Ancient Treasures Day 8 Part 3

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We followed Dahlia through the gate and back into the hedge enclosure. Yanice the Odd was no longer there, instead we meet by Shanna the Quiet.
“Um, Hello there?” greeted Dahlia.
Shanna the Quiet simple said ” A dream, or a nightmare.  Which one will you choose to defeat?”
Without hesitations, Manitcore shouted. “Nightmare!”
Putting it to a vote, Dahlia asked,” Which one do we choose?”
The vote cast, discussions finished, “Okay, nightmare then.” Dahlia told Shanna. “After all does it matter?”

night mare

“Look, there is the nightmare, we will defeat it! Dahlia shouted and leapt in to battle.                                                                                                  “KILL THE NIGHTMARE!” yelled A Sad Panda.
Shanna the Quiet quietly said, “Then go on ahead and try.”
Everything around me dissolved into darkness as A Dream’s burning eyes filled your vision
A Nightmare  tautened, “Come, sweet death… embrace these mine enemies. Behold my power, weaklings.”
The battle was long and hard.  Many of died trying to protect Dahlia.  Our mages braved death themselves to resurrect us.  At last the Nightmares were defeated.
Puzzled, Dahlia said, “We defeated the nightmare, but nothing happened. Will you show us this way?
“Awake from your slumber and see the true terror.  The monsters not in the safety of your dreams when you can easily awake from. Be careful, careful you do not wake from the dream you do not know you stumble in.” warned Shanna the Quiet opening yet another gate.
“The dream, we do not know we are in? How can that be? asked Dahlia.
“Perhaps we were drugged passing through the doors?” suggested Thalia.
“Let’ see…” and Dahlia stepped through the gate.  We followed close behind. The gate lead us to a graveyard filled with deadly flowers.
Looking carefully at them Dahlia pondered. “Aren’t they the one we found outside of Occllo?” But as we were examining  them, we were yet again attacked.

battle of flowers

When the battle was over, “Come,” Dahlia said as she opened a gate back to the meeting hall.
If she is not missing, We still haven’t found Evidias,” said Lady Thalia.
“Unless she is off with Merrick somewhere.  If not… we will have to wait.”  Dahlia nodded at Thalia. “Stay here while I go check with Marouk.”
Suddenly a Mysterious Woman appeared.*lifts her ghostly head*
Richard Cranium was the first to notice her, “hiya,” he greeted her.
Lifting her head, the Mysterious Woman gave a warning , “Beware… Beware Ixum… he watches you now.”
“Ut oh,” Richard Cranium moved way from her.
Thalia asked, “Ixum?”
Mysterious Woman: Oh mighty Ixum… they know not why they come to you.” was her only reply as she faded away leaving a strange statue behind.
Mysterious Woman: Mighty… Ixum…. *fades*
“Just my luck, Marouk says she had not returned yet. At this rate I’ll have to send the spies after her too.” Dahlia muttered. “Merrick what are you doing?”
Richard Cranium asked her, “Did you see the ghostly lady? She left an evil looking statue behind.


“Statue?” asked Dahlia.
“While you were gone a strange lady came.” explained Richard Cranium. “she left that statue.
“We received  a warning. said Lady Thalia pointing to the statue.
“She stated we are being watched by Ixum.” Richard Cranium added.
Richard Cranium: and stated we are being watched, warned
“Where did it come from?” Dahlia asked Thalia and Richard Cranium.
“A ghostly lady dropped it there” they both replied.
” It’s… creepy…” Dahlia shivered. Trying to pick it up it pulled itself back down with its growing weight. “Hum”  Dahlia tried pushing it. It simply settled back in place. “Would someone take it away, its like it is looking at me.”
“I tried, but I am not strong enough.” Richard Cranium said.
Dahlia touches it again and hears a crow crowing.  “Did anyone else hear it crow?”  All of us except Richard Cranium shook our heads no.
Ewwwwwwwwww.” Tupac-Shakur said.
” Okay… when statues start crowing…” Dahlia quickly moved away from it. ” Let’s just talk over here.
“Lady Thalia, “These notes you handed me earlier. did you search Vesper for who Merrick was trying to meet?”
“No Dahlia, I just focused on the two locations of coordinates.” he replied.
“Hmm, you might want to try again. I didn’t think Merrick would go to Adama.  Merrick might know where Evidias is.”
“Thalia, did you give me the coordinates, in Trinsic, you said? Are they in the notes?”
“Yes,” Thalia replied, “One is the Trinsic Meeting Hall. The other are ruins near Trinsic.”
“Thank you for picking up on this, Thalia.” nodded Dahlia, “I’ll have a spy watch the Meeting Hall  for now.”
“I must leave you now, it is time for  Corian and I to have a talk.” Dahlia said as she walked into a gate.

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