Ancient Treasures Day 8 part 2

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stones unlocked

Stepping through the gate, we arrived in a room.  In the middle stood a platform with squares and rock.  Dahlia studied the platform for a while. “Perhaps some, sort of puzzle? Maybe the rocks go on the squares.” She began to move the rocks, “Heavy things.” Then as she placed one of the rocks she heard a click. “Hum, nothing has happened, are we…missing something?”
“Yanice the Odd, said the other side. ” reminded Richard Cranium.
“Both sides… other side? but what does it mean the other side?
“Fel, Felucca? said Restless, Thalia and Sabeth as one.
“Felucca, well…I guess that’s another side. ” said Dahlia thoughtfully.
“Ya, Fel side of here, like a mirror? suggested Manitcore.
“Well… I guess that’s another side?” Dahlia said casing a gate, Here we go.” When we arrived through the gate, we found another platform matching the one we had just left.  The same except for one detail.

the other side with symbols

“Symbols in place of the squares, so… they look like pairs, well most of them but what does that mean.
“So…what does that mean?” asked Scared One.
Manticore was the first to notice that each symbol also had a word.  He began to put them in order ,”Dark Moon Blotted Out the Sun Light From One to One.”


Thinking about what Manticore said, Dahlia opened a gate. “Why are you waiting? Back to Trammel!” Dahlia shouted excitedly.  Once we were back,  Dahlia began to put the rocks on the squares using the order of  Manticore’s  sentence.

back to tram
When the last stone was placed a gate opened.  But to where?  We began to discuss where the gate might lead.
” We are to return where?” Dahlia pressing her hand to her head.
“Back to Fel?” asked Richard Cranium
While Restless suggested, “back to the door?
No,” disagreed Dahlia, ” “It said, “Return, return, backward”
After thinking for a bit, Richard Cranium said, ” Back to the cave?”  Manticore agreed.
“Backwards? Why not couldn’t hurt.” Dahlia laughed and stepped through the gate.
Looking at each other, I said with a grimace, “Where have we heard that before?”  Nodding we prepared, warriors drawing their weapons, Mages reading spells, and dragons put on guard.

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