A Happy Halloween On Legends

November 01, 2012 By: Jeriicco Category: Legends News

Another Halloween has come and gone with plenty of pumpkins picked, skeletons slain and bones collected.  The 2012 edition on Legends featured a long night of events hosted by EM Miko, who showed his true colors when he finally arrived without wearing his trademark hooded shroud.  Or maybe it was just a really good costume but it looked real to me.  See for yourself…..

After stuffing packies full of pumpkins the crowed was split into two teams and they reassembled at Jhelom Farms.  For the first game the two teams would face off against each other as they attempted to fill there pens with the most pumpkins.  The teams pillaged and plucked each others pumpkin patches and when the tug of war finally ended the grey teams pile was slightly more polluted with pumkins. 

The second event also featured you favorite vegetable, yes the pumpkin.  The winner of this game had to match EM Miko’s pumpkin sequence quicker then anyone else.  It’s not as easy as it looks.

This years 2012 Legends Halloween Trick or Treating Champion is…..Wobble!!!  Congratulations for out trick or treating everyone on Legends and getting more tricks per treat then even the most experienced of trick or treaters.

Once the group had pouches full of candy from the last game they headed back to Jhelom Farms to use it in the next game.  This game involved eating candy while running across a field, and I know what your thinking….never run and eat candy at the same time!  But we did anyway and I think everyone survived.

One of the last known Bal Thran scales to the shard was revealed by EM Miko.  Knowing it had devastatingly evil powers we decided the best thing to do with it was crumple it up and toss it in the water….So we did.  And the results were unfortunate as an army of undead and EM Miko’s Dragon swarmed the Island.  EM Miko laughed as most of the players parished but they still showed enough wit to eventually defeate the swarm.

Next up was the pumpkin carve.  This game also involved running but it was much safer as this time you just had to carry a knife.  The knife was used to carve through boars as the players would race to the pumpkins which they were required to carry across the finish line.

Everyone was a winner at the apple bobbing game but those who stayed for the after party got a special peak at EM Miko’s arsenal of Dragons.  Happy Halloween Legends.








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