Minion of Minxa Attacks

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A couple of days after losing the book, Agaris called a meeting. Lady Thalia could see he was tired and troubled. “While we have not found the book, we were able to question some of the Gargoyles who would speak to us in Ter-Mur, and they have seen nothing out of the ordinary. More troubling is the reports that Minax has sent more followers into Trammel .” Shivering Thalia looked around to see the reactions of the others. The others were as shocked she was. “I do have some good news, Evidias was looking at the parchments in Britain, and realized that there was a unique sort of magic behind them. I did not understand half of what she was rambling about. But I did get the idea that she meant to try to trace its path, back to the book.”

beginning 2 21

“That indeed is good news.” Lady Thalia noticed that Agaris was still frowning, “but why do I have the feeling that there is more?”

Agaris nodded, “While we know that the book is still in Ter-Mur. We have been unable to connect it’s magic to the Pillar we found.”

“Hum, has there been any signs of the other two words?” She asked.

Agaris shook his head, “Not yet. The guards reported that Adrian broke into the Britain Hall and was scribbling notes about the markings on the pillar. We are still trying to find out why the Thieves’ Guild is interested.” He turned to look at the pillar, “I believe that the book and the pillar are not related. Some how the guild seems to be one step ahead of us. I more trust the guild as much I would trust a starving man standing over the body of a half dead noble not to stab them and take their coin. While opening a gate, he told us that Evidias was waiting for us in Ter-Mur.” I’ve taken enough of your time. You should hurry to met her.”

We found a puzzled Evidias standing on the stairs leading to the city while drawing a few symbols in the air. At first she didn’t notice our arrival.

ter mur

“Greetings my lady, how are you and the weld? Well I hope?” Lady Thalia asked?

She looked up in surprise and smiled. “Hello, Thalia, we are all fine. The weld are in good spirits. A little one has begun to learn to fly.” Talking to herself, she drew more symbols in the air, “No, that isn’t right.” batting one symbol away. She is moving again. At least she doesn’t have the book yet.” Evidias began to walk into the city. “I need to get further away from her.” she drew the symbols again. “No that’s no good…she’s in the city. Maybe more to the west.” Evidias walked a little west. That’s better, she’s not interfering with it as much?”

Puzzled the gathering looked at each other “My lady who are you talking about? Who is this she?” some one asked.
Evidias continued as if she had not heard the question. “The inn…No… the trail is to cold.” Evidias looked up.”Oh, she is the one who picked up the book.”

Still not sure who Evidias was talking about, Thalia asked if it was the lady with the bright orange hair?

“Yes, but it is more… fiery than orange. I saw her from a distance, talking to one of the Gargoyles.” Shaking her head, “She did something to the book. Now it has started answering her as if it is charmed. The book’s magic is interfering with my tracing where it has gone.”

“That must be strong magic to interfere with you, Evidias.” Thalia said frowning.

“Yes and now it keeps stopping the spell.” Evidias looked at us. “But I don’t think she is aware that the book is interfering. It is more like her magic is mixing with the book’s trail. That is what is causing the spell to mix-up. I need try to follow the magic.

At last after going north west. As we came up to some tents, she stopped. Shaking her head ,”No, not here. Too easy to find it in the refugee camp.” Evidias continued up the road. After a while we came to a hut. In front of it was a small fire. “This is the place.” Evidias studying the fire. “Yes, she walked around the fire then went into the hut.”

the search

“My lady,” Adrianna shouted excitedly, “Here is the book!” Smiling at Adrianna, Evidias approached the book. Suddenly fire surrounded it. “Fire!” Why did she choose fire.” Evidias asked in surprise. “Why didn’t she could have placed it like the parchments.” Evidias shivered. “I feel something in the air. Sniffing the air, “Do you smell that?” All of the group shook their heads no. Closing her eyes, “I hear footsteps She is coming back.” Evidias looked at the book and approached it again. As before fire appeared around it. “Hum, I know I’ll hid the book and myself. Maybe then the woman will leave.” With a few words, Evidias and the book vanished just as the woman walked up to us.

“I knew heard footsteps.” her eyes narrowed when she saw us. “I knew it.” She ran into the hut. “Who took my book? I know one of you has it, give it to me!’

“What book?” Lady Thalia asked pretending to be confused. Looking at the others do any of you know about a book?” Everyone shook their heads no.

“I know one of you has it, I don’t suppose you could just return my book could you?” her voice slide thought the air like liquored honey and a hint of fire. “Any one who returns my book can have anything they want” she said smiling sweetly.

the woman

The air began to have the slight scent of fire. “What book? asked Lady Thalia. ” I don’t see any book.”

“Oh dearie…with your pretty eyes, tell me where it is. I can give you whatever you want.” she said reaching a hand out to touch her.

Baring his teeth, Artemis moved beside her. “I don’t think my friend would like you to do that.” Thalia said resting a hand on the greater dragon’s neck.

Suddenly the woman rubbed her forehead as if in pain. ” Your friend, she is close…I can feel it…blue hair. What is she doing?”

“”What friend?” Thalia replied,” This all of us.”

“Fine… fine.” the woman smiled again. the sweetest sickening smile I had ever seen. “Perhaps I should do this another way. Do you like fire…I like fire.” as she spoke the air began to turn hot. “I love fire…it burns away everything I hate.”


As she began blowing into her hands. Her hot breath casting a spell summoning creatures made of fire. She continued to rub her hands together “Come…make them warm, so warm they melt and burn.” Drawing their weapons, the warriors attacked. Their weapons shimmering with the cold spells cast upon them.


“You cannot dull a fire” the woman laughed. “It will burn on anything. Even your pretty clothes will burn turning to ash.”

