TC1 Publish 86.2 Translated Update

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GamePosted by Bonnie Armstrong | 2014 Aug 15 20:37 -0400 GMT

Publish 86.2 TC1 Update

We will have an update to Vice vs Virtue next week so please watch UO.Com for the patch notes.

Publish 86.0.2

Global Loot Changes


Khaldun Puzzle Chests now convert to next generation loot.

Khaldun のパズルチェストは、新しい戦利品に変更されます。

Talisman now spawn with loot properties.


Chests found in locations such as the Vesper Bank and the Trinsic Guard Tower have converted loot.

Vesper BankやTrinsic Guard Towerなどにあるチェストは、新戦利品に変更されます。

Creatures that normally did not attack each other based on karma will no longer attach each other.


Items from the Despise wisp have been toned down.


Specialty items obtained from SoS loot will not be converted to next generation loot.


Traders Quest

Slim the Fence will now persist in the three tavern locations even when a trade order has been turned in to him.

トレードオーダーが彼に提出された時、 スリムフェンスが酒場内の3つの場所へ移動する事はなくなります。

Trade orders should be available with a destination of Yew.


Slim the Fence will no longer reward forged pardons, and now has a chance of rewarding a random magic item, or one of his rare rewards.


City Trade Ministers will now reward either resources or a random Scroll of Transcendence in addition to their specialty rewards.

街のTrade Ministersは、特別な報酬に加え、資材、ランダムな超越のスクロールのどれかを与えるでしょう。

Reward Scrolls of Transcendence will have a random value between 0.1 and 1.0


Turning trade orders in to Slim the Fence will result in gaining hate from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma loss.


Turning trade orders in to the City Trade Minister will result in gaining love from the destination and origin cities with regards to city loyalty, as well as a karma gain.

街のTrade Ministersに取引注文すると、街の忠誠に関して届け先と元の街から愛を獲得し、カルマが増加します。

Ambusher mobs will scale based on the stats and skills of the player doing the quest, and will have an “Ambusher” item property.


Trade crates will provide a 50% weight reduction to items placed inside them.


Trade crates will expire after 24 hours.


Ambush mobs can no longer be tamed or charmed.


Insured and Blessed items will not be transferred to the trade crate when using the Fill from backpack menu option.


Titles earned through the trade quest can now be assigned as subtitles or as overhead suffixes.


The title of “Magnate” is now available after completing 150 trade orders to the City Trade Minister.

「Magnate」のタイトルは街のTrade Ministerに150の取引注文を完了した後、利用可能になりました。

Bug Fixes

Item insurance costs will no longer be reset when switching subservers.


Certain monster AIs that could teleport a player to an inappropriate blocked location will no longer occur.



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