Ancient Treasures: Blood Feud?

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The next day when we met with Agaris, he was visibly disturbed. “What has Merrick done. He has destroyed the door. The magic, all of it is gone.”


merrick and the door 11-22

I was puzzled, what door and magic was he talking about. I racked my brains, wait, does he mean the magic door we found in Ocllo? The one the treasure was suppose to be hiding? “Agaris, the door in Ocllo?” I asked. “Yes, all of it is gone; the door, the garden, the flowers and the magic. I asked Time Without Dreams to see if I was correct. He could find no trace of magic left.”
“Was there any thing left? Something that might help us know what Merrick is doing and where he is?”

Worried, Agaris began pacing. “A note buried in the dirt where the door was and drag marks of a heavy object. I have no doubt that it was Merrick who unsealed the door and took whatever was inside. Worse, we now know the door was just a magical wall to keep whatever was inside, in. Something that Merrick has taken out. The drag marks showed what ever it was had a wide base. Possible it was a statue, but there is no way to be sure.”

“Did the note tell what Merrick had taken and where he was going?” I asked.

“No, just a warning for us not to keep looking for him and to leave Tolivar alone. He will make him pay but won’t allow him to be captured by the Royal Guard or Blackthorn. The note also said that he had dragged Spencer Hollowel out of the other side to kill him. How can this be the Merrick I know? He took Drudun’s book and murdered the man in cold blood. I don’t get it… Merrick seems like the kind of man who would protect someone for anything, but just kill them? In cold blood?”

merrick and spence 11-22

The room was silent, as we took in the information and what it meant. But we still hadn’t found Merrick. “Agaris, are we any closer to finding Merrick?”

“No, but you need to hurry to meet with Captain Corian before he leaves to meet Dahlia. He must know what Merrick has done. him what has happened.

You need to tell Corian about this, he needs to know what has just happened before he goes to meet Dahlia. She has set a trap to lure Tolivar out. Corian is going to join her shortly. I fear that they are walking into a trap. Hurry! He shouted opening a gate for us. We found ourselves on The docks south of West Britain Bank. Captain Corian wasn’t far off.

at docks 11-22


We ran to him. Everyone began telling him what we had learned at the same time. ” Agaris sent us. Merrick has opened the Ocllo door.” Lady Thalia said.  Demoss added excitedly, ” Wait he took the door, no I mean the treasure.” Hemp Knight added, “All the magic is gone. Time Without Dreams checked and it is all gone.” Lady Thalia broke in “A Note was left stating he will deal with Tollivar.”

“ENOUGH!” Captain Corian shouted .”I do not have time for this Merrick. I cannot protect you anymore. Agaris, he should know I do not have time for this right now then. He has Spencer to use if we can reach him. Evidias was working on a spell.”

“No, Corian,” I said raising my voice to be heard. ” He has killed Spencer.”

Holding his head, Corian said in a resigned voice. “Of course he did. If what you are saying is true, I could use your help with capturing Tolivar. He may be the last piece of the puzzle we can get our hands on.” He opened a gate, “Dahlia lured him out, we had to falsify papers stating Elise the Golden was being held prisoner by the Royal Guard. It won’t be long before Tolivar finds out it was a sham.” He said as he stepped through the gate, not looking to see if we followed.

Stepping out of the gate, we found ourselves in a desert facing Tolivar and his juka guards. Eonir, one of the royal guards, was telling Tolivar to turn himself in. He added that if he did, Elise might be set free. Dahlia added that he had to tell everything he knew, but especially where to find Merrick.

tolivar 11-22

tolviar 11-22



Tolivar looked around at the assembly, he began laughing, “Turn myself in? Do you think you could build a prison to hold me?” Ignoring the rest, he turned to Dahlia. “Have you forgotten who trained the man who made you, Dahlia? You are a child, and I trained Merrick myself. You think I cannot get out of a prison that I buried so many inside of?”

dahlia 11-22

“True, but have you forgotten we have Elise. You know what will happen to her if you do not surrender. There will be nothing to keep her from execution. Just tell us where Merrick is. Tell us what he is really after.” I could tell her anger was building. ” I don’t believe in this fairytale of a woman he has killed for. You know that is not what he is.”

Tolivar Fence answered calmly, ” I have no idea where he is. He is mad dog off his leash.” Then his manner hardened, ” But if I find him I will put him down, after what he did to me. So stay out of my way.” Tolivar shoved the guard aside as he moved toward Dahlia. Before he reached her, a gate opened.

tavian appears

Stepping through the gate,  Tavian grabbed Dahlia and shoved her through the gate. “I am through Tolivar. You will not harm her.” Tavian snarled. Before stepping through the gate, he turned and shrugged. “Do what you will with him. It has nothing to do with me.

Tolivar began laughing. “Well played, Very well, it is better this way.”

Captain Corian demanded “Where did he send her?”

“What do I care?” scowling at Corian, he continued, ” Does she know you are conspiring with the Alchemist? I will not let that stand.”

