Ancient Treasure Day 3 part b

June 19, 2014 By: Tamais Category: Lake Austin News

aeavar 2

Quickly I hurried to Skara Brae.  I found Aevar in front of the Skara blacksmith shop.  At first he was reluctant to talk to us.  He kept asking if the Alchemist was with me.  After assuring him that he wasn’t, Aevar agreed to give Merrick the information he wanted.  But first there was a small task that we had to do for him.



It seemed to be a simple task.  “Get me some of the good stuff.  The Alchemist is to deliver it himself  or send it with someone to a warehouse in Britain.  He knows the one.” We went back to Merrick with the request.

Shaking his head he replied, “figures he would want me to have Tolivar make him alcohol.


What seemed a simple task soon turn into a problem.  Tolivar’s  recipes had been stolen.  After much searching we found them.  It turned out that he had just misplaced them.  After he had made the brew and it was delivered, we went back to speak to Aevar.  He told me, “White Beard has what Merrick is looking for.  I saw  it with his own two eyes”.  I turned  to leave. “Come back, I have one more thing for you to tell Merrick. Bloody Blade has returned. ”  “Who is Bloody Blade and what does he have to do with the treasure?” I asked.  “Look in Hyloth.” Aevar said with a smile.

With a feeling of dread, We returned to Merrick and told him what we had learned.  Gatheringa band of brave warriors we traveled to Hyloth. There in the depths of Hyloth, we found Bloody Blade. The fight was long and deadly.

death in h



As the dungeon was still dangerous, Merrick thought it would be best if we returned to Britain.  There he looked at the map trying to decipher it.


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