Wanted: Information and Code Breakers

January 29, 2015 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

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Wanted for questioning: Four men and one woman.

One man, goes by the name Sivrane, has a tattoo of a bird on his left arm, and wears a hood. Do not approach as he is known to be dangerous.

Traveling with him a brown hair man, carries an important book needed by the Agrias.

Also a man with red hair. Little is know of this man.

Fourth man, Adrian, known member of the thieves guild. Has black hair and a winning way.

The woman has long orange hair, silvery eyes wearing a expensive black robe. After use of potions, Thought to be an alchemist and dangerous.

Needed code breakers to decode found parchments. Parchment postion marked by red ruby.

Found at Castle Blackthorn-parchment has two burned corners and three marks in the middle

Found at Vesper docks- parchment has three burned corners and 4 marks in the middle

Found at Vesper bank-parchment has one burned corner and 2 marks in the middle

Found that the south East Britian provsioner shop-four burned corners and 2 marks in the middle

Found at the Britian jewlery shop-parchement four burned and 2 marks.

If you find another, report it at once to Agaris.