“Are you insane Tolivar?” Puzzled Captain Corian asked.

“You still believe that the murders in Skara Brae are my doing? Then you are worse than a conspirator, you are a fool Corian.” Tolivar said in disgust. I know he turned in the evidence. You have read it. You cannot even see it then?” He shook his head, “Merrick killed the Skara Brae citizens. You have seen the old spy records. In the Skara Brae records, look up the name, Abrian Sadaris. He lived there years ago. That was who Merrick was looking for. I shivered when Tolivar smiled. You know what he is capable of.  He murdered all of them looking for Abriam.  He found him, finally.” Captain Corian stood silently, unable to answer Tolivar. Looking, at the silent Captain, he taunted, ” You have seen the name, I can see the look on your face. Maybe you should tell them what I am talking about? Tell them who their beloved Merrick really is.” Then signaling the juka guards, he order them to attack. As the others fought only Corian and I heard Toviar’s parting words. ” But you won’t get to ask him yourself. I will find him and kill him, he will not harm my grand daughter Elise.”



batlle begins juka body guards 11-22


massive death at jukas 11-22

I didn’t have time to think, as a Juka Lord attacked me. Captain Corian’s blade saved me just in time. The battle was over quickly, with few deaths. Back at the hall, the Captain fell into the first chair he found too tired to stand. Sighing he finally spoke, ” Merrick is not coming back. He never planned on it. For gods sake, he murdered several Royal Guards in their sleep, when Tolivar was in charge… for that alone the King wants him killed on sight. Merrick’s list of crimes, makes Tavian look like a saint.”

“But what did Merrick hope to gain? I asked. “Where do we look for him now?

Corian shrugged, “I do not know. He said he was doing it for some girl trapped in a magical prison. I do not know where Merrick’s lies end and the truth begins, or if there is any truth to it. I feel as if we are caught in a battle between Merrick and Tolivar.  Misdirection and false leads, with just enough information to aid Merrick.”

“He has always been driven by his need to protect his family.” I said, “They have always been more important to him than life.”

Captain Corian nodded in agreement. “This is even extreme for him willing to burn all of his bridges. Its like he has no regard for his life at all anymore, none. What could be so damned important? Because he won’t survive it.”

The discussion continued into the night. Merrick and Tolivar, are like two wily badgers at each others throats. And only both of them know what is actually going on. Family seemed to be the key. Merrick protecting Dahlia, his niece. Tolivar protecting his granddaughter Elise. A blood feud? Why? A question we couldn’t answer. It was clear though that Merrick had been planning this for a long time. Merrick had used us as his willing pawns. Still there was the feeling that we had missed an important piece of the puzzle. At last we tired and with aching heads, it was decided we needed sleep. As we left I remembered that for the first time Tolivar seemed genuinely afraid for once. Like he knew Merrick would kill his grand daughter if he didn’t stop running from him. Before Captain Corian left, he had said, ” I have a feeling that the events are coming to an ugly head soon.”  I could only agree.  A feeling of dread filled the night air.

Betrayal of Elisa the Golden

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In anger, the King summoned us to the royal spy headquarters. Slamming his closed fist against the table next to him with the statue, He demanded, “Am I being too easy and too relaxed? Is that why Minax just waltzed into Trammel into my throne room? Why she thought it was so simple to just do whatever she pleased? He didn’t wait for us to answer. ” Is this why traitors to Britannia walk the streets? Enough, my guards have been commanded to execute all traitors when caught! No trials, no public voices for the traitors  Tolivar Fence, Merrick the Alchemist, Vos Marigna, Elisa the Golden, Olivette Greyblade, Ariel White, Joseph the Cook.”

event 11-30.


We looked at each other another confused and worried. No trials, this was against all the virtues we swore to protect. I couldn’t help but wonder why my King was driven to take these actions. Fearing for my head, I decided to wait to ask. Later in his chambers, I asked. Scowling, he replied, “I owe no explanations. But good bard for the sake of realm and history, I will tell you. They are to be shown no mercy for the crimes they have committed against Britannia in the background of Casca, and alongside it. The murders of 19 citizens of Britannia, 14 Royal Guards, and 7 Nobles. This small little group in the absence of King, sought fit to dispense whatever justice they felt was warranted. All happening under the guise of the Royal Spies and doing what was “right.” He handed me several books, the missing Royal Spy archives.  I went the Royal Library to read them. No wonder they had been hidden. Written by Merrick the Alchemist, they told of atrocities the group had committed. Merrick the Alchemist admitted to several of the atrocities, and witnessing most of the ones detailed. No wonder these had been hidden. Sadly I closed the archives and placed them on a shelf for all to read.

