Ancient Treasures Day 8 Part 1

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When Dahlia called a meeting of the Royal Spies, the King requested that I attend.  Arriving early, I noticed  few had arrived.  But the hall quickly filled up until there was standing room only.  People were quietly discussing the treasure hunt, the recent pirate attacks and Merrick’s role.   When Dahlia arrived the room became silent as we stopped our discussions.   Looking around, she began to frown, “Has anyone seen Evidias, did she step out?”
” I haven’t seen her,” replied Richard Cranium.
Lady Thalia said, ” She seems to be following clues from Merrick”
“Her investigation is still going on,” added Meanie Monster.
“Following clues from Merrick, what are you talking about?” Dahlia asked in a puzzlement.  Lady Thalia handed her the book of clues that she had found.
As Dahlia readed the report frown lines began to form.
” When I talked to Adama,” said Lady Thalia, “he  said Evidias read some notes from Merrick and rushed out.”
Slightly irked, Dahlia closed the book, ” He has been busy then. When I asked her earlier, she lied to me saying that she hadn’t.  Did she at least finish this?”

Looking at each other, no one replied.  In frustration Dahlia kicked the table and grabbed the crook of of it. ” Wo… ah… what… woah…” Where did these items come from.  Is this crook the key we have been looking for? I sent Evidias to finding a way to finish a key for the door outside of Occllo.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “The wheel  was use to make the keys.” reminded Zippy Bubblelips


” Perhaps so, can you use it on the orb?” asked Richard Cranium:
“Come we need to go to the door in  Occllo to test it.”  and she started for the door.  “Wait… wait a minute,  I haven’t been outside of Occllo in a few days.  I’m not sure how safe it is. Before we get going we need to be prepared. Others are after what’s behind the door.””
“I’m sure its not,” Restless said as he called for his dragon to follow and guard him.
Quickly we followed Dahlia though the gate she had cast. ” We must have gotten here first.”  as she  looked around.  Suddenly Bloody Flagon pirates attacked.  ” I spoke to soon,” she shouted and the battle began.

1st attack

Out numbering the pirates the battle was quickly over.  ” Perhaps they didn’t have a way in, and wanted to take ours?” Dahlia said as she approached the door.  “So do I just…?” and she waved the staff around the door.  When nothing happened, she tried tapping the door with the crook. Again nothing happened.  “Does anyone have any, experience unlocking magical doors?”
Sabrina Banana replied pointing at Meanie,  ” Meanie does.”
Everyone looked hopefully at him.  “I’m sorry while I have opened magic chests.  I haven’t had experience with doors.” he said shaking his head.

door won't open

People began shouting out suggestions.  “Kick it,” suggested Jinx.  *
Dahlia kicked the wooden door with no luck. “You said, Evidias got off to somewhere, or something of Merrick’s?  Did you find out what it was?”
“Yes.  we found several of Merrick’s notes in Trinsic, but the trail ended at two sets of coordinates.” replied Lady Thalia.
“What did the Weld, or Marouk have to say about it?” she asked Lady Thalia. knowing she has a special relationship with the Weld.
Shaking her head, Lady Thalia replied, ” I did not see her at Mongbat village. I did not ask Marouk”
“Bah, Coordinates, don’t have time to track down coordinates. Dahlia said with disgust.
“There has to be something more to open the door.” Dahlia poured Dreamshade into the lamp.  It is time to try… things.” with that she dipped the crook into the lamp. “Alright… this might not be safe…”
Remembering what had happened before with Dreamshade,  “My lady are you sure you want to do that?” I asked backing up.
“Well…oaky then” Dahlia said with a determined look and proceeded to prod door with the Dreamshade enchanted staff.
Slowly the door opened. Smiling Dahila said, ” That seemed to work,”  leading us through the door.   To our surprise we ended up in a cavern that had several passages.  “It seems so empty, why so empty.  I guess we need to spread out. ” Dahlia said as she started down one of the passages.   We began to search the passages and found our selves back where we had begun.  “Is this a maze or some kind of joke?’ Dahlia said angrily as she lead us back  down the passages and into a gate that suddenly appeared.   Walking through the gate we found ourselves surrounded by an enclosed hedge area.  In the corner stood a strange person, Yanice the Odd.   Dahlia approached, “Hello, yes you.” she said as
Yanice the Odd, slowly seemed to notice her, and answered with a riddle, “It winds around, and disappears beneath when tread upon.”
Thinking about the passages we just went through Dahlia said, ” A road?”
Yanice the Odd looked at the Dahlia, “How can you answer an unfinished riddle?”
“Excuse me, go on?” Dahlia blushed.
Yanice the Odd continued, ” It melts into the air at dawn, refilling under the crackling sky, teeming sky.  If you trip, it will carry you away, and if you do not struggle it will take your breath.”
All of us began to think and discuss possible answers.  When Manticore  said “Water?”
Richard Cranium nodded his head in agreement, “Water.”
Dahlia nodded to Manticore and Richard Cranium,” Water… a river?” she asked Yanice the Odd.
Yanice the Odd answered with a wise smile, “They say swim, we say struggling; struggling is all life is.  Against time, or a current.”
Puzzled by the answer, Dahlia asked, “Is there more to the riddle?”
“No,  just advice.” Yanice the Odd replied.
“Which is?”
“If you can see both sides of a situation, perhaps you can solve anything, even this.” But if you are too naive and blind, then you will be lost for all of time.”
“Thank you,” said Sylvar.
“Yes, thank you, but again, what do you ask of us?  asked Dahlia.
“Proceed through the gate to the other side, and remember what I said. Yanice the Odd replied disappearing .

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