Lake Superior October EM Events Schedule

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October Events Schedule


  • 16 Oct –  Governors Meeting.  8:00pm CDT @the council chambers in Castle Blackthorn.
  • 19 Oct – Guard Meeting/promotions @7:30pm CDT @Castle Blackthorn Courtyard w/ training afterward at the BMV Ararat.  Watch for the suit runs being offered in the Community Hunts leading up to this event!
  • 21 Oct – Scalis Community Day  lots of white nets & lots of fun*look for the announcement*
  • 29 Oct –  Chicken Fight Night 3 @8pm CST.  Meet at the Em Hall in Brit we will gate to the arena in Felucca.  You will need a bonded battle chicken lizard to fight.
  • 01 Nov – Meet and Greet @7:30pm CDT at the EM Hall in Brit.  Winner Fisherman for the month will be announced then and next fish voted on.

For the month of October we will hold a fishing contest for the Giant Koi.  Fish  MUST BE  caught in October, display the owners name and weight, caught on Lake Superior, and be able to be mounted.  The winners fish will grace the reward hall.  The goal is to display one of each of the shards top catches. Please submit entries at the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian. *As a bonus this month I will offer a golden fish trophy to the person who catches the largest Zombie Fish for Halloween to be hung in the EM Hall in Britian*

We are also in need of Battle Chicken Lizard Eggs and if anyone has any for donation please also drop those into the mailbox just to the west of the EM Hall in Britian.

**EM Falcon may be unavailable the 10th through the 13th and 24 &25**

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