Indigo, The Color of Treason

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“Royal Guard corrupt! King of Britain causes Minax’s return. Britianna is Doomed.”

who is posting the notes


Angrily Lord Pistachio read the indigo colored poster. What nonsense he thought wadding it up and throwing it away. For all his faults,the King isn’t responsable for Minax’s return. If anyone is it would be Lord British. She only appeared after his return. Still with Merrick’s betral and spies discovered in the Royal guard, the people might believe the notes. Frowning he hurried to meet with Captain Corian. Arriving he found people angerly discussing the posters.


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A worried Captain Corian arrived unnoticed. “Good evening, how are you all fairing?” “Angry and worried about the posters outside.” Lord Pistachio replied. “They are every where! What is being done about them?”

Frowning Captain Corian nodded, “That is why I called you here. Already the notes are causing problems. Several Nobles have approached me. They have heard whispers among the citizens agreeing with the notes. They remember the corruption found in the guard before the King reclaimed his throne. These notes do nothing for their confidence in the crown.”





disinstion in the realm

“What is the King’s response?” Someone in the crowd asked.

“He is worried more about Britannia and attempts to undermine his rule.” the captain paused. “My orders are to send you, the Royal Spies, to find more information.”

“Do you have an idea where we should begin?” Lord Pistachio asked.

Captain Corian nodded, “Yes, we believe someone in Jhelom is responsible for this. The city needs to be searched, every house and the outlying islands, for some trace of the indigo dyes. My hope is that you will stumble across someone or something.” Looking around, he continued, “Since the presence of the Royal Guard will do more harm, I will remain here. Report to me if you can find a lead

Arriving in Jhelom, Lord Pistachio quickly organized the search. Some would search each house. Others would travel to the Islands. Lord Pistachio lead the search of the south west island. There, in a small house, he found indigo dyed clothes, notes, forged letters and a spy. Lord Pistachio hand her a note. “What do you know about this?” he demanded.

jholem 2


“What this… document incriminates the King? the spy tried to look surprised. “Isn’t it the truth? Wasn’t the King responsible for the death of a shipping Captain named Elise the Golden?”


the source

“No, but that isn’t why we are here. Who is behind this?” Lord Pistachio watched as the spy moved to hid a paper lying on the floor. Pushing her aside, Lord Pistachio picked up a letter addressed to Adrian Fisher. “What do you know about this?” shoving the letter at the spy.

“Hold on a moment…that name is familiar.” she looking nervously around. “Doesn’t he work for the Thieves’ Guild? I wouldn’t think the Guild would be so reckless. I have been spending too much time in Ter-Mur as of late…so I’ve not been well informed.”

“Ter-Mur, have you been spying on, Dahlia?” Lord Pistachio demanded angrily.

“Dahlia, she is…currently in Ter-Mur. That is all I can say.” The spy gave a small smile, “You do realize I am not in charge of the network. I am just a tiny cog.

Lord Pistachio looked suspiciously at the spy. “Just who are you working for?”

“Don’t you know?” the spy asked puzzled, “I was on my way back to Ter-Mur when the Captain asked me to come here. I must hurry and pass on what I’ve learned before my Lady Dahlia gets impatient. Surprised, no one moved to stop the spy. Turning back, she said. “You should check a warehouse. It should be in East Britain, toward the southern end. I found something of interest there.”


to brit

Shaking his head Lord Pistachio opened a gate. “Why didn’t Captain Corian tell us he had sent another spy? We need to learn what she reported”. He stepped through the gate.

Finding Captain Corian waiting. Lord Pistachio confronted him. “You sent another spy! Didn’t you trust us.” ”

Yes, I sent the spy to Jhelom.” Captain Corian replied. “I feared that you were to well known. She reported that another forged letter was found. Also a letter to Adrian. Before I could ask more, she flitted off in a hurry.”

“She told us that she needed to hurry back to Ter-Mur where Dahlia was waiting for her.” A calmer Pistachio explained.

The news that Dahlia was in Ter-Mur caught Captain Corian by surprise. Narrowing his eyes, he asked “What is Dahlia doing in Ter-Mur…?” No matter, I hope you found something that will help explain the parchments.

Lord Pistachio handed the Captain the letter and notes we had found.

“Adrian, is this the one who works for the thieves’ guild?” the Captain asked.

Pistachio nodded, “The spy thought so, but was surprised that the guild would be involved.”

“I agree.” Captain Corian said, “I can’t see them trying to undermine the crown. I will keep these to show the King. You should go to the warehouse the spy mentioned. Where was it?”

“She said it was in East Britain, the south east tip.” The search began with Captain Corian leading the way.

The warehouse was quickly found. Inside were bags of crushed indigo and jars filled with dye. “Crushed indigo? They were definitely storing things here.” observed Lord Pistachio.

warehouse with dyes

the right place

“Hold here a moment, while I gather guards to watch this place.” Captain Corian said as he looked around. “Lord Pistachio, detain anyone who comes here and escort them to Yew Prison,

Lord Pistachio grinned as he bowed. “I will be honored to.” and he directed us to hid. No sooner had the Captain left, than a woman entered the warehouse. Lord Pistachio quickly had us surround her. The Conspirator held up her hands to hold Lord Pistachio back, “No, stop! I didn’t do anything, I just made the dyes for them…”


dye maker

“For who?” Lord Pistachio asked?

“I don’t know, I swear. I didn’t know what they were using them for.” the conspirator began to cry.

“In the name of the King, you are under arrest.” Lord Pistachio placing irons around her wrist. “Come quietly and all will be found. Captain Corian will want to question you.”

