Spotlight Item July ’14

August 09, 2014 By: Lord Gareth Category: Collector's Corner

Spotlight Item July ’14


Item Name: A Fawn’s Heart, Frozen By The Approaching Winter ​​

Special: Makes a sad Deer howl when clicked
Item Count: 20
Event Title:  The Running Of The Deer And The Setting Of The Sun
Event Date:  21st June, 2014 at 2000 UK Time
Event Moderator: EM Gotan ​​
Shard: Europa
Historical Information
By EM Gotan
Once more Skaros held a letter within his hand, once more he noted the seal of the Ordo Solstitium upon the envelope, but this time it’s appearance was not as unexpected to the Spymaster. He had been aware for a little while now that 6 months had passed since the Ritual of the Fawn had been performed, and the Summer Solstice was now approaching… Skaros grunted at the memory, the mystical nonsense that surrounded that day was of no concern to him; it was hardly to believed that the entire turn of the seasons depended on some daft old man having a fawn brought to him. The current letter was equally ridiculous and histrionic. He read it again now, climbing the staircase to the King’s bedchamber;
“The Ordo Solstitium calls forth it’s Initiates and bids them cultivate frozen hearts, lest the world burn beneath too harsh a sun. We demand of ye perform the Ritual Of Snow and rebalance the world once more. Fear not Winter, fear not to be cold and cruel, what must be, must be for the sake of the whole.”
Nonsense, thought Skaros. His spies had kept a close eye upon the cave on Dagger Isle, and all that had happened was the bearded “Lord Of Snow” had sat looking docilely entertained and admittedly, loved warmly (as far as Skaros was any judge of such emotions) and passionately by his pet deer. Still, the King must be kept informed, as always; the choice to offer support to this latest request would always be his.
“Ahh Skaros” Blackthorn said, upon seeing the scowl rising up the stairs “What can I do for ye on this sweltering day? And why are ye not watching the beaches of Britain for immodesty? It must be a tempting posting in this heat, eh?!”
Skaros grunted again “It pleases your Majesty to jest as always, but it’s about the summer I wished to speak to ye”
The King took the letter from his hands, and read.
“Hmm”, he said, tapping at a particular line near the end. “It says here they should report to the Ordo with specially consecrated snow; is this anything we should worry about?”
Skaros shook his head “Those who attended last time did nothing more than walk away with a few carved wooden toys, I don’t believe this ‘ritual’ will have any deeper consequences either.”
“Then ye know my policy Skaros; the people are to be free to celebrate and live as they wish, as long as it hurts no other. If the cruelty is merely symbolic, I would not have this ritual prevented” seeing Skaros open his mouth, the King quickly went on “You will of course attend to be sure, on behalf of the people’s peaceful sleep that you protect Skaros, that it is only empty symbolism; I would have they vigilance no other way too!”
Skaros clapped his hands together, and looked happy again for the first time during the day; “My eyes will be there, my liege!”
Report to the Councillors Hall in Britain at 8pm UK Time, and bring snowballs as the Ordo demands.

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