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Attention Silver Pirate Cutlass Owners

January 17, 2015 By: Lord Gareth Category: Chesapeake News, Collector's Corner

Attention Silver Pirate Cutlass Owners
By: EM Drosselmeyer, UO Event Moderator

Please Note that on Saturday, January 24th at 5:00pm ET Mesanna will be on hand at our Hall of Commons location for those players who gained the silver pirate cutlasses to adjust them so they are able to be equipped. Thank you.


Season 8 – 2010 – Christmas Items Updated

January 09, 2015 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Season 8 – 2010 – Christmas Items Updated

You can thank Brian DeSpell a.k.a. brianfreud2 for the detailed updates on the site. We spent several hours working together….somehow managed to get me motivated to do it.

Also…looking for someone who owns a “Vito’s Chocolate Bar” and “To Yamato From Makeshiko’s Heart 2010″ so I can take a picture of it for the Christmas 2010 list

Spotlight Item July ’14

August 09, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item July ’14


Item Name: A Fawn’s Heart, Frozen By The Approaching Winter ​​

Special: Makes a sad Deer howl when clicked
Item Count: 20
Event Title:  The Running Of The Deer And The Setting Of The Sun
Event Date:  21st June, 2014 at 2000 UK Time
Event Moderator: EM Gotan ​​
Shard: Europa
Historical Information
By EM Gotan
Once more Skaros held a letter within his hand, once more he noted the seal of the Ordo Solstitium upon the envelope, but this time it’s appearance was not as unexpected to the Spymaster. He had been aware for a little while now that 6 months had passed since the Ritual of the Fawn had been performed, and the Summer Solstice was now approaching… Skaros grunted at the memory, the mystical nonsense that surrounded that day was of no concern to him; it was hardly to believed that the entire turn of the seasons depended on some daft old man having a fawn brought to him. The current letter was equally ridiculous and histrionic. He read it again now, climbing the staircase to the King’s bedchamber;
“The Ordo Solstitium calls forth it’s Initiates and bids them cultivate frozen hearts, lest the world burn beneath too harsh a sun. We demand of ye perform the Ritual Of Snow and rebalance the world once more. Fear not Winter, fear not to be cold and cruel, what must be, must be for the sake of the whole.”
Nonsense, thought Skaros. His spies had kept a close eye upon the cave on Dagger Isle, and all that had happened was the bearded “Lord Of Snow” had sat looking docilely entertained and admittedly, loved warmly (as far as Skaros was any judge of such emotions) and passionately by his pet deer. Still, the King must be kept informed, as always; the choice to offer support to this latest request would always be his.
“Ahh Skaros” Blackthorn said, upon seeing the scowl rising up the stairs “What can I do for ye on this sweltering day? And why are ye not watching the beaches of Britain for immodesty? It must be a tempting posting in this heat, eh?!”
Skaros grunted again “It pleases your Majesty to jest as always, but it’s about the summer I wished to speak to ye”
The King took the letter from his hands, and read.
“Hmm”, he said, tapping at a particular line near the end. “It says here they should report to the Ordo with specially consecrated snow; is this anything we should worry about?”
Skaros shook his head “Those who attended last time did nothing more than walk away with a few carved wooden toys, I don’t believe this ‘ritual’ will have any deeper consequences either.”
“Then ye know my policy Skaros; the people are to be free to celebrate and live as they wish, as long as it hurts no other. If the cruelty is merely symbolic, I would not have this ritual prevented” seeing Skaros open his mouth, the King quickly went on “You will of course attend to be sure, on behalf of the people’s peaceful sleep that you protect Skaros, that it is only empty symbolism; I would have they vigilance no other way too!”
Skaros clapped his hands together, and looked happy again for the first time during the day; “My eyes will be there, my liege!”
Report to the Councillors Hall in Britain at 8pm UK Time, and bring snowballs as the Ordo demands.

