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What is book hunt?

・You need to find a gate for special use.  

・You run in a hurry till the place of a book, after jumping into gate.

・You open a book earlier than other persons.


Saturday,October 8  8:30pm JST~


Since it starts in order in every shard, it  may shift for about 5 minutes.

Start Point

Trammel Yew waterfall

Book Hunt Gate

Three gates appear.

You find a book hunt gate and enter into it.

Cautions:one gate is Felucca

First hint is due to be exhibited at8:45 pm JST, Last hintis due to be exhibited at 9:05pm JST

This websit

White Book

If you go into a gate, please open the white book placed.

When you open a book first, your name describes.

Finish time and reword

Finish time:October 8  9:45pm JST

Reword time:October 8 9:45- 10:15pm JST

Please log in, if you are able to write down a name in a book.

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