet smile and a nod of her head.
“Yes Yes Grindy, help you surely need!” he said as he turned and headed back towards Britain…


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