A day in the life of Sara Dale…

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:From the notes of Startle

So I’m sitting on one of my fallen logs the other day contemplating who knows what, when I noticed a distress call from none other than our own Lady Sara Dale. It seems that she had somehow forgotten to anchor her ship when going for a swim, and it kept drifting away – leaving her with little recourse other than her almost forgotten GIL help signal (which she hadn’t had to use in what – 50 years or so)…

Anyway, as is most often the case when a GIL member requests help – we show up in numbers. As it happened, Lady Hoffs, Garfield and myself were on duty that evening, and since it was Sara – we most naturally assumed she was simply up to no good (or drawing us into a puzzle of some odd nature). Hell, I’m thinkin’ a prank for sure….

Long story short, we didn’t buy the innocent Help thing from her, sorry
So Hoffs, Garfield and I – after what I must admit was an extremely short deliberation on our part – decided to turn the tables on Ms Trickster and pretend we’re going to just leave her there overnight and teach her a lesson about yelling Help in a situation that just didn’t seem all that dire to us, ie obviously the sea is quite shallow there…..

So we all played our parts as seriously as possible with this group. We told her that we had it on very reliable sources that, she had decided to join Factions and that she could get rich by joining com and giving them all our top secret secrets and Loot House access and some other stuff equally dumb. Hoffs even threw in the ultimate insult, knowing full well the possible consequences of such a taunt.

Well , needless to say – not much of that went over well with Lady Sara, and – after a few very well chosen words on her part – she was quickly forgiven. If you’re wondering what those magic words were that turned the tables in her direction, I can only remember the ones that seemed responsible for a tiny hint of a squint in Lady Hoffs stare. ( Or it could have been the salt spray for all I know). Anyway, I wasn’t there as a reporter, as I’d left reporting on a stone, so I can’t give you every single word….If I get anything wrong you can sue me. I do remember hearing (not necessarily in any order) some or most of the following words: Loot House and ownership, plus a couple more that I couldn’t make out with her mic in the down position as is oft the case ….

So – no sooner had Sara pulled her Ladyship card out, when out of the blue Garfield up and gates off what surely seemed to be THE Rune of Exacting Precision (which was last seen in Sara’s hold a week or so back, btw), and of course it lands him squarely at Sara’s precise spot, where he rescues her, bla bla bla – I did noticed, however, that he put his return gate right next to M’Lady’s hold, and by the time she checked, her Rune of Exacting Precision was right there where it should be. I do not know for certain if Garfield had quietly returned it or if it was there all along, and beyond a hard glance at Garfield, Lady Sara once again resumed her fishing….

I know, this all seems a bit unsolved (especially the mystery of the rune)- but I can only swear to what I saw and heard.
I did, however take pics:

Pic-1 taken upon our arrival:


Pic-2 taken during the taunting period


Pic-3 taken as Garfield gates to her rescue…..


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