Indigo, The Color of Treason

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“Royal Guard corrupt! King of Britain causes Minax’s return. Britianna is Doomed.”

who is posting the notes


Angrily Lord Pistachio read the indigo colored poster. What nonsense he thought wadding it up and throwing it away. For all his faults,the King isn’t responsable for Minax’s return. If anyone is it would be Lord British. She only appeared after his return. Still with Merrick’s betral and spies discovered in the Royal guard, the people might believe the notes. Frowning he hurried to meet with Captain Corian. Arriving he found people angerly discussing the posters.


this weeks hero


A worried Captain Corian arrived unnoticed. “Good evening, how are you all fairing?” “Angry and worried about the posters outside.” Lord Pistachio replied. “They are every where! What is being done about them?”

Frowning Captain Corian nodded, “That is why I called you here. Already the notes are causing problems. Several Nobles have approached me. They have heard whispers among the citizens agreeing with the notes. They remember the corruption found in the guard before the King reclaimed his throne. These notes do nothing for their confidence in the crown.”





disinstion in the realm

“What is the King’s response?” Someone in the crowd asked.

“He is worried more about Britannia and attempts to undermine his rule.” the captain paused. “My orders are to send you, the Royal Spies, to find more information.”

“Do you have an idea where we should begin?” Lord Pistachio asked.

Captain Corian nodded, “Yes, we believe someone in Jhelom is responsible for this. The city needs to be searched, every house and the outlying islands, for some trace of the indigo dyes. My hope is that you will stumble across someone or something.” Looking around, he continued, “Since the presence of the Royal Guard will do more harm, I will remain here. Report to me if you can find a lead

Arriving in Jhelom, Lord Pistachio quickly organized the search. Some would search each house. Others would travel to the Islands. Lord Pistachio lead the search of the south west island. There, in a small house, he found indigo dyed clothes, notes, forged letters and a spy. Lord Pistachio hand her a note. “What do you know about this?” he demanded.

jholem 2


“What this… document incriminates the King? the spy tried to look surprised. “Isn’t it the truth? Wasn’t the King responsible for the death of a shipping Captain named Elise the Golden?”


the source

“No, but that isn’t why we are here. Who is behind this?” Lord Pistachio watched as the spy moved to hid a paper lying on the floor. Pushing her aside, Lord Pistachio picked up a letter addressed to Adrian Fisher. “What do you know about this?” shoving the letter at the spy.

“Hold on a moment…that name is familiar.” she looking nervously around. “Doesn’t he work for the Thieves’ Guild? I wouldn’t think the Guild would be so reckless. I have been spending too much time in Ter-Mur as of late…so I’ve not been well informed.”

“Ter-Mur, have you been spying on, Dahlia?” Lord Pistachio demanded angrily.

“Dahlia, she is…currently in Ter-Mur. That is all I can say.” The spy gave a small smile, “You do realize I am not in charge of the network. I am just a tiny cog.

Lord Pistachio looked suspiciously at the spy. “Just who are you working for?”

“Don’t you know?” the spy asked puzzled, “I was on my way back to Ter-Mur when the Captain asked me to come here. I must hurry and pass on what I’ve learned before my Lady Dahlia gets impatient. Surprised, no one moved to stop the spy. Turning back, she said. “You should check a warehouse. It should be in East Britain, toward the southern end. I found something of interest there.”


to brit

Shaking his head Lord Pistachio opened a gate. “Why didn’t Captain Corian tell us he had sent another spy? We need to learn what she reported”. He stepped through the gate.

Finding Captain Corian waiting. Lord Pistachio confronted him. “You sent another spy! Didn’t you trust us.” ”

Yes, I sent the spy to Jhelom.” Captain Corian replied. “I feared that you were to well known. She reported that another forged letter was found. Also a letter to Adrian. Before I could ask more, she flitted off in a hurry.”

“She told us that she needed to hurry back to Ter-Mur where Dahlia was waiting for her.” A calmer Pistachio explained.

The news that Dahlia was in Ter-Mur caught Captain Corian by surprise. Narrowing his eyes, he asked “What is Dahlia doing in Ter-Mur…?” No matter, I hope you found something that will help explain the parchments.

Lord Pistachio handed the Captain the letter and notes we had found.

“Adrian, is this the one who works for the thieves’ guild?” the Captain asked.

Pistachio nodded, “The spy thought so, but was surprised that the guild would be involved.”

“I agree.” Captain Corian said, “I can’t see them trying to undermine the crown. I will keep these to show the King. You should go to the warehouse the spy mentioned. Where was it?”

“She said it was in East Britain, the south east tip.” The search began with Captain Corian leading the way.

The warehouse was quickly found. Inside were bags of crushed indigo and jars filled with dye. “Crushed indigo? They were definitely storing things here.” observed Lord Pistachio.

warehouse with dyes

the right place

“Hold here a moment, while I gather guards to watch this place.” Captain Corian said as he looked around. “Lord Pistachio, detain anyone who comes here and escort them to Yew Prison,

Lord Pistachio grinned as he bowed. “I will be honored to.” and he directed us to hid. No sooner had the Captain left, than a woman entered the warehouse. Lord Pistachio quickly had us surround her. The Conspirator held up her hands to hold Lord Pistachio back, “No, stop! I didn’t do anything, I just made the dyes for them…”


dye maker

“For who?” Lord Pistachio asked?

“I don’t know, I swear. I didn’t know what they were using them for.” the conspirator began to cry.

“In the name of the King, you are under arrest.” Lord Pistachio placing irons around her wrist. “Come quietly and all will be found. Captain Corian will want to question you.”

Her eyes widened, “No, not the prison. Please don’t throw me in prison.” She begged falling to the ground. “He made me do it”

Lord Pistachio yanked her up, “Who hired you? Cooperate and all will be fine.

“If I tell you maybe you can let me go?” she asked  hesitantly patting Lord Pistachio’s arm.

Lord Pistachio brushed her hand away. “Tell us what you know. Who hired you?”

“His name was… his name was Adrian, he, he wanted some dyes for one of the Nobles. They said it was… it was for the King’s birthday so I happily helped.” she explained drying her eyes.

Lord Pistachio frowned angrily, “Noble, which noble, give me a name.”

“I honestly had no idea.” the conspirator said, her voice almost a whisper. I don’t know… Adrian didn’t say… he said I would be paid well and the King would see my works displayed.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Lord Pistachio, saw Shimano slip the conspirator a small file. His eyes narrowed as he pulled his prisoner down the road. Shimano, a traitor? he thought to himself. Someone to keep an eye on.

taken to yew

Arriving at the prison, Lord Pistachio handed the conspirator over to the guards. “Check her for the file, then place her in a cell.”

Before the guard could search her, she handed Lord Pistachio the file , See look… I could have kept it… just… don’t leave me here. I’ve heard stories. They let prisons rot here, even if they aren’t guilty.” The conspirator slowly went into the cell. “Please… just don’t… don’t forget I’m here. I would never harm, or spread lies…” Before the guard could shut the door, she stepped back out. “Wait,” I can take you to him. He should be at the shrine of Valor.” She handed Lord Pistachio a rune. “I was to go here if I couldn’t find him.”

Lord Pistachio studied the rune. “This is to place far from any city. Didn’t you find that strange?”

“When I asked him why, he said it would be safer as no one would see us.” she answered thoughtfully. “I admit it …it sounded strange.”

“It would be a good place to make you disappear.” Lord Pistachio said.

The conspirator began shaking, “Kill me…he was going to kill me?”

“You are safe here. The guards will protect you.” Pistachio said trying to reassure her.

Lowering her head, the conspirator quickly went back into the cell. “May be I’m safer her in the cell.” Laying down on the cot, she hoped that she wasn’t left forgotten until she died.

in the cell

Captain Corian meet us outside the prison. Lord Pistachio reported what had been learned.

The Captain listened in disbelief, “They created posters framing the king as a joke?”

Lord Pistachio nodded. “The dyer said the dyes were commissioned by a noble for the King’s birthday.”

Captain Corian glared at the prison. “So they were using the poor girl, letting her be tried for treason. Enough of this find Adrian!”

“She gave us this rune that Adrian gave her.” Lord Pistachio handed the rune to Captain Corian.

Throwing it on the ground, a gate opened. “Prepare for battle, who knows what trap has been set.” the captain said stepping into the gate.

On the other side we found Adrian calmly leaning against a tree. He laughed as he saw us step trough. “So she gave you the rune.”

Captain Corian angrily grabbed him. “What noble paid you to make false posters! Give me the name!”

“I work for whoever pays me the most, it just so happens a man offered me more than the Guild.” Adrian pushed the captains hands away. “I owe them no loyalty.”

adraian again

Grinning he looked at the poster that Lord Pistachio shoved at him, “Those are quite good, don’t you think.”

“No,” Lord Pistachio replied,”Who paid you. Give us his name.”

“And then you won’t take me to prison?” Adrian winked, “Lets see how many times I’ve walked away.” He scowled at Lord Pistachio,” what you take me for a fool. I didn’t ask for names. So, I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” Adrian moved towards the shore.

“So I stir up a little dissent. It keeps you on your toes. Just as my friends here will.” Giving a signal, his mercenaries ran out of the forest and attacked.



battle 3

Lord Pistachio was ready, cornering Adrian.