As soon as one creature was killed she summoned another. Soon the air was so hot it her robe caught fire. Flinging it aside she waved a hand dismissing it. “Everything burns…even my pretty robe.” the woman said laughing.

At last the fire creatures were defeated. Frowning she looked at the burnt ground, “And still I cannot see where the book is. Hum, I suppose I will simply follow you. Eventually you will lead me to it. Not the book…perhaps it.” Then looking at us she began to rub her hands together.” I have something for you. A parting gift. Yes something special.” Blowing into her hands, she summoned Infernal spirits, then disappeared.

promised fire

Before the group could move, everything dissolved into darkness as Infernal Spirit of the Fire’s burning eyes filled their vision. Quickly recovering, Lady Thalia released Artemis as did the other tamers.

prortected by fire elementals

When the battle was over, Evidias reappeared, stumbling while she let out a hot breath. “I found the book but… the magic tried to burn me for the inside. she…is….something. The way she has command of fire. I could feel it… like hot coals underfoot, like she was trying to        make me move.”


As Evidias recovered, Thalia explained what had been said. “She is going to follow us, hoping we will lead her to you and the book.”

“Follow you? I think it is the other way around after watching what she did in Ter-Mur. We need to leave. Where did the man go first with the book? Luna?”  Thalia nodded yes.

Evidias opened a gate to Luna. When we arrived she went right to the locked down parchment. “This is where he opened a gate?” she asked. Studying the parchment she shook her head. It wasn’t just a gate, it was a rip in space, but little more? Not a message at all, he was discarding the book. Hold on, Agaris gave me some runes. Lets see what they tell us. We grew silent as she chanted the runes, “Etem sipra, solust…” Nothing happened.


trail to lluna“What kind of spell is this? There was another rune to Vesper right?” and she opened a gate to Vesper’s bank. Once again she chanted the spell. This spell… its like it reads what has happened in a place.  I wonder, where that dagger is now and what it did? It seems tied to a long ago Moonglow. No matter.” She looked again at the page. “Maybe these are not clues.”

Lady Thalia pointed at the parchment, “We thought perhaps the pages were runes that would open a gate.”

vesper bank

Evidias thought about what Lady Thalia said, “That is a possibility, we need to keep going.” They are in a hurry to find something. Were there another parchment?”

“Yes my lady, one at the east Britain provisioner shop. Quickly we gated to the shop. Going in side to the parchment, she repeated the spell, “There is something here, I can feel it more than see it. .A powerful relic lies buried in between the mirrors of Trammel and Felucca, but it is cloaked in magic spells. Where was the other parchment?


“In Castle Blackthorn’ court yard.” Thalia replied.

Arriving Evidias studied the parchment. “There are faint traces of an object called the Chaos Hinge. Traces of it still persist but it has been moved. Picking up the parchment she studied it before dropping it. Strange, Agaris found it in the old hall and kept it.”

more chaos orb

“Where there are hinges, is there not also a door?” Thalia asked.

Evidias shook her head. No, he said there was another orb. It was lost some where. Hum, a hinge and a door.

“Like the door we found in Ocllo, the one we couldn’t really open?”

Evidias nodded, “Yes like that…but…wait a moment. A door you cannot open perhaps you are on to something. Maybe you cannot open the door because it isn’t there and there are no hinges.” She looked at the note again. The King and Agaris must be told.”

Evidias turned to leave, “I will inform the King. Go and tell Agaris what we have found. He should be at the hall.” she said and recalled out.

Quickly we went to the hall. Horrified, we found Telemer an Agent of Minax there.

an agent for Minxa

“Who are you?’ he demanded, “So you have part of it….but you know nothing.” He tried to run. But found it was blocked by Artemis and Lady Thalia.

‘You said we have part of it. Part of what?”Thalia asked.

“l know nothing… and neither do you.” he whispered. “You hear nothing…nothing but whispers. They come to you like little snakes crawling on your skin.” he began laughing, “Can’t you hear the whispers. So sweet and wonderful. Allow me to leave you with a final whisper.” His last whisper summoned strange whispers.

whispering voices

They were deadly, but quickly defeated. As the last one was killed, Agaris arrived.

Grabbing one eat and pressing his hand against it, “What was that sound?”


“Whispers, a agent of Minax summoned them. While we fought them, he escaped.” Lady Thalia explained.

“An Agent of Minax?” Agaris still pressing his hand to his head. Trying to stop the ringing sound of whispers. “Did he tell you anything?”

All of the group nodded yes, while Thalia answered. “He said we have part of something but know nothing.”

“Evidias says you got the book, but the Lady wasn’t what she appeared to be?” Agaris shook his head to clear the last of the ringing.

“No, she seems to command legions of fire. She doesn’t seem to be working with Minax though. Lady Thalia replied.

As I passed Evidias, “she said you found something in East Britain?

“Yes, Agaris, We found we found a scroll that spoke of an ancient relic buried between the mirrors of Trammel and Felucca. We also found traces of something called the Chaos hinge.” answered Thalia.

“Ah the hinge was an object I recovered. Other things were lost though…the door that wouldn’t open. Agaris frowned. “Perhaps the objects are things left behind when Trammel was created.”

“Evidias said that there was a mirror between the two lands and a red moon gate.” Lady Thalia paused, “didn’t Nystul use the gem of immortality to divide the worlds?”

“I don’t know, I did read that he used a crystal of some. Maybe certain objects were trapped between. No one knows exactly what happened when Trammel was created along side of Felluca. I should inform the King before anything else happens. He was there perhaps he knows more.” sighing Agaris,”Rest and we shall prepare for what comes next. It seems we won’t have to wait long.” He stalked off into the shadows.


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