Publish 89 for TC1 Today

February 11, 2015 By: Larisa Category: General News

Publish 89 for TC1 Today

Posted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2015 Feb 11 16:24 -0500 GMT

We will be patching a new client and publishing Pub 89 to TC1 at approx. 1 pm today. Please check out all the bug fixes we have done and we look forward to your feedback. UO Team

Bug Fixes

  • The Demon Slayer property will be properly applied to the Scepter of Pride.
  • Using Spirit Speak will no longer interrupt the Inspire bard song.
  • Owner bound items will no longer bind when placed on mannequins, stewards, or vendors.
  • Blessed quivers and wing armor can no longer be obtained on abyss ruleset shards. Existing blessed quivers and wing armor will lose their blessed status.
  • The drop rates for some of the Prism of Light keys has been increased.
  • Players can no longer recall out of Blackthorn’s Dungeon in Felucca.
  • Runes marked in the “Cat’s Lair” in Britain will be properly named when created.
  • Dupre’s Shield can now be dyed using a metal dye tub.
  • Several TIDs erroneously containing the article “a” have been fixed.
  • Obsidian statues will no longer require 11 obsidian fragments to create.
  • Runes marked near the Yomotsu Mines will be properly labeled.
  • Runes marked near the New Haven Mines will be properly labeled.
  • Blessed items that were previously equipped will be re-equipped when a player double clicks on their corpse.
  • City Trade deals now have an auto-renew option that can allow Governors to auto-renew a trade deal so long as funds are available.
  • The size of the election gump has been increased to accommodate long names.
  • The end date and time has been added to city stones for nomination and election periods.
  • The number of mobs spawning in Moonglow Bay has been reduced.
  • Vanilla seeds can now be obtained from Juka Mages, Plague Beasts, and Kappa.
  • The Bascinet and Kamishimo have been added to the list of Blackthorn Artifacts.
  • New Magincia Gardeners will sell Gardening Contracts that will allow a New Magincia Gardening plant to be maintenance free for 2 weeks. Plants will require care after the first server maintenance following the expiration date listed on the plant. Gardening contracts can be used on a plant once every other month.
  • Impassable objects placed near the Chaos Shrine in Felucca will be placed in the nearby barrel. The barrel’s contents are deleted after five minutes or when the barrel becomes full.
  • Academic bookcases can now be engraved using a wooden container engraving tool.
  • Fixed an area where players could become stuck in the Trinsic area of Blackthorn’s Dungeon.
  • The spelling of Britannia has been corrected on the “Bank of Britannia: Trinsic Branch” sign. This will occur after two maintenance cycles.
  • Paralyzation can no longer be negated with stoneform boots.
  • The inaccessible pumpkin patch in T2A near the City of the Dead has been removed from Halloween pumpkin spawn.
  • Fixed issue where Grizelda the Hag was not awarding items with the correct magical properties.
  • Vice vs Virtue pets can now be resurrected without having prerequisite veterinary or animal taming skills.
  • Phoenix armor deeds must now be in the player’s backpack to redeem them.
  • A shield can now be equipped with use of the Bracers of Alchemical Devastation.
  • Vice vs Virtue match points for kills has been increased from 25 to 100 per kill, Vice vs Virtue occupation match points has been decreased from 50 to 20 per second of occupation.
  • When reagents from the Blessed Statue are removed and dropped into a stack of similar reagents the statue will now update its art to the empty version.
  • SA item properties correctly spawn on loot located in champ spawn areas.
  • Pets/mobs no longer follow attackable players when stealth.
  • Players may no longer charm changelings regardless of the mobs current form.
  • Engraving tools must now be in a player’s backpack to be used for engraving.
  • Engraving tools may not be used on items that are currently contained in a dungeon container or a town container.
  • Added silver bracelets, silver rings and crooks to the cleanup Britannia system.
  • Players may no longer use Tokuno dyes, Haochi dyes or natural dyes on the Virtuoso suit.
  • Re-forged ranged weapons will now have the proper Defense Chance Increase and Hit Chance Increase item property applied.
  • New loot system ranged weapons will now have the proper Defense Chance Increase and Hit Chance Increase item property applied.

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