Adrian trying to get away shouted at his men, “Do what I hired you to do, keep them away!”

Grabbing Adrian’s hands, Lord Pistachio clapped magic cuffs on them. “Try to break free of these and burn.”

“Well,” Smirking Adrian opening his hand. “I had planned to save this. But this is just too perfect.” Before Lord Pistachio could stop him, Adrian blew a whistle. Lord Pistachio watched the metal grew hotter, then shatter into shards from the cold summoned by the whistle. From the cold Frost Wolves attacked. Just in time Captain Corian slashed the wolf attacking Lord Pistachio. With a nod of thanks, Lord Pistachio joined the battle.

frost wolves

death and destruction


After the battle, a weary Captain Corian sighed, “Why is Dahlia in Ter-Mur, I could use her here now. Agaris has been doing his best, but he is not the spymaster. Some of the spies will not listen to him.” He opened a gate back to the hall. “I’ve given her enough time. The kingdom needs her.”


“Luckily Blackthorn is distracted.” he sighed again, “These rumors have just enough truth to convince the people.

“Blackthorn is a good King, but some still cling to the Virtues too heavily, and they feel like his rule does not coincide with how things should be done.” Lord Pistachio pointed out.

“True, but we can’t have Nobles trying to over throw the king.” the captain replied with a frown. “I’m sure Minax is behind this dissention. I must report to the king. Keep your eyes and ears open. We must find who is behind the dissention.  Lord Pistachio, go to the Yew Prison and release the girl. She was only a pawn. With a bow he left.

Lord Pistachio returned to his keep. His thoughts racing to make sense of what he had learned. What noble is the traitor. Is it someone I know and trusted? I must find out!

Between the Lands of Sosaria

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lake austin shard

bLuNtMaN looked at the strange note he had found in Nujel’m. Fearing the worse, he called for us to join him. Arriving we found the woman with the fiery hair waiting. Smiling she greeted us. “Welcome, welcome.”

firey woman

Stepping to the front bLuNtMaN bowed and greeted her, “HAIL my lady. Are you still looking for the book?”

“For the book? I have long since passed caring about a silly bound cover filled with pages. she replied laughing, “It is a trivial object, which Minax will gain nothing from.”

Puzzed ,”Then why are you? ” He asked?

“I came here to talk… did you want to play with my pets instead? the woman said,winking. “I could surely arrange that.”

bLuNtMaN smiled back, “While we enjoyed your pets, we’d rather hear what you have to say.”

“So you came to listen then? It is quite intriguing that you gave Telemor the run around.” she said thoughtfull. “I would have thought he would not be so blind. Laughing, she placed on orb on the ground, “I assume you were looking for this?” she asked. “I happened upon a merchant, who had a nasty fire in his cart. The whole bottom burned out and look what I found inside. Or more aptly, in the dirt when he ran off screaming.”

the door orb

Looking carefully at the orb, bLuNtMaN asked. “Whats that for? So that’s what the book was leading you to.”

“Me to find?  No, my pet. You are mistaken, I burned one of Minax’s little pets alive for the book, she seemed so interested in it. Any thing Minax is interested in, so am I but not for the same reasons.” Picking up the orb, she continued. “I believe you have the hinges already, do you not?”

bLuNtMaN laughed,” I’d not get on the wrong side of Minax.She has a very long memory

“She does, but so does my master.” the woman agreed. “But now where we…”

Caught by surprise,bLuNtMaN quickly asked, “And who is your master?:

Winking at him she replied, “I don’t kiss and tell, love.  I assume you are interested. stepping back she pointed to the claws on the ground next to the building.

Looking at them, bLuNtMaN saw they were the third part of the secret word, “Yes very interested.” reaching to pick them up.

She lightly pushed his hand from the claws, “Then we have an exchange, I give you the information, you do something interesting with it.”

“Like what?” he asked watching her carefully,leary of trusting her after the last encounter.

“Surprise me, set a few cities on fire for me.” blowing in to her hand.”

“You jest I hope.”  he said backing away.

Shaking her head in disappointment, “What, you don’t like to party or dance… such a bore. You didn’t really think I meant to burn the cities down?”

“Then now what?” bLuNtMaN asked, Moving closer to him, the Woman “Why then our business is concluded for now…All but one last bit. Didn’t you say you wanted to play?”  the air growing hot as she rubbed her hands together. “Here… have a ball! Try not to let the city burn.”  Manifestation of heat appeared.

1st attack

“I knew we couldn’t trust you!” shouted bLuNtMaN as he joined the battle.”

“But love, it’s only a bit of hot air..nothing to burn down the city.” she laughed blowing him a warm kiss. “See that draft is getting cold. All my lovely heat is being taken away.” Fire began to surround her,

“Do what you wish with the knowledge, I do not need to see the end result,” and she was gone.

As the battle raged on,  Agais joined us.  Stabbing a creature,he shouted, “We’ll talk after these things are killed!”

Battle won, bLuNtMaN handed Agaris the orb.

Looking at it in surprise, Agaris asked.”Where did you get it? It was lost months ago.”

“The Woman of fire dropped it off.” bLuNtMan quickly explained how she had gotten it.”

Perplexed Agaris looked at him, “She just gave it to you? Wasn’t this what she was after?”

“It seems not, she just said she liberated it.” bLuNtMaN shook his head.  “It is strange, she wasn’t concerned about the book either.” Then he frowned. “She also told us she had burned up on of Minax’s minions.”

“This is strange. I thought she was one of Minax’s servants?” Agaris said confused, “So she is… helping us? That does not make any sense.

Showing the claws to Agaris,”she felt that we would put the knowledge to good use.” bLuNtMaN answered adding. “She may have he own motive.”

Thinking about what he had learned, Agaris thought out loud. “It is clear the lady is from Felucca. I wonder what is going on there.”

He studied the orb, I think it’s better if I leave this to Evidia’s hands.

agaris after battle

Agaris: She was studying the orbs when we had them before.

Agaris: Wait at the hall,  I will send her there once I have retrieved the other orb and brought them both to her.

Arriving at the hall we found an excited Evidias.

“Hail, Evidias.” bLuNtMan greeted her, watching as she moved her hand between the orbs.

Wondering at the magic connecting the two artifacts…Evidias returned the greeting. “Do you know what there are?” she asked.

two orbs

bLuNtMan studied the orbs, “Portals? A door?”

“No, not a portal. More like…” she stopped and moved her hand between the orbs again. “A lock and a key, the door is the lock and the hinge is the key… it seems strange to say it that way. But the door is heavy and only swings on the hinges… it’s… fascinating…”

“Sweet.” bLuNtMan said smiling. “Could we use these?

Evidias began circling one orb around the other. “I bet we could.” She contiued moving the orb along invisible lines that only she could sense. As she did, there was a click. “Did you hear it?” she asked excitedly?

bLuNtMan nodded his head,”aye.” When he looked over at us, we also nodded in agreement.

Frowning Evidias stopped moving the orbs. “Someone must have used these to seal things away. A powerful mage….”

“Such as Minax?” bLuNtMan suggested.

“I do not know, but I do know what we can do with them. Do you want to see? Evidias asked impatiant to try her idea. Where was the shop…In south east Britain yes?” she said opening a gate.”This way.” Arriving at the shop, we found a note on the table.  After reading it, Evidias began moving around the room.


“So… it must be here somewhere.” She looked around the shop then moved the orbs in the air. To our surprise she disappeared for a moment. Reappearing she began muttering to herself. “Why did they put it so far away?” Once more she used the orbs. This time a tear ripped between the two halves of Sosaria then was gone in a flash. Looking down at the lock and key, she shook her head. I have a feeling these were not meant to be found. She moved to  dagger and scroll were. “The dagger appears cursed somehow… and that scroll is…I do not like the feel of these, I’ll ask the king to send mages to find a way to move it.”

the dagger

Shivering she moved away from them. “bLuNtMan, wasn’t there a dagger mentioned in one of the reports.”

“Yes, it was in Vesper.” he answered.

“Hum, But there is… something else here.” She began to follow the the invisible lines in the air. Stopping she stared at the spot when they met. “I wonder,” Evidias said as she used the orbs magic to turn the lock. A gate opened and we stepped through arriving in Felluca’s Vesper. With a feeling dread bLuNtMan prepared to defend Evidias. She had moved toward the side of the bank and was looking at some things on the ground. Moving next to her, he could see that it was armor with a note beside it.

who was this

“The armor… is enchanting but the magic is… painful…We should… go back… I feel so weak. It feels as if my magic is being siphoned from me.”  Before bLuNtMan could catch her, she fell. Her magic hidding her.

Hearing movment behind him, bLuNtMan turned to find Telemer Agent of Minax behind him. “What are you doing here. We drove you off once and will do it again.”  bLuNtMan demanded.

he is back

Telemer smiled, “I seem to remember leveling the lot of you. Now please politely walk away and I will retrieve my Lady’s new gifts.”

bLuNtMan stepped in front of the armor. “I can’t let you do that.”

“Have you forgotten my whispers?” and Telemer began to summon them. “Can’t you hear them?”

Telemer seemed to weaken. Holding his head in pain, Telemer looked at him, “What…are you doing to me? Stop… it…”


evidas or firey lady at work

Knowing that it was the armor, bLuNtMaN quickly saw how he could use the information. “Weakling. It is so easy to steal your magic.” and he laughed at Telemer.