Her eyes widened, “No, not the prison. Please don’t throw me in prison.” She begged falling to the ground. “He made me do it”

Lord Pistachio yanked her up, “Who hired you? Cooperate and all will be fine.

“If I tell you maybe you can let me go?” she asked  hesitantly patting Lord Pistachio’s arm.

Lord Pistachio brushed her hand away. “Tell us what you know. Who hired you?”

“His name was… his name was Adrian, he, he wanted some dyes for one of the Nobles. They said it was… it was for the King’s birthday so I happily helped.” she explained drying her eyes.

Lord Pistachio frowned angrily, “Noble, which noble, give me a name.”

“I honestly had no idea.” the conspirator said, her voice almost a whisper. I don’t know… Adrian didn’t say… he said I would be paid well and the King would see my works displayed.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Lord Pistachio, saw Shimano slip the conspirator a small file. His eyes narrowed as he pulled his prisoner down the road. Shimano, a traitor? he thought to himself. Someone to keep an eye on.

taken to yew

Arriving at the prison, Lord Pistachio handed the conspirator over to the guards. “Check her for the file, then place her in a cell.”

Before the guard could search her, she handed Lord Pistachio the file , See look… I could have kept it… just… don’t leave me here. I’ve heard stories. They let prisons rot here, even if they aren’t guilty.” The conspirator slowly went into the cell. “Please… just don’t… don’t forget I’m here. I would never harm, or spread lies…” Before the guard could shut the door, she stepped back out. “Wait,” I can take you to him. He should be at the shrine of Valor.” She handed Lord Pistachio a rune. “I was to go here if I couldn’t find him.”

Lord Pistachio studied the rune. “This is to place far from any city. Didn’t you find that strange?”

“When I asked him why, he said it would be safer as no one would see us.” she answered thoughtfully. “I admit it …it sounded strange.”

“It would be a good place to make you disappear.” Lord Pistachio said.

The conspirator began shaking, “Kill me…he was going to kill me?”

“You are safe here. The guards will protect you.” Pistachio said trying to reassure her.

Lowering her head, the conspirator quickly went back into the cell. “May be I’m safer her in the cell.” Laying down on the cot, she hoped that she wasn’t left forgotten until she died.

in the cell

Captain Corian meet us outside the prison. Lord Pistachio reported what had been learned.

The Captain listened in disbelief, “They created posters framing the king as a joke?”

Lord Pistachio nodded. “The dyer said the dyes were commissioned by a noble for the King’s birthday.”

Captain Corian glared at the prison. “So they were using the poor girl, letting her be tried for treason. Enough of this find Adrian!”

“She gave us this rune that Adrian gave her.” Lord Pistachio handed the rune to Captain Corian.

Throwing it on the ground, a gate opened. “Prepare for battle, who knows what trap has been set.” the captain said stepping into the gate.

On the other side we found Adrian calmly leaning against a tree. He laughed as he saw us step trough. “So she gave you the rune.”

Captain Corian angrily grabbed him. “What noble paid you to make false posters! Give me the name!”

“I work for whoever pays me the most, it just so happens a man offered me more than the Guild.” Adrian pushed the captains hands away. “I owe them no loyalty.”

adraian again

Grinning he looked at the poster that Lord Pistachio shoved at him, “Those are quite good, don’t you think.”

“No,” Lord Pistachio replied,”Who paid you. Give us his name.”

“And then you won’t take me to prison?” Adrian winked, “Lets see how many times I’ve walked away.” He scowled at Lord Pistachio,” what you take me for a fool. I didn’t ask for names. So, I can’t tell you what I don’t know.” Adrian moved towards the shore.

“So I stir up a little dissent. It keeps you on your toes. Just as my friends here will.” Giving a signal, his mercenaries ran out of the forest and attacked.



battle 3

Lord Pistachio was ready, cornering Adrian.

Adrian trying to get away shouted at his men, “Do what I hired you to do, keep them away!”

Grabbing Adrian’s hands, Lord Pistachio clapped magic cuffs on them. “Try to break free of these and burn.”

“Well,” Smirking Adrian opening his hand. “I had planned to save this. But this is just too perfect.” Before Lord Pistachio could stop him, Adrian blew a whistle. Lord Pistachio watched the metal grew hotter, then shatter into shards from the cold summoned by the whistle. From the cold Frost Wolves attacked. Just in time Captain Corian slashed the wolf attacking Lord Pistachio. With a nod of thanks, Lord Pistachio joined the battle.

frost wolves

death and destruction


After the battle, a weary Captain Corian sighed, “Why is Dahlia in Ter-Mur, I could use her here now. Agaris has been doing his best, but he is not the spymaster. Some of the spies will not listen to him.” He opened a gate back to the hall. “I’ve given her enough time. The kingdom needs her.”


“Luckily Blackthorn is distracted.” he sighed again, “These rumors have just enough truth to convince the people.

“Blackthorn is a good King, but some still cling to the Virtues too heavily, and they feel like his rule does not coincide with how things should be done.” Lord Pistachio pointed out.

“True, but we can’t have Nobles trying to over throw the king.” the captain replied with a frown. “I’m sure Minax is behind this dissention. I must report to the king. Keep your eyes and ears open. We must find who is behind the dissention.  Lord Pistachio, go to the Yew Prison and release the girl. She was only a pawn. With a bow he left.

Lord Pistachio returned to his keep. His thoughts racing to make sense of what he had learned. What noble is the traitor. Is it someone I know and trusted? I must find out!