The following day, Agaris called us to headquarters to share what he had learned. To our surprised Elise the Gold was waiting for us. Removing her hand from her neck, she demanded to know why we sent an assassin. ” It will take more than some fool with a blade to do me in.” Looking closer I saw a thin line of blood on her neck. Spitting on the ground, “You send assassins after me, and expect me to not respond. Get them!” she shouted, attacking.

attacked by elsia


Brigands and executioners joined the battle from behind the buildings.

executions in brit 11-30


Watching Elise, I saw her stumble, could the blade been poisoned? As I watched, it became harder for her to parry and block blows. Suddenly she stumbled back from an obvious wound. I tried to reach her side. Shouting at me, she lunged toward another guard. “Stay away! You will not have me. You there kill them.” Moving through the battle, she spied Govener Jahajx Jov. Kicking and push people aside, she confronted him. “Blockade and destroy my ships. You stupid fool, with your fleet of ships. Fine, I will burn Trinsic’s shops and make their merchants flee the city.” She began to laugh deviously. Find me if you can in time, but first have some more company. Release the Dragons!” Then she was gone.

elisa's gift 11-30

Leaving with some of the guard, the Governor hurried to defend Trinsic. I admired her tactics dividing our forces and making us fight on two fronts. Before we could finish our battle, the urgent call to assist Trinsic came.  Those of us who could, rush to assist Trinisc. Arriving we found Elisa and her Mercenaries attacking the Pearl of Trinsic. Smiling she ordered her men to steal all the jewels they could carry, “I do not care if they are being tossed to the bottom of the ocean.” Coughing Elisa looked around for the Governor,

pearl replace

liza replacement


“Hah, like a coward Trinsic’s Governor flees . He thinks… *coughs* He is going to kill me.” She fell against the wall by the jewelers. Blood flowing from a deep cut in her side. “You… you won’t get to see…me die.” Kicking and pushing she disappeared into the crowd managing a recall spell.

agaris 12-13

Agaris joined us at the jewelry shop. ” What’s going on here? There were bandits and Blood Flagons at the city gates! We had to fight our way in.” I explained that Elisa the Golden had attacked us. First in Britain by the hall, then here. “Ah that explains the bodies I found when I arrived.  I heard Governor Jahajx Jov call for arms and came as fast as we could.” Again he looked at the bloody field. “Did she explain why she decided to attack?”

“She accused us of sending an assassins to kill her.” I replied. ” She recalled before we could capture her. I don’t think she will go far, she has been badly wounded and I fear poisoned.”

“I was afraid of this… we tried to wiped out her ships hoping to capture her. The Trinsic Fleet blockaded them in, north of Minoc. They were circling around to Britain, and we sank them .” Worried Agaris asked,” You said she was badly wounded?” I nodded yes. “Then I fear  Merrick will end her life. When I looked puzzled he explained.  “Evidia’s story that Merrick stole the gems bothered me, so I confronted her. She said she caught Merrick, in Skara Brea, taking the young girl. He said he just needed the blood of someone from the bloodline that sealed Izumu in. To stop the killings, she agreed to help him. She said she felt like she owed him, for his part in helping to save the Weld. She didn’t know that he was using the blood to he is trying to release a Djinn.  It is urgent that we find Merrick. He paused, ” I have an idea of where I can find information. Meet me tomorrow and the hunt will begin.

Ancient Treasures Day 14- Captain Elise and the statue of Izum

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Lake Austin Shard


Arriving at the hall, I found Captain Elise, the Golden  inside the hall trying to pull up the statue of Izum. Stopping when she saw me, she growled, ” I knew it was too good to be true, they said the town was empty.” She began working her way to the door.

“We have just returned to meet with Captain Corian. You have trapped yourself.” I said trying to block the door.

Still she made a run for it. Finding herself blocked, she demanded to know who had betrayed her. ” I’ll have their ugly head for this.! You don’t betray me!

Lady Thalia questioned her,” Did you arrange the murders in Skara Brae?” The captain seemed to be surprised by the question. Then she laughed, “Well not yet, but if you’d like to die I can arrange that.”

attacked by elsia

Knowing the Captain, people grouped for a battle. The greater Dragons roared eager for blood. We didn’t have to wait long. As Captain Elisa’s hired Brigands attacked us from all sides.

bridangs summoned by elisa

Seeing they were no match for our forces, Elisa summoned two Crimson Dragons then slipped away.


elisa's gift 11-30


Many a life was given for the slow progress towards the docks. Finally lead by Artemis , we caught up with her. Seeing us she began laughing. “You should have just arrested me instead of following. “You, keep them busy! she shouted as more of her men came out of the buildings by the docks. For once she joined the fight, attacking one person then another. All the while moving towards the docks. ” Well, at least they are good at dying. That’s good for something. Now I won’t have to pay them.” she said stepping over the brigand’s dead bodies. “Come on, die a little slower!  I just need some more time.

brit deaths



brit docks


I stopped in shock at her indifference at the deaths. Was this her true nature. “Give up, your fighters are outnumbered.”