“What kind of trickery is this. You can’t do this!”  Telemer shouted moving to toward the portal.  Suddenly he stumbled, weakened by the magic. Moving back he shouted, “Eldevian, show yourself! Minax will not take kindly to failure. Do your worst.”

From the shadows, we heard a voice. “You will burn to a pile of ash!” shouted Eldevian the Mischevious summoning Slitherfiends.

the monster


between life and death

Telemer and she disappeared. But not before dropping a strange object by the building.

In the midst of the battle,Evidias reappeared leaning on the wall.  “My lady are you okay?” bLuNtMaN asked.

“I’m still to weak to help with the battle,” she replied.

“No matter my lady. The battle will soon be over. Already their numbers are smaller.”


As he predicted, the battle  soon ended. We all moved to where Evidias waited. She was looking down at an object, “Where did this come from? Its magic is strong. Evidias moved away from it. As she did her strengh returned. Moving back towards it, she became weak again. “Its magic is strong. Evidias studied it, “Now I know why the Woman didn’t go for the object.  She fears the armor as well.” she moved towards it again, then quickly moved back. “Yes, the stronger your magic, the weaker is makes you…Imagine if Minax got a hold of this, and used it against the King.”

pixes for the win


“If a powerful mage locked it away, it makes sense it was to protect magic.’ bLuNtMaN said frowning. “But I’m more worried that the Woman of Fire isn’t working with Minax.”

Evidias thought about what bLuNtMaN said, “I agree that is worrisome. I’m sure we will find more about who she is working for.”  Turning to bLuNtMaN she smiled. “bLuNtMaN… you did well.”

I think he believed you were making him weak.”

“ty.” bLuNtMaN said laughing. “Who will tell him I wasnt!

“Maybe he does not know what we found yet.” Evidias smiled back. “I’m sure he will stay far away from you.

Evidias stared at the strange carvings in the torture chamber. Not words, just shapes. They must fit together somehow.*

magic torture chamber

“Hum…what is it? bLuNtMaN asked catchting Evidias as she stumbled.

“Perhaps someone can take us back to the hall. I’m still feeling to weak to cast a gate.” bLuNtMaN quickly opened a gate and helped her through.

Once the torture chamber was secure. Evidias traced the indents in it. It should be safe here until we decode it.”

Looking thoughtful bLuNtMaN looked at the object.

3rd word 2

“What is it, bLuNtMaN.” Evidias asked stumbling.

Worried bLuNtMaN,offering his arm for support. “Are you Okay?’

Leaning on his arm, She smiled at him, “Thank you I’m just a little weak. You had a thought?”

“Yes, If it took magic to lock all of this away… and it drains magic. How was it locked away?”
“I do not know.” Evidias replied, “You are right.  How did they lock it away to begin with?” staring at the strange orbs. “Someone sealed these things long ago it seems, when the world was separated.  They might hold the answers.”

“Still it is strange.  Who left them for us to find. It seems as if it was a trap.” bLuNtMaN said. “But I don’t think it was the Woman of Fire. She seems to be helping us or at least not working against us.”

“Is she helping us…You might be right,she views Minax as an enemy and we do the same for now… ? She is a puzzle.” Evidias said rubbing her forehead.”Perhaps, I do not know, I did not feel any ill intent from her, danger yes, mischievousness, yes. But not ill intent.”

Looking at the three objects,hidding a secret word.  Evidias sighed, “For now we seem to have stopped Minax, from obtaining something to use to kill King Blackthorn, and possibly Lord British. But that raises another problem, are there more of these objects hidden throughout Trammel/Felucca? What is happening in Felucca. its getting crazy! It is a shame Felucca has been so cut off from us”

Still woozy from the armor. She leaned again on bLuNtMaN’s arm.

Looking worried,”You need to rest my lady.” he suggested.

Nodding,”I am tired. I think… that the objects are stuck between worlds still. So, without the orbs, perhaps they cannot reach them? There is nothing more we can do until I learn more.”

“My Lady may I escort you back to the Castle?” bLuNtMaN asked.


Evidias smiled up at him, “Thank you, I am still unsteady.”

“More than honored.” bowing he walked out with her.”

Evidias turned back to us. “Good bye my friends.  I hope to know more when I see you again.”


Minion of Minxa Attacks

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lake austin shard


A couple of days after losing the book, Agaris called a meeting. Lady Thalia could see he was tired and troubled. “While we have not found the book, we were able to question some of the Gargoyles who would speak to us in Ter-Mur, and they have seen nothing out of the ordinary. More troubling is the reports that Minax has sent more followers into Trammel .” Shivering Thalia looked around to see the reactions of the others. The others were as shocked she was. “I do have some good news, Evidias was looking at the parchments in Britain, and realized that there was a unique sort of magic behind them. I did not understand half of what she was rambling about. But I did get the idea that she meant to try to trace its path, back to the book.”

beginning 2 21

“That indeed is good news.” Lady Thalia noticed that Agaris was still frowning, “but why do I have the feeling that there is more?”

Agaris nodded, “While we know that the book is still in Ter-Mur. We have been unable to connect it’s magic to the Pillar we found.”

“Hum, has there been any signs of the other two words?” She asked.

Agaris shook his head, “Not yet. The guards reported that Adrian broke into the Britain Hall and was scribbling notes about the markings on the pillar. We are still trying to find out why the Thieves’ Guild is interested.” He turned to look at the pillar, “I believe that the book and the pillar are not related. Some how the guild seems to be one step ahead of us. I more trust the guild as much I would trust a starving man standing over the body of a half dead noble not to stab them and take their coin. While opening a gate, he told us that Evidias was waiting for us in Ter-Mur.” I’ve taken enough of your time. You should hurry to met her.”

We found a puzzled Evidias standing on the stairs leading to the city while drawing a few symbols in the air. At first she didn’t notice our arrival.

ter mur

“Greetings my lady, how are you and the weld? Well I hope?” Lady Thalia asked?

She looked up in surprise and smiled. “Hello, Thalia, we are all fine. The weld are in good spirits. A little one has begun to learn to fly.” Talking to herself, she drew more symbols in the air, “No, that isn’t right.” batting one symbol away. She is moving again. At least she doesn’t have the book yet.” Evidias began to walk into the city. “I need to get further away from her.” she drew the symbols again. “No that’s no good…she’s in the city. Maybe more to the west.” Evidias walked a little west. That’s better, she’s not interfering with it as much?”

Puzzled the gathering looked at each other “My lady who are you talking about? Who is this she?” some one asked.
Evidias continued as if she had not heard the question. “The inn…No… the trail is to cold.” Evidias looked up.”Oh, she is the one who picked up the book.”

Still not sure who Evidias was talking about, Thalia asked if it was the lady with the bright orange hair?

“Yes, but it is more… fiery than orange. I saw her from a distance, talking to one of the Gargoyles.” Shaking her head, “She did something to the book. Now it has started answering her as if it is charmed. The book’s magic is interfering with my tracing where it has gone.”

“That must be strong magic to interfere with you, Evidias.” Thalia said frowning.

“Yes and now it keeps stopping the spell.” Evidias looked at us. “But I don’t think she is aware that the book is interfering. It is more like her magic is mixing with the book’s trail. That is what is causing the spell to mix-up. I need try to follow the magic.

At last after going north west. As we came up to some tents, she stopped. Shaking her head ,”No, not here. Too easy to find it in the refugee camp.” Evidias continued up the road. After a while we came to a hut. In front of it was a small fire. “This is the place.” Evidias studying the fire. “Yes, she walked around the fire then went into the hut.”

the search

“My lady,” Adrianna shouted excitedly, “Here is the book!” Smiling at Adrianna, Evidias approached the book. Suddenly fire surrounded it. “Fire!” Why did she choose fire.” Evidias asked in surprise. “Why didn’t she could have placed it like the parchments.” Evidias shivered. “I feel something in the air. Sniffing the air, “Do you smell that?” All of the group shook their heads no. Closing her eyes, “I hear footsteps She is coming back.” Evidias looked at the book and approached it again. As before fire appeared around it. “Hum, I know I’ll hid the book and myself. Maybe then the woman will leave.” With a few words, Evidias and the book vanished just as the woman walked up to us.

“I knew heard footsteps.” her eyes narrowed when she saw us. “I knew it.” She ran into the hut. “Who took my book? I know one of you has it, give it to me!’

“What book?” Lady Thalia asked pretending to be confused. Looking at the others do any of you know about a book?” Everyone shook their heads no.

“I know one of you has it, I don’t suppose you could just return my book could you?” her voice slide thought the air like liquored honey and a hint of fire. “Any one who returns my book can have anything they want” she said smiling sweetly.

the woman

The air began to have the slight scent of fire. “What book? asked Lady Thalia. ” I don’t see any book.”

“Oh dearie…with your pretty eyes, tell me where it is. I can give you whatever you want.” she said reaching a hand out to touch her.

Baring his teeth, Artemis moved beside her. “I don’t think my friend would like you to do that.” Thalia said resting a hand on the greater dragon’s neck.

Suddenly the woman rubbed her forehead as if in pain. ” Your friend, she is close…I can feel it…blue hair. What is she doing?”

