[NEWS] 2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic): The Auction House Incident (Part 1)

October 06, 2011 By: Kimberly Category: Collector's Corner

[NEWS] 2011 Fall Rares Festival (Atlantic):

The Auction House Incident (Part 1)

On August 17th, Europa Trader submitted several items to the auction house. Among those items was the only complete set of Crimson Dragon Scale Armor.

At some point, Hoodwink found out that Europa Trader would be attending a Europa event on August 20th. During this time, unbeknownst to the auction hosts, Hoodwink entered the auction house as Europa Trader. He had created a character with the same name, he wore similar clothing, and he rode a blue beetle. Hoodwink would later brag about secretly watching his “mark”, learning his speech patterns and mannerisms. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) first approached Sundina, who was preoccupied with another player. He then turned his attention to Demonous , saying he wanted to “have a word” with him.

Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) explained that he would like to have the Crimson Dragon Scale suit back in order to take some screenshots. Demonous gave the suit to Hoodwink, who he believed to be Europa Trader. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) then asked if he could have some more of his items back so he could take screenshots of them as well. Demonous soon became suspicious and attempted to retrieve the suit from Hoodwink, saying he needed to mark down in a book that it had been returned. Presumably, at that point, Hoodwink knew he had been caught. Hoodwink (as Europa Trader) stalled for a moment before running away with the suit, valued at 1.2 billion gold pieces.

This was a somber reminder to always make sure you use an alternate way of confirming someone is who they claim to be in game.

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