Still she moved closer to the docks, all the time shouting at the fighters. “Don’t let them near me.” pushing people aside. “Keep your hands off me. I said keep them away, I need a bit more time…”

caught at last

At last we had her trapped, one of the guards chained her. Looking around, she smiled sweetly, ” I’m too pretty for chains, maybe you’ll help me? 100,000 gold pieces, to the men who fight for me.” Our only response was commanding the Dragons to guard her. They seemed only to happy to do so as they threatened her. Pushing away she ran to the docks. Just before jumping in, she taunted us. You think I’m in trouble, it’s you. There is no one after me. They’re after you.” then laughing she dove into the water. I hurried to the water looking for some sign of her. Would she would rather drown than be captured. I shook my head. No she is too smart for that. I knew we would see her again.


who betrayed her


Just then I heard Agais . “I saw the fighting and followed it as quickly as I could.” Agaris sighed, “I still got here too late. He listened to our reports. In disbelief, he asked if she had really jumped into the water. “Is she insane?”

“Insane or very clever.” I answered. “She did say that she had a ship close by.” “She didn’t have to jump in the water to escape. Why not just board a docked ship?’ I asked.

“No,” Agaris agreed. She made her way down here to prove a point. She knew that after diving into the water, she could ride the current down the shore line.” Frowning he asked, “You said that she was trying to steal the statue of Izum?”

“Yes, Agaris and she was surprised when we returned from Skara Brae.” I replied while the others nodded in agreement. ” But who told her we would be gone?”

“I think I can tell you who.”  I spotted one of Merrick’s old friends, Savael by the docks in Skara” Agaris told us.” I don’t believe she knows who gave her the information.” It seemed strange to me that for Merrick try to help her… and then I got to thinking. I think Tolivar was trying to help her. But he couldn’t have known how long we would be distracted in Skara.”

“But why steal the statue. Perhaps to open the door?” I asked Agaris. “Its odd, one group wants the statue, while another is using blood. Could it be you need both?”

“Hum.. perhaps. Tolivar seems dead set on keeping Merrick from finding the Treasure. At the same time not giving Elise what she needs to get to it?” Agaris wrinkled his head in thought, “It’s like… helping but, tying one hand behind your back. Just enough help, for them to fail.”

“Well, if we assume the treasure is something or someone important to Merrick.” Thalia added. “Tolivar may have been the one responsible for trapping it or her.”

“I believe you are right. That must be why Merrick turned on him,trying to turn him in and getting him out of the way.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Tolivar knows exactly what is going on. The door seems to be the key. I remember something about “Izumu” guarding it, or something. I will have to go back and see if i can find. With what has happened, it is a good thing I convinced Evidias to spell down the remaining objects, after what Merrick did.”

“We still haven’t found the Tokuno connection,” I added. “I have a feeling the connection is very important.”

Rubbing his head, Agaris nodded. ” I need to go about moving things. I will have Evidias move the statue  and anything related to the ancient treasure to the Mongbat village, in the Lost Lands. I feel better having Iskur and the Weld keep an eye on the items. I apologize but we will speak again soon. I need to tell Corian we’ve brought him a guest as well. The killer, clearly knows more, and who hired him.”


mongbat village


After Agaris left, we contiuned to discuss the events. “Merrick clearly knew more than he said about it. He clearly deflected us from following up.” Thalia said.

“There are 10 more statues. Maybe one of those will be used. Or are they being used to hid the real one?” Catalyst added.”

I nodded, “There is still so many questions. Who is doing the prepretaion to open the door? Who’s blood is needed and why, to summon a deamon?”

Thalia thought for a momunt, “Remember Dahlia’s reaction to the statue, she said it seemed like it was watching.”

“Yes, I agreed, “She wouldn’t even stand next to it.” At last we left for our homes, with much to think about. So many clues that seemed to lead to no where. Perhaps a goodnight sleep would help clear up the matters. Dreams tell many things.


Ancient Treasures-Day 14-Murder in Skara

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lake austin shard

Governor Rowan looked angrily at Captain Guy after reading his report. “How could another murder happen again. Where were you,” She raged. He stepped back out of striking range. ” Governor, we were guarding the shores and ferry crossing as ordered. My ranks have shrunk. Some rangers are gathering meat for winter.”

“That is no excuse. Call back the rangers from hunting. These assaults and murders must be stopped ” Frowning, she stopped pacing. “If there is one more assault or murder, you will find yourself in Yew prison! Now get out of here and find the killers!” Quickly he left. Governor Rowan sat down and wrote a message to Captain Corian requesting an urgent meeting. She told him what the rangers had found. A trail of blood leading first to a scroll. A.M.E.L. I.A. had been written several times on it. Continuing to follow the trail, they found signs of a struggle, a torn dress and a scroll that said keep them in Ice.

clue bloody dress


I went with Agaris to meet with the governor. “Governor Rowan, Captain Corian sent me to assist in your investigation. ” he said bowing. “As soon as the dress had been found, I took the royal spies and guards to Ice dungeon. There we found signs that a blood ritual had been performed.”

Governor Rowan looked at him in shock, “What evidence of a blood ritual did you find.” She demanded.