“”What friend?” Thalia replied,” This all of us.”

“Fine… fine.” the woman smiled again. the sweetest sickening smile I had ever seen. “Perhaps I should do this another way. Do you like fire…I like fire.” as she spoke the air began to turn hot. “I love fire…it burns away everything I hate.”


As she began blowing into her hands. Her hot breath casting a spell summoning creatures made of fire. She continued to rub her hands together “Come…make them warm, so warm they melt and burn.” Drawing their weapons, the warriors attacked. Their weapons shimmering with the cold spells cast upon them.


“You cannot dull a fire” the woman laughed. “It will burn on anything. Even your pretty clothes will burn turning to ash.”

As soon as one creature was killed she summoned another. Soon the air was so hot it her robe caught fire. Flinging it aside she waved a hand dismissing it. “Everything burns…even my pretty robe.” the woman said laughing.

At last the fire creatures were defeated. Frowning she looked at the burnt ground, “And still I cannot see where the book is. Hum, I suppose I will simply follow you. Eventually you will lead me to it. Not the book…perhaps it.” Then looking at us she began to rub her hands together.” I have something for you. A parting gift. Yes something special.” Blowing into her hands, she summoned Infernal spirits, then disappeared.

promised fire

Before the group could move, everything dissolved into darkness as Infernal Spirit of the Fire’s burning eyes filled their vision. Quickly recovering, Lady Thalia released Artemis as did the other tamers.

prortected by fire elementals

When the battle was over, Evidias reappeared, stumbling while she let out a hot breath. “I found the book but… the magic tried to burn me for the inside. she…is….something. The way she has command of fire. I could feel it… like hot coals underfoot, like she was trying to        make me move.”


As Evidias recovered, Thalia explained what had been said. “She is going to follow us, hoping we will lead her to you and the book.”

“Follow you? I think it is the other way around after watching what she did in Ter-Mur. We need to leave. Where did the man go first with the book? Luna?”  Thalia nodded yes.

Evidias opened a gate to Luna. When we arrived she went right to the locked down parchment. “This is where he opened a gate?” she asked. Studying the parchment she shook her head. It wasn’t just a gate, it was a rip in space, but little more? Not a message at all, he was discarding the book. Hold on, Agaris gave me some runes. Lets see what they tell us. We grew silent as she chanted the runes, “Etem sipra, solust…” Nothing happened.


trail to lluna“What kind of spell is this? There was another rune to Vesper right?” and she opened a gate to Vesper’s bank. Once again she chanted the spell. This spell… its like it reads what has happened in a place.  I wonder, where that dagger is now and what it did? It seems tied to a long ago Moonglow. No matter.” She looked again at the page. “Maybe these are not clues.”

Lady Thalia pointed at the parchment, “We thought perhaps the pages were runes that would open a gate.”

vesper bank

Evidias thought about what Lady Thalia said, “That is a possibility, we need to keep going.” They are in a hurry to find something. Were there another parchment?”

“Yes my lady, one at the east Britain provisioner shop. Quickly we gated to the shop. Going in side to the parchment, she repeated the spell, “There is something here, I can feel it more than see it. .A powerful relic lies buried in between the mirrors of Trammel and Felucca, but it is cloaked in magic spells. Where was the other parchment?


“In Castle Blackthorn’ court yard.” Thalia replied.

Arriving Evidias studied the parchment. “There are faint traces of an object called the Chaos Hinge. Traces of it still persist but it has been moved. Picking up the parchment she studied it before dropping it. Strange, Agaris found it in the old hall and kept it.”

more chaos orb

“Where there are hinges, is there not also a door?” Thalia asked.

Evidias shook her head. No, he said there was another orb. It was lost some where. Hum, a hinge and a door.

“Like the door we found in Ocllo, the one we couldn’t really open?”

Evidias nodded, “Yes like that…but…wait a moment. A door you cannot open perhaps you are on to something. Maybe you cannot open the door because it isn’t there and there are no hinges.” She looked at the note again. The King and Agaris must be told.”

Evidias turned to leave, “I will inform the King. Go and tell Agaris what we have found. He should be at the hall.” she said and recalled out.

Quickly we went to the hall. Horrified, we found Telemer an Agent of Minax there.

an agent for Minxa

“Who are you?’ he demanded, “So you have part of it….but you know nothing.” He tried to run. But found it was blocked by Artemis and Lady Thalia.

‘You said we have part of it. Part of what?”Thalia asked.

“l know nothing… and neither do you.” he whispered. “You hear nothing…nothing but whispers. They come to you like little snakes crawling on your skin.” he began laughing, “Can’t you hear the whispers. So sweet and wonderful. Allow me to leave you with a final whisper.” His last whisper summoned strange whispers.

whispering voices

They were deadly, but quickly defeated. As the last one was killed, Agaris arrived.

Grabbing one eat and pressing his hand against it, “What was that sound?”


“Whispers, a agent of Minax summoned them. While we fought them, he escaped.” Lady Thalia explained.

“An Agent of Minax?” Agaris still pressing his hand to his head. Trying to stop the ringing sound of whispers. “Did he tell you anything?”

All of the group nodded yes, while Thalia answered. “He said we have part of something but know nothing.”

“Evidias says you got the book, but the Lady wasn’t what she appeared to be?” Agaris shook his head to clear the last of the ringing.

“No, she seems to command legions of fire. She doesn’t seem to be working with Minax though. Lady Thalia replied.

As I passed Evidias, “she said you found something in East Britain?

“Yes, Agaris, We found we found a scroll that spoke of an ancient relic buried between the mirrors of Trammel and Felucca. We also found traces of something called the Chaos hinge.” answered Thalia.

“Ah the hinge was an object I recovered. Other things were lost though…the door that wouldn’t open. Agaris frowned. “Perhaps the objects are things left behind when Trammel was created.”

“Evidias said that there was a mirror between the two lands and a red moon gate.” Lady Thalia paused, “didn’t Nystul use the gem of immortality to divide the worlds?”

“I don’t know, I did read that he used a crystal of some. Maybe certain objects were trapped between. No one knows exactly what happened when Trammel was created along side of Felluca. I should inform the King before anything else happens. He was there perhaps he knows more.” sighing Agaris,”Rest and we shall prepare for what comes next. It seems we won’t have to wait long.” He stalked off into the shadows.


The Orb of Chaos

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lake austin shard 

Frowning Governor Jahajx Jov examined the dusty tower that Agaris brought. “You said these have been found the swamps outside Trinisc?”



Agaris nodded, “The royal guard are following the tattooed man and picking the towers up as he placed them. It hasn’t been easy. The towers make the creatures go insane and more violent. They are attacking each other and thing else in the swamps.”

The Governor carefully ran his hand across the carvings, “One third of a secret word. Have you found the other two parts of the secret word?”

“No,” Agaris said shaking his head. “But we did find what was stolen from Vesper, a pendant. The jeweler said it was made of the same jade as the tower with carvings on it. I think they are connected. When I asked where he got it, he said an old man had brought it in to sell. What  was odd, he  said, he gave the man less gold than it was worth and it didn’t seem to bother the man.”

“What of Adrian and the thieves guild? Do we know more about their involvement?” the Governor asked?”

“While I managed to track down Adrian. He was not very forthcoming with information, but the Thieves Guild seems to want the pendant as well. He simply laughed and said he didn’t seem to know anything. He hadn’t cared why they wanted it and didn’t bother to inquire.” Frowning, Agaris added, “Which of course, means he knows exactly why they want it. Before I could find out more, he disappeared. Slippery fellow that one.”

“What news of the strangers,” Jov asked? “Have they been found or what they are looking for?”

“We haven’t learn much more about the 4 strangers either. Agaris replied. “The woman has been visiting Ter-Mur for several days now, coming and going out of the city. She visited the palace as well. It sounds like she is searching for something or someone.”

“Do we know who she’s been meeting in Ter-mur?” asked Governor Jov.

“Jov, that is the odd thing. She has been avoiding contact with almost everyone. The Gargoyle’s said she seemed curious but harmless.” Agaris answered. “We are hoping she would lead us to one of the others perhaps, a contact, or anything.

“Has the man with the book been found?” frowning Governor Jov asked.

As Agaris was shaking his head, a royal messenger handed him a note. Reading it, he looked at Governor Jov. “The mage with the book has just been found. He is at the west Bank in Trinsic.” Without losing any time, he opened a gate. “Approach with caution. We don’t want to scare him off before we get the book.”

Arriving at the bank, Governor Jov found the man looking at the bank and then his book. “Greetings stranger, what brings you to my fair city?


the brown haird man


Looking up the mage replied, “I’m just meeting a few friends.” looking nervously around, “Such a fair city, Trinsic is. Even the Governor comes out to greet you.”

“Ah, well new comers are always welcome! Who are your friends that are coming? I might know where they are.” Jov watched the man peering into the book.

Tapping his foot, the man tried to smile, “Oh, they have never been here before. I wanted to show them around.”

Just then some one in the crowded shouted, kill him and take the book.

Hearing the mention of the book, the mage held it closer ,”You should do something about the riff raff in your city though. Threatening a man in broad daylight.”


a mage


Motioning to a city guard, Jov tried to reassure the man. “You have nothing to fear within these walls. The city guards keep a close eye on anything going on.