Spotlight Item May ’14

May 01, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item May ’14


 Bosley's Bad Bee Zappermerged

Item Name: Bosley’s Bad Bee Zapper
Special: Sparkle Animation
Special: Heal SFX
Item Count: 10

Event Title: Bosley’s Bee Removal Service
Event Date: April 27th 2014
Event Moderator: EMCrysania
Shard: Baja

Historical Information
By EMCrysania


Bosley’s Bee Removal Service

Grindylow headed off towards Trinsic Swamps to have a good soak. According to the Master Bee Keeper, the swamp waters would ease the stings and burning of the multipule whelps she had covering her entire body. She surely hoped so, it was becoming unbearable and to add insult to injury, her skin was starting to peel off.
Gingerly making her way along Trinsic Road, she heard a humming in the distance. Stopping in
her tracks she took on a wild frenzied deer in the lantern look. The humming was the same she had
heard the day she had been attacked by those nasty bees and it was drawing nearer.
Frozen in her tracks in fright, not knowing which way to run, she didn’t notice the slight man who
had rushed past her setting up Bee Zapper’s as he hurried along. The next thing Grindy heard was
*Zap* Zap* Zing* Zap* Zap* as the bee’s flew into the Zappers. Just a short time later, several dozen bee’s lay in the road dead. Grindy finally took a giant breath of relief, just as she saw the slight man
hopping up and down in glee. “It worked by gummies, It worked!” he exclaimed.
Grindy hobbled over to the man, who introduced himself as Bosley, of Bosley’s Bee Removal Service.
” Mr Bosley, can you get rid of any bee’s” she asked?
“Well now lass, after seeing how these Bee Zapper’s work. I suppose I can” he replied in giggling
With that, Grindy motioned for Bosley to follow her as she told him about what has been happening
with the Master Bee keeper’s Queen, her being stung, and the Bee Keepers request for his Queen back in trade for a potion to relieve her state of redness.
“Miss Grindylow, it will be my pleasure to help” he said, after they had talked for a bit.
“Now you go have that swamp soak, and I’ll get sorted with your friends. With their help, we’ll
get that Queen back and your potion made!” he added.
Grindy went to hug Bosley, she was so relieved, but when the skin on her ear peeled off and he stepped back with a look of Yuck on his face..she instead gave him a sweet smile and a nod of her head.
“Yes Yes Grindy, help you surely need!” he said as he turned and headed back towards Britain…


Spotlight Item April ’14

April 10, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item April ’14

Bladderstick's Pop-Up Book Of Deadly Practical Jokes

Item Name: Bladderstick’s Pop-Up Book Of Deadly Practical Jokes
Special: Smoke Animation
Item Count: 20

Event Title: The Treachery Of Jesters
Event Date: April 1st 2014
Event Moderator: Gotan
Shard: Europa

Historical Information
By EM Gotan

The rumors had been swirling around Nujelm for sometime; The Sultan was expecting to come into a lot of money very soon, and it seemed there was something to the gossip, for posters advertising new hires were going up everywhere. Down by the docks in particular, requests for experienced sailors and weapon-smiths covered every pole and barrel. But Bladderstick the Apprentice Jester wasn’t interested in those, oh no, not after a lifetime of having seagulls attack the bells on his hat. It was the small card pinned up in the bank which had caught his eye instead;

“The Sultan requires that, like all Monarch’s of importance, he be entertained by a man of motley talents and amusing riddles and quips. Therefore he requests applicants for the position of Court Jester of Nujelm. A wide range of the jocular arts are essential, as is being able to lay down your life for your Sultan should he request it. Applicants are expected to make their own custard and provide their own rubber chicken.”

