The Orb of Chaos

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lake austin shard 

Frowning Governor Jahajx Jov examined the dusty tower that Agaris brought. “You said these have been found the swamps outside Trinisc?”



Agaris nodded, “The royal guard are following the tattooed man and picking the towers up as he placed them. It hasn’t been easy. The towers make the creatures go insane and more violent. They are attacking each other and thing else in the swamps.”

The Governor carefully ran his hand across the carvings, “One third of a secret word. Have you found the other two parts of the secret word?”

“No,” Agaris said shaking his head. “But we did find what was stolen from Vesper, a pendant. The jeweler said it was made of the same jade as the tower with carvings on it. I think they are connected. When I asked where he got it, he said an old man had brought it in to sell. What  was odd, he  said, he gave the man less gold than it was worth and it didn’t seem to bother the man.”

“What of Adrian and the thieves guild? Do we know more about their involvement?” the Governor asked?”

“While I managed to track down Adrian. He was not very forthcoming with information, but the Thieves Guild seems to want the pendant as well. He simply laughed and said he didn’t seem to know anything. He hadn’t cared why they wanted it and didn’t bother to inquire.” Frowning, Agaris added, “Which of course, means he knows exactly why they want it. Before I could find out more, he disappeared. Slippery fellow that one.”

“What news of the strangers,” Jov asked? “Have they been found or what they are looking for?”

“We haven’t learn much more about the 4 strangers either. Agaris replied. “The woman has been visiting Ter-Mur for several days now, coming and going out of the city. She visited the palace as well. It sounds like she is searching for something or someone.”

“Do we know who she’s been meeting in Ter-mur?” asked Governor Jov.

“Jov, that is the odd thing. She has been avoiding contact with almost everyone. The Gargoyle’s said she seemed curious but harmless.” Agaris answered. “We are hoping she would lead us to one of the others perhaps, a contact, or anything.

“Has the man with the book been found?” frowning Governor Jov asked.

As Agaris was shaking his head, a royal messenger handed him a note. Reading it, he looked at Governor Jov. “The mage with the book has just been found. He is at the west Bank in Trinsic.” Without losing any time, he opened a gate. “Approach with caution. We don’t want to scare him off before we get the book.”

Arriving at the bank, Governor Jov found the man looking at the bank and then his book. “Greetings stranger, what brings you to my fair city?


the brown haird man


Looking up the mage replied, “I’m just meeting a few friends.” looking nervously around, “Such a fair city, Trinsic is. Even the Governor comes out to greet you.”

“Ah, well new comers are always welcome! Who are your friends that are coming? I might know where they are.” Jov watched the man peering into the book.

Tapping his foot, the man tried to smile, “Oh, they have never been here before. I wanted to show them around.”

Just then some one in the crowded shouted, kill him and take the book.

Hearing the mention of the book, the mage held it closer ,”You should do something about the riff raff in your city though. Threatening a man in broad daylight.”


a mage


Motioning to a city guard, Jov tried to reassure the man. “You have nothing to fear within these walls. The city guards keep a close eye on anything going on.

“We were looking for a particular place.” the mage said opening his book. “Its near here.”

“A particular place?” Jov ask. “very few know this city as I do. perhaps I can help.”

Bowing, the mage shook his head. “No thank you, my friend is bringing the location. I can see that this is a busy day. I take it, some kind of festival is happening near here? Perhaps I should make way for you.” He began to move down the street. His way quickly blocked.

“No festival. every day is a party in my fair city.” Jov said moving closer to the man. “”This just a busy market day

“So many people for market day, I really should move along.” looking slyly at the book, he opened it. “Oh, you want my book? Maybe you just want what’s in it…? He turned to a page and began to chanting a spell. “Well here is something to play with.”


death  hounds


Governor Jov and his friends were suddenly attacked by large black wolves. Jov made a grab for the book.

Summoning another wolf, the mage slapped Jov’s hand away, “Get your hand off that! He pulled a parchment out of his robe. Burning the marks on to it, he sealed it to the ground and jumped through a portal.

“Follow him!” Governor Jov shouted. “The city guard can deal with these wolves.”


summoned hounds

Not wanting to leave the Governor and guard, it was decided that only a few of us would follow the mage. Stepping through the gate, we found ourselves at the Luna bank. The mage was busy marking another parchment. Seeing us, he quickly sealed the parchment to the ground and opened a portal. “So you want my book?  Try to get it.” laughing, he threw it through the portal.


book where.


We ran to the portal trying to go through before it closed.” I see Ter Mur!” some one shouted. While we were focused on getting the book, he opened another portal and tried to slip away. We followed him through the gate. Arriving we found that Governor Jov and his guards had surrounded the mage. “Where in Ter Mur did you send the book?”

Smiling he replied, “Wouldn’t you like to know. Do what you want, but you won’t get it.”

Hoping to surprise him, Jov told him that the towers had been found and that Agaris has them.

It worked. He stepped away in surprise, demanding to know how we got them. “So your are the ones following us. ” Back off, the guild doesn’t take kindly to being followed.”

What guild could he be talking about, the thieves’ guild or another? Governor Jov decided to see if he could trick more information out of the mage. “You know we, of the thieves guild, frown on what you are doing. We know you took a pendant and demand you give it to us.” Unfortunately the ruse backfired. Instead of being surprised, the mage bowed, “Thank you for the information. Did you hear that Lira, you were right.” Then throwing down some powder, he disappeared.