“We were looking for a particular place.” the mage said opening his book. “Its near here.”

“A particular place?” Jov ask. “very few know this city as I do. perhaps I can help.”

Bowing, the mage shook his head. “No thank you, my friend is bringing the location. I can see that this is a busy day. I take it, some kind of festival is happening near here? Perhaps I should make way for you.” He began to move down the street. His way quickly blocked.

“No festival. every day is a party in my fair city.” Jov said moving closer to the man. “”This just a busy market day

“So many people for market day, I really should move along.” looking slyly at the book, he opened it. “Oh, you want my book? Maybe you just want what’s in it…? He turned to a page and began to chanting a spell. “Well here is something to play with.”


death  hounds


Governor Jov and his friends were suddenly attacked by large black wolves. Jov made a grab for the book.

Summoning another wolf, the mage slapped Jov’s hand away, “Get your hand off that! He pulled a parchment out of his robe. Burning the marks on to it, he sealed it to the ground and jumped through a portal.

“Follow him!” Governor Jov shouted. “The city guard can deal with these wolves.”


summoned hounds

Not wanting to leave the Governor and guard, it was decided that only a few of us would follow the mage. Stepping through the gate, we found ourselves at the Luna bank. The mage was busy marking another parchment. Seeing us, he quickly sealed the parchment to the ground and opened a portal. “So you want my book?  Try to get it.” laughing, he threw it through the portal.


book where.


We ran to the portal trying to go through before it closed.” I see Ter Mur!” some one shouted. While we were focused on getting the book, he opened another portal and tried to slip away. We followed him through the gate. Arriving we found that Governor Jov and his guards had surrounded the mage. “Where in Ter Mur did you send the book?”

Smiling he replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Do what you want, but you won’t get it.”

Hoping to surprise him, Jov told him that the towers had been found and that Agaris has them.

It worked. He stepped away in surprise, demanding to know how we got them. “So your are the ones following us. ” Back off, the guild doesn’t take kindly to being followed.”

What guild could he be talking about, the thieves’ guild or another? Governor Jov decided to see if he could trick more information out of the mage. “You know we, of the thieves guild, frown on what you are doing. We know you took a pendant and demand you give it to us.” Unfortunately the ruse backfired. Instead of being surprised, the mage bowed, “Thank you for the information. Did you hear that Lira, you were right.” Then throwing down some powder, he disappeared.




Lira? Looking around the governor saw a small jade figure. The figure began to speak.

“So….you took my towers. Do you know how long it took me to carve them?” she demanded.

“Well since they were dusty, too long.” Jov replied. “They weren’t very well carved,” he added.

“Dusty, you’re calling my finest works, dusty? Lira the Cursed stamped her foot in rage. “I hand crafted them. You clearly know nothing of craftsmanship.”

“Out of curiosity, why did you carve them?” Lady Thalia asked?

Lira looked puzzled, “Why to spread discord. All those monsters killing each other. You can keep those statues… they were failures anyhow. They should have made the people attack each other… not the creatures.

“Why would want to use your art to sow discord?”

Frowning, Lira shook her head, “Only someone from Trammel ask that. Minax was right, you are all idiots here. I don’t know why they say we can find the artifact here.” she mumbled to herself. “Why place such a pretty chaos orb here.” She stopped remembering us, “Minax will not be pleased, I’ve said to much. No matter I can salvage this, I’ll kill all of you. Come my pets.”


deadly dog


Everything around us dissolved into darkness as Phantasmal Cu Sidhes’ burning eyes filled our vision. An infernal ooze setting equipment on fire.

Looking at us, Lira asked for us to attack each other as a teeny, tiny little favor. “Yes, all you have to do, is a poke here…a stab there and a few fire spells. It’s nothing really.

We moved to surround her. Lady Thalia raised her hand to slap Lira. “I’d rather smack you.”

Jumping back, Lira look slyly at us. “Wha… why not? We’re friends, don’t friends kill each other when they need to?”

“You don’t have to worry about Minax, you wont be making it past us.” Sad Panda replied,”

“How rude, Lira said backing way. Fine I tried to be nice and make things easy. But noo you wouldn’t just die. Now I’ll do it myself.” She summoned more Cu Sidhes.


fire hazard


Shaking his head in disbelief, Governor Jov signaled for the royal guards and spies to attack. The power of the Phantasmal Cu Shidhes was overwhelming. Regrouping, it was decided that the greater dragons and warriors would focus their attack on the Cu Shidhes. The mages divided their forces. Some took charge of healing while other directed their attacks on Lira.

so many deaths


Finding the battle was turning to our favor, she shouted, “You will burn to a pile of ash! while casting fire spells. When that was not effective she tried to bargain with us. ” Ouch that hurts! Hey stop that, this dress is new! Fine you can keep the statues, I can make more. Come on, pretty please, just die already.”


fire death


At last the mages’ poison spells over came her. Poisoned she sank to the ground

“Hey stop that! I’m not feeling so good…. Minax… isn’t going to be… happy….” her last words as greater dragon stepped on her.


dragon wins



After the battle we meet up with Agaris. He was disturbed when told that Lira had been working for Minax. “Did she make new statues? he asked. “I guessed it was only a matter of time, before Minax decided to start poking her head into Trammel  So… the chaos orb. That would explain why they did not take anything from the shops. If they are on an errand for Minax.””Have we found out what the parchments mean? Governor Jov questioned? “We were unable to get the book?”

Sighing, Agaris shook his head. “No and we still have no idea what they are for. They are marking those locations for some reason. I wonder if its some sort of… map or trail, but for who?

“The group seems to all be looking at separate things.” Thalia pointed out. “If they seek the orb, perhaps this is a trail that leads to it.

Agaris nodded, “It appears so, if they aren’t quite sure what they are after, could buy us time.”

We began tossing ideas out. “Wait a moment…What if the parchments… are more like a compass?” Agaris suggested.

“But most Compasses have 4 main points.” Lady Thalia said. “Perhaps with Luna as the center?”

Looking at his notes, Jov pointed out, “The parchment in my city, doesn’t fit with the others. Neither did the one found in Luna. Perhaps they message from the mage. He did seem panicked.”

“Excellent point, I don’t believe the Trinsic and Luna parchments were part of it. I think the Mage was trying to leave behind a message for the others. Telling them he was caught and had to abandon the search in Trinsic.


another clue


Looking at each other we all agreed that was possible.

So… Trinsic was a message, and perhaps Luna telling them where he ditched the book? In case he was captured?” Agaris said while thinking out loud.

While continuing the discussion, Diggy brought up the idea that instead of map, they might be recall runes. “They are trying to open some kind of gate”.

“Aye,” Jov nodded in agreement.I was just thinking the same. thing. Or perhaps something similar to moonstones.”

“So…It is either that, or they need to open a gate in a specific place. “Yes, that would make sense.” Agaris said frowning. ” I’m betting it is something simple we are missing. I will send some spies into Ter-Mur to look for the book. on the off chance, that you were right.Suddenly he frowned, “That is going to be difficult. Relations are not bad by any means, but openly keeping spies in the Royal City? I’ll go inform the inform the King. He will be able to explain the problem to Queen Zhah. She needs to know that Minax is involved and that she has people looking for the Orb of Chaos.” still frowning Agaris left us. Our discussion went well into the night. But we were no closer to solving the mystery than before. At last each of us retired to our beds. Answers sometimes come in dreams.

Wanted: Information and Code Breakers

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lake austin shard


Wanted for questioning: Four men and one woman.

One man, goes by the name Sivrane, has a tattoo of a bird on his left arm, and wears a hood. Do not approach as he is known to be dangerous.

Traveling with him a brown hair man, carries an important book needed by the Agrias.

Also a man with red hair. Little is know of this man.

Fourth man, Adrian, known member of the thieves guild. Has black hair and a winning way.

The woman has long orange hair, silvery eyes wearing a expensive black robe. After use of potions, Thought to be an alchemist and dangerous.

Needed code breakers to decode found parchments. Parchment postion marked by red ruby.

Found at Castle Blackthorn-parchment has two burned corners and three marks in the middle

Found at Vesper docks- parchment has three burned corners and 4 marks in the middle

Found at Vesper bank-parchment has one burned corner and 2 marks in the middle

Found that the south East Britian provsioner shop-four burned corners and 2 marks in the middle

Found at the Britian jewlery shop-parchement four burned and 2 marks.

If you find another, report it at once to Agaris.


Ancient Treasures-Revenge’s Grief

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Carefully going through the gate, we found Merrick standing in front of Tolivar. Tolivar had been tied for sacrifice. Seeing us Merrick yelled at us to leave. “What are you doing here? Are you insane? Get out of here, this doesn’t concern you.”


merick found 12-13


Turning back to Tolivar, he began laughing. “You’re too late.” and he pointed to the blood pooling at Tolivar’s feet, absorbed by the ground. “Leave while you can, the deal is made.” Looking into his eyes, all I could see was madness. There would be no reasoning with him. Tolivar was getting faint, closer to death at each drop of blood. “It is too late, the spell is already being undone as we speak. If you go now you won’t be caught in the middle of it. You brought it on yourself Tolivar, this end. We both did.”

