Spotlight Item April ’14

April 10, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item April ’14

Bladderstick's Pop-Up Book Of Deadly Practical Jokes

Item Name: Bladderstick’s Pop-Up Book Of Deadly Practical Jokes
Special: Smoke Animation
Item Count: 20

Event Title: The Treachery Of Jesters
Event Date: April 1st 2014
Event Moderator: Gotan
Shard: Europa

Historical Information
By EM Gotan

The rumors had been swirling around Nujelm for sometime; The Sultan was expecting to come into a lot of money very soon, and it seemed there was something to the gossip, for posters advertising new hires were going up everywhere. Down by the docks in particular, requests for experienced sailors and weapon-smiths covered every pole and barrel. But Bladderstick the Apprentice Jester wasn’t interested in those, oh no, not after a lifetime of having seagulls attack the bells on his hat. It was the small card pinned up in the bank which had caught his eye instead;

“The Sultan requires that, like all Monarch’s of importance, he be entertained by a man of motley talents and amusing riddles and quips. Therefore he requests applicants for the position of Court Jester of Nujelm. A wide range of the jocular arts are essential, as is being able to lay down your life for your Sultan should he request it. Applicants are expected to make their own custard and provide their own rubber chicken.”

Bladderstick worked through the requirements again; Custard? Check! Chicken? Check… he lifted Bertie The Rubber Chicken towards one of the bank tellers and gave him a quick squeeze, and got in return an exasperated look; Yup, you’ve still got it Bladderstick old boy! But dying for the Sultan? That was unusual. Jesters weren’t usually expected to be skilled in the combat arts too. He desperately needed the job though, times were tough in Nujelm, and what ever the rumored source of wealth actually was, none of it appeared to be trickling down to the people at all, for now. And those old hands Chuckles and Heckles never seemed to take so much as a day off sick, no matter how many litres of cold desert were poured into their pants; so the chances of applying his talents elsewhere were slim. Given a choice then between starvation now, or prat falling for the Sultan with unknown risks ahead, it was obvious what needed to be done… And this meant practice! Yes, comedy could be a serious business indeed, and Ol’Bladderstick had better rope in a few people to practice his act upon, before letting the Sultan see it!

Quickly turning over the Sultan’s advert, so none of the competition would see it, Bladderstick wrote his own on the back;

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