Ancient Treasure-Day 3-Part 3

June 19, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

“We’ll follow the map later,” Merrick said, “first we should find White Beard and question him.”  Aevar’s note said that White beard would be found at the Wayfarer’s Inn.   Arriving  at his room, we found  evidence that he had not been alone.


Searching the room for the where about of White Beard, Merrick found a note under the bed.

blue gem

“Keep searching the room. See if you can find more information about the Blue Jewel.” Merrick said in an excited voice.   We found no other clues except a scroll on the bed.  Over and over the name A.M.E.L.I.A.  was written on it. “There is that name again. Who is this Amelia and what does she have to do with our treasure?”  Puzzled Merrick.  “Well that is a mystery to solve later. Let us be off to search the palaces.  We divided up and searched King Blackthorn’s castle and the old castle in Britain.   The searches were in vain.  We regrouped.  “Nothing at all.  But the note said that the jewel would be in a castle.” Wrinkling his forehead in thought, “What have I missed? Is there another castle in the lands?”  “Wait someone shouted. How about the one in NuJelm. ”  Away we went and after a through search we found the jewel.

the jewel.



“I wonder if this is part of the treasure?” Merrick said.  “We must put it into a safe place until we find out more.”   But as we left the palace, we were set upon by the same assassins who had killed the old treasure hunter.  They proved to be an even deadlier foes, than Bloody Blade and his minions.





At last the battle was over.  Friends and pets resurrected,  we followed Merrick as he took us to a house in Jhelom.  Inside we found a secret room that he had built.  After placing the jewel in the room.  Merrick made us swear that we would tell no one of what we had found or seen.  I asked what he planned to do with the map.  “I must study it before I decide what to do.  I will call you when I’ve decided what to do.”  Rubbing his head, he continued, “of even more concern is the name A.M.E.L.I.A.  We must find out more about it.  I wonder if White bead knows.  We must find him.”



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