“How did Tolivar bring this death?” I asked trying to be calm.  Merrick pointed to Tolivar.

too late 12-13 2


His blood line started it. They tried to capture the Djinn in the first place and failed, so it destroyed them and ravaged Tokuno.  When they found a man named Terimen Delemor, they managed to trap it. Sound familiar, the last name? They used the Traversis to trap the Djinn and it worked. But the fools, you don’t trap a Djinn.”  I looked around and saw the others had seen Merrick’s madness. All we could do is listen. Rubbing his head, he continued,  “You can’t kill a Djinn, you can harm it, but you don’t kill it, and you can’t keep it trapped. It was bound to escape one way or another and they doomed us. But I found a way, a blood deal.” Kneeling he began stabbing Tolivar in rage. “I let her die, it was my fault, I was so concerned with what you were doing, I missed it…I let my sister, Dahlia’s mother die!” he cried in anguish. “If I had been there sooner…But I can make it up. I figured out what to do…it is too late to stop it.”  While we watched, fire and smoke began to come out of a golden vase on the ground. From the smoke, a horrible creature appeared. ” You, Izumu! Keep them away and I will give you what you want. Do not harm them.”

death arrives 12-13


Merrick looked on in surprise when Izumu attacked us. He had forgotten, no one commands a Djinn. The battle seemed to rage forever. Each time we thought we had won, Izumu summoned even stronger demons. In vain, Merrick tried to stop the slaughter. Izumu summoned even more demons.

djinn arrives 12-13


demons 12-13


Grabbing the knife, Merrick whispered, “Death, too much death. But it is okay, because there is no one left for it to have revenge upon. The Traversis is gone. Elise is dead, or did Agaris not tell you? I am ending it. Now the Djinn will never come to Britannia.”

I was able to grab his hand in time. “I don’t understand. What did Elise have to do with a Djinn?”

“It would have found her and I could buy one life with mine. Merrick calmly explained, ” Alaira may have been dangerous but she changed… when we gave her a chance, she changed. How could I take that away from her? So I offered the Djinn my life in exchange for her, and Tolivar’s in exchange for my sister. The Djinn agreed.” Pleadingly, he looked at me, “You understand don’t you, I had to bring her back for Dahlia. It was the only way.” Then jerking his hand from mine, he shoved the knife into his chest.

the end of merrick 12-13


Merrick’s blood drew Izumu’s attention. ” Such a clever mortal. Yet the man took his own life, a curious gesture.

“What deal did Merrick make with you?” I demanded, looking up at the dark form.

“What deal, oh? He seemed surprised that I didn’t know the deal Merrick had made. His look made me nervous. How could we force him to live up to a deal, when we knew so little about it. “Two lives for two lives and my freedom. You will find her in the land of the Winged ones in a month’s time. You will not find her before then no matter how hard you seek.” For a centuries time I will rest, as I have agreed. But a century is a long time and it is so easy to forget a promise. Especially when those you made the promise to are buried beneath the earth.” Izumu’s laughter chilled my blood. Did that mean if we forget his deal, he will break it. How can we remember.

“So we must remember the deal, for the promise to hold?” I spoke more to myself than to Izumu.

He tossing the golden vase to me. It was still hot from his escape.  “Remembered that, others have not, even after I warned them But now they lie in ruins in dust and blood. A reminder. You may hold a thing for a time, but you can never keep it. It is true of anything, but more so true of I. And if it is only death that separates us. Then there is no place you can hide from me.” He smiled. A smile that made my blood freeze. While his form began to thin, he summoned an Invoker. “For you a parting gift… perhaps not death, but as close as I can muster, while keeping my word.” As it attacked me, he left in a haze of smoke.    The battle raged on. The invokers were powerful and deadly. It seemed as if we had been fighting forever.

a dead lurker 12-13

At last the Royal Gaurds and Agaris arrived. The battle at last finished.  He came over to look at the bodies of Tolivar and Merrick. Sighing, I knew it had gotten free, because it visited Evidias moments ago and warned her, she could not so easily seal it away.

the aftermath 12-13

I believe it hopes we will help it break its promise…” Some of the Tokuno citizens I was speaking to warned me not to trifle with a Djinn, they say you cannot kill or contain one for long. That it is best to leave them be. He looked back over at the two bodies. We should bury those two. In graves where their names will be forgotten.”

replace merrick and tolivar

I felt I had to speak in favor of Merrick. “Yes he did great evil, but he has also done great good.   Agaris,  Merrick was not himself. The dust from the lamp changed him. He should not be forgotten. If only for Dahlia’s sake.”

Agaris thought about what I said. “He could have escaped, and Alaira was not… to be fair she has been… maybe it was worth it, Merrick. He sighed, ” If the Djinn would have come for revenge on those who harmed him… it would have come to Britannia. Now it won’t because of him. ”

Sadly I added, “He seemed to have given up after the death of his sister. It could be his guilt drove him mad.”

Agaris frowned, “That could be. He could have felt that he was living on borrowed time. Yes, Tamias, I think you are right. We should have him buried somewhere proper at least. No matter what he did.”

Many of the party nodded in agreement. “The vase could be part of the grave marker. It would remind people of the Djinn’s promise. Perhaps similar to Queen Dawn’s husband’s.”

the vase 12-13


“Tamais, you are right. It would be fitting. He did give his life for it. I will speak to the King. You will need to excuse me for now, I need to check on Evidias, Time Without Dreams seemed upset.  I also must speak to Tavian. He should know if there is a chance for Dahlia’s mother to return. I will let him decide what to tell her. She has been through too much for one her age.” Turning he stepped through a gate.

That night at Britannia’s Cat’s Lair , the company was quiet. Each of us think of what had happened these last years. Could it really be the realm was at peace? I was the last to leave. I now knew how Merrick’s ballad would end. He would be neither a hero or villan. Instead a warning to all of revenge’s grief and the Djinn, it summoned.





Ancient Treasure-Merrick Found

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Agairs had sent me a message to meet him at his office. Arriving I found him staring at the statue of Izumu muttering, “How can it be here…how? Evidias had turned it to the house in Jhelom. “My lord I thought all the items had been taken to the Weld. Shaking his head, no we need it.”


start of event 12-13


Shivering, I looked at him in surprise. Why would we need that evil thing.  Obviously needed sleep, He had to be mistaken. “My lord perhaps it would be better to have Dahlia or Captain Corina deal with this. “I wish they could. Evidias has returned to her tower to work on a spell to stop the evil Merrick is planning. Captain Corina is guarding Dahlia. We all agreed that keeping her save was more important. So you see that leaves me. ” “Then you should let the Royal Spies and Guard deal with this. You’ve been through much these past few days.” I said hopefully, a tired leader is a dangerous one. Scratching his head, he tried to remember what he needed to tell me. “Now what was I going to say…Oh! Our only lead has gone missing, but we know where to find him.” So, I thought, at last a lead to Merrick. But how did we lose it? “Who or what is the lead?” Agaris frowned. “The lead is a small mongbat named Iskur, a long time companion of Merrick’s. I went to speak to him at the Mongbat village, but he was gone. Since he often slips away, most didn’t pay attention. However a younger friend had followed him to the Crane Marsh. I need you to summon the Royal Spies to search for him in the marsh. Once you have found Iskur report back.”

It wasn’t hard to find the Royal Spies, waiting at hall. Someone opened a gate to the marshes and the hunt was on. It was decided to split up. My group went down to the small Lizard man village. We found Iskur looking at swamp water. “Hmmm, its just swamp water.” grabbing a handful, he offered it to me. “Do you want some?” I shook my head no. What was he doing?


iskur 1 12-13



Then as if we weren’t there he picked up a piece of tree bark and sniffed it. That looks less edible than I thought it would be.” Watching Iskur, we hadn’t noticed that the LIzardmen has surrounded us. Not until they attacked. The Royal spies quickly took care of them. Someone laughed, “Not much of a challenge after Crimson Dragons.”

I gently grabbed Iskur, “Iskur do you know where Merrick went?” Jumping away from me, he grabbed his wings and held them close to his body. “No, mustn’t tell! My wings, my beautiful wings, he’ll clip them, he will. I signaled the guards to surround him. Trapped he began to cry. I knelt down to comfort him, “We will protect you, but we must know where he is. It is very important.” Iskur started to splash around in the water. Looking up, he smiled and told me he was taking a bath. “You wanted to know my secret to my youthful skin right?” he said hopefully. “No, Iskur, we need Merrick.”

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“Merrick was my friend,” he said sadly, ‘Why would he clip my wings? He isn’t himself is he?” It broke my heart to see the little mongbat hiding his wings and crying. “No, he isn’t. He might be under a spell. That’s why we much find him. We won’t let him clip your wings. ” Signing he looked up, I’ll tell you, but you must tell Time Without Dreams, to eat him if he tries to cut my wings.” I assured him that not only would we tell Time Without Dreams, but we would take him back to his village. He thought about it for a minute. “I saw him head out of Zento. North through the pass towards the desert” Then grabbing my hand he pleaded for me to take him home.

Once he was safe, hiding under Time Without Dreams, we headed back to meet Agairs. He was pacing the floor waiting for us. After I told him what Iskur told me, unsurprised he sat down.