“We found a sword that had been rinsed off in a bucket. A scroll mentioning Skara’s Butcher shop.  But the most disturbing, a scroll saying the her blood didn’t work so they needed another. The blood had to be from the woman taken from Skara.

ice note 2

Governor Rowan looked at notes that she had been given. “I read that items bearing the crest of the Humming Bird, Fox on the Riven and Komodo Dragon were found. Have you found the connection to these Tokuno Houses?”

Agaris shook his head, “Not yet Governor, our search will continue. But our first priority is to find the murder of your citizens.” With that he bowed and left Governor Rowan to her thoughts.

 The following day Agaris and I went to the Bountiful Meats. There we found more drops of blood.

butcher shop owner

“Mistress Odette, how many apprentices do you have?”

“I don’t know why you need to know, but I have three. I just hired two of them.”

“What can you tell us about your apprentices? Have you noticed any thing strange about their behavior?”

“No, they have been excellent workers, eager to learn. They work until the shop closes, which with the goings on have made me close early,” Odette began tapping her foot, “I pay my taxes so what are you doing about the murders?”

“We are investigating a lead and soon will capture the killer. Can you tell us where your apprentices are?” asked Agaris

Scowling at Agaris, Odette demanded. “Just why do you need to see the boys. The shop has just opened, so they should be on there way here. Don’t you keep those boys, I need them here. “

“Since they close up the shop at night, I’m hoping they saw something.” Agaris replied as he left the shop. Finding the apprentices outside he called them over one at a time. Having arrived the royal guard kept the others from leaving. Agaris first questioned Eram the Apprentice Butcher.


E. the suspect


“I have just a couple of questions for you,”  Agaris began. ” The night of the murder did you leave the shop?”

“No, I was here the whole time.” Eram stopped. “Well for a moment I went to get a pie from the Baker’s”

“Are you left or right handed?” Eram, favoring his left leg, took a step back,”Why do you ask?”

Agaris, noticed how Eram favored his leg. “We are asking everyone as part of the investigation. And you are sure you went nowhere else tonight?”

“Positive, I left and then went straight home. I live right outside of Skara.”

“Thank you Eram, you can go to work now.”


 When Agaris called Denton over, he noticed the lad seem nervous.

“Hello Denton, I need to ask you a couple of questions.”

“Make them quick. I’m very busy.” Denton said trying to move toward the shop. Why are you bothering me?

We need your help in our investigation. The other night, here in Skara Brae, where were you?”

“Here until closing.” Denton replied.

“Are you sure you didn’t leave the shop until closing?”

Moving towards the shop’s door, he answered “No, I was definitely here all night.”

“So until closing, interesting. Are you left or right handed?”

Hiding his hand behind him, “Left handed why are you asking? Denton asked suspiciously.

Agaris saw that Denton’s hand was badly cut. “And you are sure you didn’t leave the shop?”

“No, I was here until the shop closed. Then I went straight home.”

“Where do you live” “Right outside Skara. Now I must get to work.” Denton quickly slipped through the door.

Frowning Agaris approached the last Apprentice

“Hello there Aldrick, may we have a moment of your time?”

suspect 2

“Yes, but I need to get to work.” Aldrick answered.

“We just need to ask you a few questions.”

“What about?” Aldrick asked curiously.”

“The other night, here in Skara Brae, where were you?” “Here working in the shop, like always.”

“The entire night, are you sure you did not leave the shop? Well for a moment, went to the Inn for some bread. I was hungry”

“I see… Are you left or right handed?” Agaris continued.

“I don’t see why it matters, I am left handed.”Aldrick looked puzzled.

“Where did you go after the shop closed?” “Right home, I live just outside of Skara, can I go to work now?” Aldrick started towards the door.

“Yes, thank you for your help.?” Agaris motioned to us to follow him. “Well it is clear that one of them is lying. I tried asking around with a few of the Guards who patrol outside of the city. He said he’s seen two of them nearby But he didn’t pay them much attention, or get a good look at them.”

Where do we go from here? I asked.

“We should probably go check the crime scene again, Evidias gave me another potion… thankfully I don’t have to drink it.” he said with a grimace. Maybe we can find out what hand the killer was using with the sword. He looked at the bottle, hoping Evidias didn’t create a potion that will blow him up… When he lead us to the dress, everyone gathered closely around to see what the potion would do.” Can we have some space around the dress please.  Now, I guess I just pour out a bit.” Agaris frowned at what he learned. “Cut by a sword, I was hoping it had been grabbed.”

drss step 1


“Wouldn’t doing it with the sword make more sense?” Lady Thaila asked.

Yes, but we need to check everything. I made us a more convenient way into Ice.” Agaris said as he opened a gate to Ice. Arriving he poured a small bit of the potion on to the sword. “Hum, a left handed sword.” “Denton and Aldrick were both left handed. Eram was right handed and had a limp. That would rule him out.

” I reminded Agairis that Denton had hidden his cut hand from us.

“True but he might have done it while cutting up meat.”

Agaris,  he could have used the sword in his left hand. That misuse could have caused him to cut himself” I pointed out.