Bladderstick worked through the requirements again; Custard? Check! Chicken? Check… he lifted Bertie The Rubber Chicken towards one of the bank tellers and gave him a quick squeeze, and got in return an exasperated look; Yup, you’ve still got it Bladderstick old boy! But dying for the Sultan? That was unusual. Jesters weren’t usually expected to be skilled in the combat arts too. He desperately needed the job though, times were tough in Nujelm, and what ever the rumored source of wealth actually was, none of it appeared to be trickling down to the people at all, for now. And those old hands Chuckles and Heckles never seemed to take so much as a day off sick, no matter how many litres of cold desert were poured into their pants; so the chances of applying his talents elsewhere were slim. Given a choice then between starvation now, or prat falling for the Sultan with unknown risks ahead, it was obvious what needed to be done… And this meant practice! Yes, comedy could be a serious business indeed, and Ol’Bladderstick had better rope in a few people to practice his act upon, before letting the Sultan see it!

Quickly turning over the Sultan’s advert, so none of the competition would see it, Bladderstick wrote his own on the back;

[NEWS] 2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Decoration Contest (New Year Theme)

January 08, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: Asian News, Collector's Corner, Community News

2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Decoration Contest (New Year Theme)

New Year’s Day and Zodiac Signs

Year in and Year Out
Touch My Heart

Japanese New Year 2012

Ichi Fuji, Ni Taka, San Nasubi
As explained by Blend: There is the traditional expression, “Mount Fuji for first, hawk for second, and eggplant for third” as the lucky items to dream about in the first dream of the new year.

Delucia Guard

Happy Holiday!

One’s Happy New Year

Hello Kitty and Friends Holiday

2012 Dragon

Tired with Labor

A special “Thank You” to Blend for translating!

[NEWS] 2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Decoration Contest (Christmas Theme)

January 06, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: Asian News, Collector's Corner, Community News, General News

2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Decoration Contest (Christmas Theme)

Joyful Night

Love Love Christmas

The Reason…

Alice in the Christmas Sweets Land

Happy X-Mas

The Giving Tree
(Atlantic 2011)

Santa Tree

Tree Ornament

A special “Thank You” to Blend for translating!

[NEWS] 2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Pre-Festival

January 03, 2012 By: Kimberly Category: Asian News, Collector's Corner, Community News, General News

2012 Sakura Rares Festival: Pre-Festival

Mesanna created a gate from Luna to the Rares Festival.

Emerging from the gate near the vendor houses.

62nd Sakura Market

1st Rares Vendor House

2nd Rares Vendor House

[NEWS] 2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic): The Auction House Incident (Part 1)

October 06, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Collector's Corner

[NEWS] 2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic):

The Auction House Incident (Part 1)

On August 17th, Europa Trader submitted several items to the auction house. Among those items was the only complete set of Crimson Dragon Scale Armor.

At some point, Hoodwink found out that Europa Trader would be attending a Europa event on August 20th. During this time, unbeknownst to the auction hosts, Hoodwink entered the auction house as Europa Trader. He had created a character with the same name, he wore similar clothing, and he rode a blue beetle. Hoodwink would later brag about secretly watching his “mark”, learning his speech patterns and mannerisms. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) first approached Sundina, who was preoccupied with another player. He then turned his attention to Demonous , saying he wanted to “have a word” with him.

Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) explained that he would like to have the Crimson Dragon Scale suit back in order to take some screenshots. Demonous gave the suit to Hoodwink, who he believed to be Europa Trader. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) then asked if he could have some more of his items back so he could take screenshots of them as well. Demonous soon became suspicious and attempted to retrieve the suit from Hoodwink, saying he needed to mark down in a book that it had been returned. Presumably, at that point, Hoodwink knew he had been caught. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) stalled for a moment before running away with the suit, valued at 1.2 billion gold pieces.

This was a somber reminder to always make sure you use an alternate way of confirming someone is who they claim to be in game.

[NEWS] 2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic): Pre-Festival

September 29, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Collector's Corner

2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic):

 The Main Vendor House at Toad Town
Main Vendor House

Mesanna created a gate from Luna for the Rares Festival.Gate from Luna to the Rares Festival
"Rares Festival" Gate

Emerging from the gate at the “Back Alley Vendors” in Toad Town.
Back Alley Vendors