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“I know why he is going there. My contacts in the Tokuno islands found the connection. The emblems we found belonged to an old nomadic tribe. Centuries ago a Djinn wandered the Tokuno Islands causing havoc. Djinn, named Izumu, drove the tribe out of their hidden city. Agairs pointed at the statue. Vowing to return home, the nomads found a blood spell that trapped the Djinn. Eviads fears that Merrick has discoved a spell to release the Djinn. The spell she made is to stop it. We must hurry to stop him” Agrais opened a gate to the passage.

Ancient Treasures: Blood Feud?

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The next day when we met with Agaris, he was visibly disturbed. “What has Merrick done. He has destroyed the door. The magic, all of it is gone.”


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I was puzzled, what door and magic was he talking about. I racked my brains, wait, does he mean the magic door we found in Ocllo? The one the treasure was suppose to be hiding? “Agaris, the door in Ocllo?” I asked. “Yes, all of it is gone; the door, the garden, the flowers and the magic. I asked Time Without Dreams to see if I was correct. He could find no trace of magic left.”
“Was there any thing left? Something that might help us know what Merrick is doing and where he is?”

Worried, Agaris began pacing. “A note buried in the dirt where the door was and drag marks of a heavy object. I have no doubt that it was Merrick who unsealed the door and took whatever was inside. Worse, we now know the door was just a magical wall to keep whatever was inside, in. Something that Merrick has taken out. The drag marks showed what ever it was had a wide base. Possible it was a statue, but there is no way to be sure.”

“Did the note tell what Merrick had taken and where he was going?” I asked.

“No, just a warning for us not to keep looking for him and to leave Tolivar alone. He will make him pay but won’t allow him to be captured by the Royal Guard or Blackthorn. The note also said that he had dragged Spencer Hollowel out of the other side to kill him. How can this be the Merrick I know? He took Drudun’s book and murdered the man in cold blood. I don’t get it… Merrick seems like the kind of man who would protect someone for anything, but just kill them? In cold blood?”

merrick and spence 11-22

The room was silent, as we took in the information and what it meant. But we still hadn’t found Merrick. “Agaris, are we any closer to finding Merrick?”

“No, but you need to hurry to meet with Captain Corian before he leaves to meet Dahlia. He must know what Merrick has done. him what has happened.

You need to tell Corian about this, he needs to know what has just happened before he goes to meet Dahlia. She has set a trap to lure Tolivar out. Corian is going to join her shortly. I fear that they are walking into a trap. Hurry! He shouted opening a gate for us. We found ourselves on The docks south of West Britain Bank. Captain Corian wasn’t far off.

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We ran to him. Everyone began telling him what we had learned at the same time. ” Agaris sent us. Merrick has opened the Ocllo door.” Lady Thalia said.  Demoss added excitedly, ” Wait he took the door, no I mean the treasure.” Hemp Knight added, “All the magic is gone. Time Without Dreams checked and it is all gone.” Lady Thalia broke in “A Note was left stating he will deal with Tollivar.”

“ENOUGH!” Captain Corian shouted .”I do not have time for this Merrick. I cannot protect you anymore. Agaris, he should know I do not have time for this right now then. He has Spencer to use if we can reach him. Evidias was working on a spell.”

“No, Corian,” I said raising my voice to be heard. ” He has killed Spencer.”

Holding his head, Corian said in a resigned voice. “Of course he did. If what you are saying is true, I could use your help with capturing Tolivar. He may be the last piece of the puzzle we can get our hands on.” He opened a gate, “Dahlia lured him out, we had to falsify papers stating Elise the Golden was being held prisoner by the Royal Guard. It won’t be long before Tolivar finds out it was a sham.” He said as he stepped through the gate, not looking to see if we followed.

Stepping out of the gate, we found ourselves in a desert facing Tolivar and his juka guards. Eonir, one of the royal guards, was telling Tolivar to turn himself in. He added that if he did, Elise might be set free. Dahlia added that he had to tell everything he knew, but especially where to find Merrick.

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Tolivar looked around at the assembly, he began laughing, “Turn myself in? Do you think you could build a prison to hold me?” Ignoring the rest, he turned to Dahlia. “Have you forgotten who trained the man who made you, Dahlia? You are a child, and I trained Merrick myself. You think I cannot get out of a prison that I buried so many inside of?”

dahlia 11-22

“True, but have you forgotten we have Elise. You know what will happen to her if you do not surrender. There will be nothing to keep her from execution. Just tell us where Merrick is. Tell us what he is really after.” I could tell her anger was building. ” I don’t believe in this fairytale of a woman he has killed for. You know that is not what he is.”

Tolivar Fence answered calmly, ” I have no idea where he is. He is mad dog off his leash.” Then his manner hardened, ” But if I find him I will put him down, after what he did to me. So stay out of my way.” Tolivar shoved the guard aside as he moved toward Dahlia. Before he reached her, a gate opened.

tavian appears

Stepping through the gate,  Tavian grabbed Dahlia and shoved her through the gate. “I am through Tolivar. You will not harm her.” Tavian snarled. Before stepping through the gate, he turned and shrugged. “Do what you will with him. It has nothing to do with me.

Tolivar began laughing. “Well played, Very well, it is better this way.”

Captain Corian demanded “Where did he send her?”

“What do I care?” scowling at Corian, he continued, ” Does she know you are conspiring with the Alchemist? I will not let that stand.”

“Are you insane Tolivar?” Puzzled Captain Corian asked.

“You still believe that the murders in Skara Brae are my doing? Then you are worse than a conspirator, you are a fool Corian.” Tolivar said in disgust. I know he turned in the evidence. You have read it. You cannot even see it then?” He shook his head, “Merrick killed the Skara Brae citizens. You have seen the old spy records. In the Skara Brae records, look up the name, Abrian Sadaris. He lived there years ago. That was who Merrick was looking for. I shivered when Tolivar smiled. You know what he is capable of.  He murdered all of them looking for Abriam.  He found him, finally.” Captain Corian stood silently, unable to answer Tolivar. Looking, at the silent Captain, he taunted, ” You have seen the name, I can see the look on your face. Maybe you should tell them what I am talking about? Tell them who their beloved Merrick really is.” Then signaling the juka guards, he order them to attack. As the others fought only Corian and I heard Toviar’s parting words. ” But you won’t get to ask him yourself. I will find him and kill him, he will not harm my grand daughter Elise.”



batlle begins juka body guards 11-22


massive death at jukas 11-22

I didn’t have time to think, as a Juka Lord attacked me. Captain Corian’s blade saved me just in time. The battle was over quickly, with few deaths. Back at the hall, the Captain fell into the first chair he found too tired to stand. Sighing he finally spoke, ” Merrick is not coming back. He never planned on it. For gods sake, he murdered several Royal Guards in their sleep, when Tolivar was in charge… for that alone the King wants him killed on sight. Merrick’s list of crimes, makes Tavian look like a saint.”

“But what did Merrick hope to gain? I asked. “Where do we look for him now?

Corian shrugged, “I do not know. He said he was doing it for some girl trapped in a magical prison. I do not know where Merrick’s lies end and the truth begins, or if there is any truth to it. I feel as if we are caught in a battle between Merrick and Tolivar.  Misdirection and false leads, with just enough information to aid Merrick.”

“He has always been driven by his need to protect his family.” I said, “They have always been more important to him than life.”

Captain Corian nodded in agreement. “This is even extreme for him willing to burn all of his bridges. Its like he has no regard for his life at all anymore, none. What could be so damned important? Because he won’t survive it.”

The discussion continued into the night. Merrick and Tolivar, are like two wily badgers at each others throats. And only both of them know what is actually going on. Family seemed to be the key. Merrick protecting Dahlia, his niece. Tolivar protecting his granddaughter Elise. A blood feud? Why? A question we couldn’t answer. It was clear though that Merrick had been planning this for a long time. Merrick had used us as his willing pawns. Still there was the feeling that we had missed an important piece of the puzzle. At last we tired and with aching heads, it was decided we needed sleep. As we left I remembered that for the first time Tolivar seemed genuinely afraid for once. Like he knew Merrick would kill his grand daughter if he didn’t stop running from him. Before Captain Corian left, he had said, ” I have a feeling that the events are coming to an ugly head soon.”  I could only agree.  A feeling of dread filled the night air.

Betrayal of Elisa the Golden

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In anger, the King summoned us to the royal spy headquarters. Slamming his closed fist against the table next to him with the statue, He demanded, “Am I being too easy and too relaxed? Is that why Minax just waltzed into Trammel into my throne room? Why she thought it was so simple to just do whatever she pleased? He didn’t wait for us to answer. ” Is this why traitors to Britannia walk the streets? Enough, my guards have been commanded to execute all traitors when caught! No trials, no public voices for the traitors  Tolivar Fence, Merrick the Alchemist, Vos Marigna, Elisa the Golden, Olivette Greyblade, Ariel White, Joseph the Cook.”

event 11-30.


We looked at each other another confused and worried. No trials, this was against all the virtues we swore to protect. I couldn’t help but wonder why my King was driven to take these actions. Fearing for my head, I decided to wait to ask. Later in his chambers, I asked. Scowling, he replied, “I owe no explanations. But good bard for the sake of realm and history, I will tell you. They are to be shown no mercy for the crimes they have committed against Britannia in the background of Casca, and alongside it. The murders of 19 citizens of Britannia, 14 Royal Guards, and 7 Nobles. This small little group in the absence of King, sought fit to dispense whatever justice they felt was warranted. All happening under the guise of the Royal Spies and doing what was “right.” He handed me several books, the missing Royal Spy archives.  I went the Royal Library to read them. No wonder they had been hidden. Written by Merrick the Alchemist, they told of atrocities the group had committed. Merrick the Alchemist admitted to several of the atrocities, and witnessing most of the ones detailed. No wonder these had been hidden. Sadly I closed the archives and placed them on a shelf for all to read.