Agaris deep in thought began frowning. “This sword doesn’t help. Someone is playing us.  Looking around Agaris found a set of tracks, “Hum…who ever made these tracks was limping.  I wonder?  All of them stayed at the shop until closing…wait, is there a baker in Skara?”

“No,” I answered. “Last time I wanted piece of cake, I had to return to Britain.”

Smiling, “We have found our killer,” Agaris opened a gate back to Skara. Now to arrest him.” We followed him as he stepped through the gate. Arriving, Agaris confronted Eram.

the killer caught

” Evening again Eram. I have come to take you to Yew Prison.” Agaris motioned for the guard to surround Eram.

“But I covered it all up so well, curse you, how did you know?” Eram demanded.

“You tried to cover your tracks. When we found the misused grip on the sword, we assumed it was Denton, who cut himself as you knew we would. But you left tracks. They were of some one limping and only you were limping.” You also said you went to the baker for pie. Skara Brae doesn’t have a baker. Tell us who hired you.” Agaris signaled the guards to cuff Eram.

“I’d rather die, besides they will send another in my place.” scowled.

“You won’t get a chance. Clearly, you were willing to let an innocent be hanged in your place.  Yew Prison will be now be your home for life.

Agaris looked at us, ” I will return shortly after I escort this prisoner to Yew. Don’t want to risk hm getting a chance to warn whoever hired him. If they don’t know he’s failed, perhaps we can replace him for now. Meet me at Britain Hall, I will join you after I report the matter to Captain Corina.” He then opened two gates, one to the Yew Prison and the other to Britain  Hall.

Ancient Treasures Day 8 part 2

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stones unlocked

Stepping through the gate, we arrived in a room.  In the middle stood a platform with squares and rock.  Dahlia studied the platform for a while. “Perhaps some, sort of puzzle? Maybe the rocks go on the squares.” She began to move the rocks, “Heavy things.” Then as she placed one of the rocks she heard a click. “Hum, nothing has happened, are we…missing something?”
“Yanice the Odd, said the other side. ” reminded Richard Cranium.
“Both sides… other side? but what does it mean the other side?
“Fel, Felucca? said Restless, Thalia and Sabeth as one.
“Felucca, well…I guess that’s another side. ” said Dahlia thoughtfully.
“Ya, Fel side of here, like a mirror? suggested Manitcore.
“Well… I guess that’s another side?” Dahlia said casing a gate, Here we go.” When we arrived through the gate, we found another platform matching the one we had just left.  The same except for one detail.

the other side with symbols

“Symbols in place of the squares, so… they look like pairs, well most of them but what does that mean.
“So…what does that mean?” asked Scared One.
Manticore was the first to notice that each symbol also had a word.  He began to put them in order ,”Dark Moon Blotted Out the Sun Light From One to One.”


Thinking about what Manticore said, Dahlia opened a gate. “Why are you waiting? Back to Trammel!” Dahlia shouted excitedly.  Once we were back,  Dahlia began to put the rocks on the squares using the order of  Manticore’s  sentence.

back to tram
When the last stone was placed a gate opened.  But to where?  We began to discuss where the gate might lead.
” We are to return where?” Dahlia pressing her hand to her head.
“Back to Fel?” asked Richard Cranium
While Restless suggested, “back to the door?
No,” disagreed Dahlia, ” “It said, “Return, return, backward”
After thinking for a bit, Richard Cranium said, ” Back to the cave?”  Manticore agreed.
“Backwards? Why not couldn’t hurt.” Dahlia laughed and stepped through the gate.
Looking at each other, I said with a grimace, “Where have we heard that before?”  Nodding we prepared, warriors drawing their weapons, Mages reading spells, and dragons put on guard.

Ancient Treasure Day 6

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Captain Corian approached  us explaining that  Merrick was going to be late. ” He is still  working on the broken Cypher issue with Calin the Blind.”

“My royal spies, I need your help dealing with a brawl in Yew” Captain Corian said.

When we arrived in Yew, we found  brawl going on in the Tanners shop in the center of the city.

“Pirates again!” someone shouted!  “Show them how we deal with brigands.”

Quickly we joined in the fight.   Several Jukan  Blood Flagon Pirates had focused their  attack on  a man named Tamin the Recursive. After defeating the pirates,  we discussed what had happened.

“Why would Jukan pirates come here and attack. This is very worrisome. Captain Corian must be told. Maybe Tamin can shed some light on this.  Time to question him.”

When questioned, Tamian  became upset and confessed that he had been holding onto a green jewel call the “Emeris’s Jade Sea” though he called it by another name   This gem had been identified by a Jeweler in the city .   He said that twelve years ago  it belonged to a wealthy Noble. before it was stolen.

In frustration, Timan threw the jewel at us.  “I didn’t steal it, I was paid good money to hold it.  They told me some one would come for it. I figured it was the thief who had stole it.  I’ve held it for twelve years.  I’m tired of being attacked by pirates and thieves.  I sick of unsavory men trying to buy it. I’ve  been holding it for twelve years for someone. That jewel has brought me nothing but ill luck. ” shaking his head, he looked at us “Take it, I don’t care if I was paid to hold on to it.  No jewel is worth my life.”