Lira? Looking around the governor saw a small jade figure. The figure began to speak.

“So….you took my towers. Do you know how long it took me to carve them?” she demanded.

“Well since they were dusty, too long.” Jov replied. “They weren’t very well carved,” he added.

“Dusty, you’re calling my finest works, dusty? Lira the Cursed stamped her foot in rage. “I hand crafted them. You clearly know nothing of craftsmanship.”

“Out of curiosity, why did you carve them?” Lady Thalia asked?

Lira looked puzzled, “Why to spread discord. All those monsters killing each other. You can keep those statues… they were failures anyhow. They should have made the people attack each other… not the creatures.

“Why would want to use your art to sow discord?”

Frowning, Lira shook her head, “Only someone from Trammel ask that. Minax was right, you are all idiots here. I don’t know why they say we can find the artifact here.” she mumbled to herself. “Why place such a pretty chaos orb here.” She stopped remembering us, “Minax will not be pleased, I’ve said to much. No matter I can salvage this, I’ll kill all of you. Come my pets.”


deadly dog


Everything around us dissolved into darkness as Phantasmal Cu Sidhes’ burning eyes filled our vision. An infernal ooze setting equipment on fire.

Looking at us, Lira asked for us to attack each other as a teeny, tiny little favor. “Yes, all you have to do, is a poke here…a stab there and a few fire spells. It’s nothing really.

We moved to surround her. Lady Thalia raised her hand to slap Lira. “I’d rather smack you.”

Jumping back, Lira look slyly at us. “Wha… why not? We’re friends, don’t friends kill each other when they need to?”

“You don’t have to worry about Minax, you wont be making it past us.” Sad Panda replied,”

“How rude, Lira said backing way. Fine I tried to be nice and make things easy. But noo you wouldn’t just die. Now I’ll do it myself.” She summoned more Cu Sidhes.


fire hazard


Shaking his head in disbelief, Governor Jov signaled for the royal guards and spies to attack. The power of the Phantasmal Cu Shidhes was overwhelming. Regrouping, it was decided that the greater dragons and warriors would focus their attack on the Cu Shidhes. The mages divided their forces. Some took charge of healing while other directed their attacks on Lira.

so many deaths


Finding the battle was turning to our favor, she shouted, “You will burn to a pile of ash! while casting fire spells. When that was not effective she tried to bargain with us. ” Ouch that hurts! Hey stop that, this dress is new! Fine you can keep the statues, I can make more. Come on, pretty please, just die already.”


fire death


At last the mages’ poison spells over came her. Poisoned she sank to the ground

“Hey stop that! I’m not feeling so good…. Minax… isn’t going to be… happy….” her last words as greater dragon stepped on her.


dragon wins



After the battle we meet up with Agaris. He was disturbed when told that Lira had been working for Minax. “Did she make new statues? he asked. “I guessed it was only a matter of time, before Minax decided to start poking her head into Trammel  So… the chaos orb. That would explain why they did not take anything from the shops. If they are on an errand for Minax.””Have we found out what the parchments mean? Governor Jov questioned? “We were unable to get the book?”

Sighing, Agaris shook his head. “No and we still have no idea what they are for. They are marking those locations for some reason. I wonder if its some sort of… map or trail, but for who?

“The group seems to all be looking at separate things.” Thalia pointed out. “If they seek the orb, perhaps this is a trail that leads to it.

Agaris nodded, “It appears so, if they aren’t quite sure what they are after, could buy us time.”

We began tossing ideas out. “Wait a moment…What if the parchments… are more like a compass?” Agaris suggested.

“But most Compasses have 4 main points.” Lady Thalia said. “Perhaps with Luna as the center?”

Looking at his notes, Jov pointed out, “The parchment in my city, doesn’t fit with the others. Neither did the one found in Luna. Perhaps they message from the mage. He did seem panicked.”

“Excellent point, I don’t believe the Trinsic and Luna parchments were part of it. I think the Mage was trying to leave behind a message for the others. Telling them he was caught and had to abandon the search in Trinsic.


another clue


Looking at each other we all agreed that was possible.

So… Trinsic was a message, and perhaps Luna telling them where he ditched the book? In case he was captured?” Agaris said while thinking out loud.

While continuing the discussion, Diggy brought up the idea that instead of map, they might be recall runes. “They are trying to open some kind of gate”.

“Aye,” Jov nodded in agreement.I was just thinking the same. thing. Or perhaps something similar to moonstones.”

“So…It is either that, or they need to open a gate in a specific place. “Yes, that would make sense.” Agaris said frowning. ” I’m betting it is something simple we are missing. I will send some spies into Ter-Mur to look for the book. on the off chance, that you were right.Suddenly he frowned, “That is going to be difficult. Relations are not bad by any means, but openly keeping spies in the Royal City? I’ll go inform the inform the King. He will be able to explain the problem to Queen Zhah. She needs to know that Minax is involved and that she has people looking for the Orb of Chaos.” still frowning Agaris left us. Our discussion went well into the night. But we were no closer to solving the mystery than before. At last each of us retired to our beds. Answers sometimes come in dreams.