The following day, Agaris called us to headquarters to share what he had learned. To our surprised Elise the Gold was waiting for us. Removing her hand from her neck, she demanded to know why we sent an assassin. ” It will take more than some fool with a blade to do me in.” Looking closer I saw a thin line of blood on her neck. Spitting on the ground, “You send assassins after me, and expect me to not respond. Get them!” she shouted, attacking.

attacked by elsia


Brigands and executioners joined the battle from behind the buildings.

executions in brit 11-30


Watching Elise, I saw her stumble, could the blade been poisoned? As I watched, it became harder for her to parry and block blows. Suddenly she stumbled back from an obvious wound. I tried to reach her side. Shouting at me, she lunged toward another guard. “Stay away! You will not have me. You there kill them.” Moving through the battle, she spied Govener Jahajx Jov. Kicking and push people aside, she confronted him. “Blockade and destroy my ships. You stupid fool, with your fleet of ships. Fine, I will burn Trinsic’s shops and make their merchants flee the city.” She began to laugh deviously. Find me if you can in time, but first have some more company. Release the Dragons!” Then she was gone.

elisa's gift 11-30

Leaving with some of the guard, the Governor hurried to defend Trinsic. I admired her tactics dividing our forces and making us fight on two fronts. Before we could finish our battle, the urgent call to assist Trinsic came.  Those of us who could, rush to assist Trinisc. Arriving we found Elisa and her Mercenaries attacking the Pearl of Trinsic. Smiling she ordered her men to steal all the jewels they could carry, “I do not care if they are being tossed to the bottom of the ocean.” Coughing Elisa looked around for the Governor,

pearl replace

liza replacement


“Hah, like a coward Trinsic’s Governor flees . He thinks… *coughs* He is going to kill me.” She fell against the wall by the jewelers. Blood flowing from a deep cut in her side. “You… you won’t get to see…me die.” Kicking and pushing she disappeared into the crowd managing a recall spell.

agaris 12-13

Agaris joined us at the jewelry shop. ” What’s going on here? There were bandits and Blood Flagons at the city gates! We had to fight our way in.” I explained that Elisa the Golden had attacked us. First in Britain by the hall, then here. “Ah that explains the bodies I found when I arrived.  I heard Governor Jahajx Jov call for arms and came as fast as we could.” Again he looked at the bloody field. “Did she explain why she decided to attack?”

“She accused us of sending an assassins to kill her.” I replied. ” She recalled before we could capture her. I don’t think she will go far, she has been badly wounded and I fear poisoned.”

“I was afraid of this… we tried to wiped out her ships hoping to capture her. The Trinsic Fleet blockaded them in, north of Minoc. They were circling around to Britain, and we sank them .” Worried Agaris asked,” You said she was badly wounded?” I nodded yes. “Then I fear  Merrick will end her life. When I looked puzzled he explained.  “Evidia’s story that Merrick stole the gems bothered me, so I confronted her. She said she caught Merrick, in Skara Brea, taking the young girl. He said he just needed the blood of someone from the bloodline that sealed Izumu in. To stop the killings, she agreed to help him. She said she felt like she owed him, for his part in helping to save the Weld. She didn’t know that he was using the blood to he is trying to release a Djinn.  It is urgent that we find Merrick. He paused, ” I have an idea of where I can find information. Meet me tomorrow and the hunt will begin.

Ancient Treasures Day 14- Captain Elise and the statue of Izum

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Lake Austin Shard


Arriving at the hall, I found Captain Elise, the Golden  inside the hall trying to pull up the statue of Izum. Stopping when she saw me, she growled, ” I knew it was too good to be true, they said the town was empty.” She began working her way to the door.

“We have just returned to meet with Captain Corian. You have trapped yourself.” I said trying to block the door.

Still she made a run for it. Finding herself blocked, she demanded to know who had betrayed her. ” I’ll have their ugly head for this.! You don’t betray me!

Lady Thalia questioned her,” Did you arrange the murders in Skara Brae?” The captain seemed to be surprised by the question. Then she laughed, “Well not yet, but if you’d like to die I can arrange that.”

attacked by elsia

Knowing the Captain, people grouped for a battle. The greater Dragons roared eager for blood. We didn’t have to wait long. As Captain Elisa’s hired Brigands attacked us from all sides.

bridangs summoned by elisa

Seeing they were no match for our forces, Elisa summoned two Crimson Dragons then slipped away.


elisa's gift 11-30


Many a life was given for the slow progress towards the docks. Finally lead by Artemis , we caught up with her. Seeing us she began laughing. “You should have just arrested me instead of following. “You, keep them busy! she shouted as more of her men came out of the buildings by the docks. For once she joined the fight, attacking one person then another. All the while moving towards the docks. ” Well, at least they are good at dying. That’s good for something. Now I won’t have to pay them.” she said stepping over the brigand’s dead bodies. “Come on, die a little slower!  I just need some more time.

brit deaths



brit docks


I stopped in shock at her indifference at the deaths. Was this her true nature. “Give up, your fighters are outnumbered.”

Still she moved closer to the docks, all the time shouting at the fighters. “Don’t let them near me.” pushing people aside. “Keep your hands off me. I said keep them away, I need a bit more time…”

caught at last

At last we had her trapped, one of the guards chained her. Looking around, she smiled sweetly, ” I’m too pretty for chains, maybe you’ll help me? 100,000 gold pieces, to the men who fight for me.” Our only response was commanding the Dragons to guard her. They seemed only to happy to do so as they threatened her. Pushing away she ran to the docks. Just before jumping in, she taunted us. You think I’m in trouble, it’s you. There is no one after me. They’re after you.” then laughing she dove into the water. I hurried to the water looking for some sign of her. Would she would rather drown than be captured. I shook my head. No she is too smart for that. I knew we would see her again.


who betrayed her


Just then I heard Agais . “I saw the fighting and followed it as quickly as I could.” Agaris sighed, “I still got here too late. He listened to our reports. In disbelief, he asked if she had really jumped into the water. “Is she insane?”

“Insane or very clever.” I answered. “She did say that she had a ship close by.” “She didn’t have to jump in the water to escape. Why not just board a docked ship?’ I asked.

“No,” Agaris agreed. She made her way down here to prove a point. She knew that after diving into the water, she could ride the current down the shore line.” Frowning he asked, “You said that she was trying to steal the statue of Izum?”

“Yes, Agaris and she was surprised when we returned from Skara Brae.” I replied while the others nodded in agreement. ” But who told her we would be gone?”

“I think I can tell you who.”  I spotted one of Merrick’s old friends, Savael by the docks in Skara” Agaris told us.” I don’t believe she knows who gave her the information.” It seemed strange to me that for Merrick try to help her… and then I got to thinking. I think Tolivar was trying to help her. But he couldn’t have known how long we would be distracted in Skara.”

“But why steal the statue. Perhaps to open the door?” I asked Agaris. “Its odd, one group wants the statue, while another is using blood. Could it be you need both?”

“Hum.. perhaps. Tolivar seems dead set on keeping Merrick from finding the Treasure. At the same time not giving Elise what she needs to get to it?” Agaris wrinkled his head in thought, “It’s like… helping but, tying one hand behind your back. Just enough help, for them to fail.”

“Well, if we assume the treasure is something or someone important to Merrick.” Thalia added. “Tolivar may have been the one responsible for trapping it or her.”

“I believe you are right. That must be why Merrick turned on him,trying to turn him in and getting him out of the way.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Tolivar knows exactly what is going on. The door seems to be the key. I remember something about “Izumu” guarding it, or something. I will have to go back and see if i can find. With what has happened, it is a good thing I convinced Evidias to spell down the remaining objects, after what Merrick did.”

“We still haven’t found the Tokuno connection,” I added. “I have a feeling the connection is very important.”

Rubbing his head, Agaris nodded. ” I need to go about moving things. I will have Evidias move the statue  and anything related to the ancient treasure to the Mongbat village, in the Lost Lands. I feel better having Iskur and the Weld keep an eye on the items. I apologize but we will speak again soon. I need to tell Corian we’ve brought him a guest as well. The killer, clearly knows more, and who hired him.”


mongbat village


After Agaris left, we contiuned to discuss the events. “Merrick clearly knew more than he said about it. He clearly deflected us from following up.” Thalia said.

“There are 10 more statues. Maybe one of those will be used. Or are they being used to hid the real one?” Catalyst added.”

I nodded, “There is still so many questions. Who is doing the prepretaion to open the door? Who’s blood is needed and why, to summon a deamon?”

Thalia thought for a momunt, “Remember Dahlia’s reaction to the statue, she said it seemed like it was watching.”

“Yes, I agreed, “She wouldn’t even stand next to it.” At last we left for our homes, with much to think about. So many clues that seemed to lead to no where. Perhaps a goodnight sleep would help clear up the matters. Dreams tell many things.