” Looking at the Jewel”, we asked.  ” Who gave it to you?”

“Decarpus” replied Timan.  ” I tried to find him to give it back, but I couldn’t find him or anyone who knew where he was.”

“What did the man look like?”

Timan thought for a moment.  ” As far as I can remember, he had long black hair and tan skin.”

We discussed the situation.  “If we were to protect him, we might catch this Decarpus.”

We told Timan that we could keep him safe.  In disgust, he looked at the jewel and recalled as quickly as he could.

When Corian arrived, we  told him  what has transpired. He looked at the jewel in disbelief.  “This might have something to do with Merrick’s treasure.  I better keep it.”.

“Tolivar has asked me have you all keep an eye on Merrick for him.” said Captian Corian.   “He said the last time the treasure came up, he started behaving shifty.  Tolivar never figured out what he was up to either…  Which is unusual for Tolivar, I’d wager Merrick learned from him a little too well, ” he continued.  “That is why Tolivar had him take over  you ,the Royal Spies, to begin with, he finally pulled the wool over his old Master Spies’ eyes.  Anyhow, Tolivar seemed genuinely worried about Merrick for once.  But he seems intent enough on it, to keep all of it from Dahlia.”

When  mentioned that perhaps Merrick sees it as a contest with Whitebeard, Corian responded,, “It could be, I remember when we found Merrick the first time, when Whitebeard abandoned him with that tiny boat on an island in the middle of nowhere.  Anyhow… keep it to yourself.”

I need you to go to  Merrick. “You’ll find him in Castle Britain.”

When we found him.  Merrick told us he had figured something out.

“That note mentioned Higher, Higher. I believe that means for us to go higher.”

Quickly we went to the roof of Castle Britain. There we found another note with an image on it as well as another riddle.

“On either side them an endless river far too wide, beyond the place of living and the place of dying.  In between them stone.  On one side, follow north, but only half as far as the second city.  In the south you will find the moon.”


day 6 map 1

Confused at first, we began discussing it.  As we start naming off places, cities and dangerous places. “Wait ,”  Merrick said “This  could be referring to a city, and something near it. ” Overlaying it on a map of nearby Britain he discovers this:

day 6 map 2

“This small triangular location correlates to a small cave!” he exclaimed in excitement.

Inside the cavern, we found it filled with strange objects, presumably to create Magical Keys.

day 6 cavern

Merrick found another note attached beneath the small sitting bench.  It reads:

I borrowed several things from the Alabaster Keep in Ilshenar. The Ternium Bricks were hard to take, cold as ice. They froze nearly everything I tried to place them into. I do not know how Lorick manages. While attempting to get one of the Sivarum Looking Glasses. I stumbled upon a room of damaged ones and took one of them instead.

I tried to build a Dreamshade lamp, but was not successful. The proper process uses the same materials as for a Frozen Dream Lamp. But when done in the right amounts, will create something different. They call it a Dreamshade lamp. The creation of the type of magical keys I need requires one. It won’t matter if I can get the dust required to reveal the doors. Without a pair of keys for it.

There is a list of the things I have found so far that are necessary to find it. I have hidden it in the gardens of the Alabaster Keep, just in case.

We begin discussing locations, bringing up different cities .  Merrick  discounted each of them. He said that they were all to obvious and that someone would have seen something by now.

Then someone mentioned that it might be an area in Ilshenar  “We can there by accessing the spider caverns.”

Taking a teleporter to an Island area in Southeastern Ilshenar, we found the location we are looking for.   More of the same magical key crafting material can be found upstairs:

day 6 first room


day 6 room 2

day 6 room3

day 6 room  4

Looking in the last room, we found a damage piece of paper that reads:

If someone finds this, I beg them to finish what I started.  You have probably tried already and failed to find it.  I have failed more times than I can count now, but with my help you may succeed.  If you found any of the clues with the word, “A.M.E.L.I.A.” on them, then I am already dead.  I cannot say for sure what it means, but I am certain it is not just a name.

I have discovered several of the items I will need to find the location:

1. Magical Dust, from a creature near Althaye’s Garden.
2. A strange Mechanical Cypher.
3. An enchanted gem with a map carved inside, known as Eschia’s Simmering Sea.
4. A set of magical keys, crafted from a Sivarium Looking Glass, reinforced with Ternium and shadow essence.
5. Four “keystones” used with the magic map to be used in the Mechanical Cypher.
6. A list of locations, seven in total where Doorways have been spotted.
7. Essence of Dreamwhisper.

Using a charcoal rubbing, Merrick found another location on the other side.   Realizing it is likely in Ilshenar, it is overlaid and moved across the map.

day 6 map 3


day 6 map 4

Following the map we ended up in the desert.  Searching, we accidently  encountered a strange magical creature, called a Dreamwhisper.

It disappeared, but Merrick realized he must have stepped in some of the magic dust from before.  Taking the globe he has been carrying , he  poured more dust until the creature  is revealed again.

We quickly dispatched the creature. Looking at  one of the Frozen Dream Lantern’s , he  had been carrying, was now charged with the creatures magic.


day6 lamp

Arriving back at the meeting hall, ” Hum”  Merrick said ” I  wonder where the “Essence of Dreamwhisper” comes from.”  Touching the lamp, a strange dust flew into Merrick’s face.  Merrick suddenly felt ill.  “It seems ,I just swallowed some Dreamwhisper essence then.”  I wonder if throwing the roses into the lamp would provide it fuel to light it. Would one of you toss the Dreamshade Roses into the lamp for me?”

Merrick moved farther away, “I suggest that the rest of you join me.  You never know what will happen.”

The lamp didn’t light up.  “I guess it would be better to leave it to Evidias. I’m a bit surprised it didn’t explode.”

Looking queasy, “I think I should find a healer to take a look at me.”






Ancient Treasure Day 5 (part 3)

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Upon arriving in Jhelom,  Merrick found he had no money.  “This way,” he called. “That bar keep won’t let me have a tab anymore.  Claims I caused a bar fight… And didn’t pay for the damage…” Merrick paused “Well… I kind of did…”
Laughing we followed him back to the meeting house.  Merrick stopped in surprise. “Hello Anette?”

” I apologize for breaking anonymity, Merrick,  but it was urgent. Anette said.

“Urgent, well we have nothing else to do. He replied.  It is fine, everyone here can be trusted, what is wrong?”

Pirates have been gathering outside the city to the North of here. They snuck in, anchored offshore, unloaded some men and then the ship sailed off.” explained Anette.

“You said Pirates? How many did you see? asked Merrick? ”
It was hard to tell, they swam to shore with weapons tied to their backs.  I was going to warn the Town Guard, but thought you should know first.  Anette said frowning in worry.

“So they hit us while we are distracted… ”   Merrick reassured her. “No need, we will handle the situation ourselves.  Thank you Anette.  You did Jhelom a service that won’t be forgotten, not by the city, or me.”
Looking at us, smiling Merrick said, “I’m in the mood to kill some pirates. Who is with me?”

Looking for a fight, we all agreed and set off to find the pirates.  But when we found them, we couldn’t help but notice that Blood Flagon pirates had …White Wyrms.   That didn’t stop us.  Our tamers knew that they were no match for their Greater Dragons.




defeting the w w


At last the pirates and the White Wyrms were defeated.  “Is that the last of them?” Merrick asked as he looked around.

“Seems so,” Dregg replied.

“Yes sir,” agreed Savannah Rose.

“Hurry, I know what they were after.  To the Meeting hall.” Merrick shouted as he ran.  When we arrived, Jahajx Jov reached out, touching the
invisible wall.

Merrick sighed in relief, “Good, the magic hasn’t been disturbed. It doesn’t make sense. What were they after, all we found were blank maps? He thought for a minute. ” What if the maps aren’t important.  Hum Two maps… cypher parts and a red jewel?”  Merrick went into the secret room and picked up the Shimmering Sea of Eshia.   He continued,  “What if the maps, were just a clue, and the Cypher needed two maps to be decoded. But that maps… weren’t maps… the jewels were the maps. I wonder what would happen if I held the gems up to a light?”

“Try it, ” encouraged Zeke Terra, and Merrick did.  As we watched him hold up first the Shimmering Sea of Eshia and then the red gem, black dots appeared on the walls.

“Wow! nicely done.” exclaimed Richard Cranium.

With a grin, Merrick said, “Guess what? Whitebeard isn’t one step ahead of us anymore. I wager that if we fix the Cypher, we can get to the key first and open that door south of Occllo.”

“Woot,” shouted Zeke Terra, “Let’s do it.”

“here is the rub… the Cypher is broken.” Merrick suddenly smiled, “I know just the person who can fix it.  Anyone remember Calin the Blind?”

“No,” replied JINX.

“Funny old man, lives on an island alone in the ocean, but he is good at fixing things and solving magical puzzles.” explained Merrick. “So Whitebeard wants the magical dust, I’m willing to bet we don’t need it anymore.” He might have the key we need to open the door, but I bet he doesn’t even know it.” Merrick smiled. “So if we give him the dust… he’ll hand over what needs decoding, without knowing it” Laughing  Merrick continued, “so Whitebeard thinks he put one over me. After Calin fixes the cypher, We’re going to find us a magical key and treasure.”   Jingling his gold pouch, Merrick jumped up.  “Anyone for a drink?”  Once we all had drinks, Merrick told us of his adventures with Whitebeard.about the time he sailed on Whitebeard’s ship, and how Whitebeard had figured him out, used him to help him steal something valuable and then marooned Merrick with a tiny boat on an island in the ocean.  No wonder, Merrick’s dislike of pirates and his mistrust of Whitebeard.  All to soon it was time to say goodnight.  I thought about the adventures we had that day and what we had learned.  Singing as I went home, I couldn’t help but wonder, what adventures would be next.